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price- new york- growing out 2005/8/10 23:30
alright ladies, Im from new york and yes you can get a migic perm , or straight perm for 500-600 dollars... BUT!!!
if you go to an asian community neighborhood there are plenty of places where the women are well trained and charge maybe 150-300 dollars, ( try bayside)which is what i did twice.. I have a question now,, i decided i wanted to grow my hair back out and ive noticed now ( i have 5 inch roots) that where the perm ends and the natural hair starts, the hair is weak, bent looking and a little brittle... does anyone know about this.. any advice? write back
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straightening perm in san francisco 2005/8/16 11:04
I was wondering if anyone could tell me of a salon somewhere in the bay area where they do the Japanese straightening perm at a decent price. I had mine done a year ago when I visited my relatives in Japan and I absolutely loved it. thanks!
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Good or Bad? 2005/8/22 04:20
I've read every post for this topic and everything seems good up until I read about it not being for African American females. Which is the reason I'm having second thoughts on this.

Is there any African American females who have had this perm for about 2 years with the same good results?

I was also wondering, with normal relaxers, when the creme is applied to the hair, a person would feel a burning feeling, does the japanese perm do have the same feeling?

And is there anyone who has had this japanese perm for a while, and noticed damamging?

replies would be greatly appreciated.
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dyed hair 2005/8/25 11:41
Currently, I am highlighting my light-medium brownish hair blonde. I wanted to start dying it blonde, but then I heard about this procedure for straightening my curly, frizzy hair, and I really want to get it done. What would be best to do? keep highlighting my hair, dye my hair blonde, or dye my hair back to its original color??
any help is appreciated.
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salons in nj 2005/8/25 11:54
my aunt has been getting the Japanese Hair Straightening done for a few years now and absolutely loves it!! she gets it done in ny and said she would take me sometime to get it done. does anyone know of a place in nj that does it good???
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can it do by ourself 2005/8/25 12:03
does anyone know how to do straight perm by ourself.i mean not going to saloon.can`t i do it at my home.do you know what are the creams use for.and how to do it.if you know it`s great help.because i love to have straight hair.but no money.thanks.
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Help 2005/8/30 04:21
what is a really good place i can get my hair straightened in LA? or even like burbank or glendale? also does the japanese perm damage your hair in the long run?
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more help....... 2005/8/30 04:25
if you have the japanese perm can u still curl your hair and then wash it and it wood dry straight?
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twice 2005/9/6 10:11
you could try doin it at home, i tried it with Quantum Thermal Straightener, ( http://store.yahoo.com/kbbeautysupply-store/quthst.html ) but i suggest going to a salon to do it. i tried to do it at home once and it turned out bad. if u live around nyc's chinatown, it only costs $150 - $180.
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help 2005/9/6 10:17
b4 i had my hair straightened, i layered it. Now my hair looks super thin making my face look fat. Would root volumizer work?
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hmmmm 2005/9/16 12:27
i WANT to have the straight perm desperately!!! Was wondering though, my hair is damaged from blowing it straight, what will happen if i do this???!!
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Would it be weird... 2005/9/18 07:01
... for a guy to get this done? I grow out my hair because I look weird with shorter hair but my hair is naturally VERY curly.
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straight perm onto bleached hair 2005/9/20 22:12
Bleached hair - can I straighten it?
I'm so desperate to have my frizzy hair straightened, however I have heard that it's not a good idea to do this if you have bleached hair. I have been having my medium-brown hair highlighted blond for about the last 10 years. Does anyone know if it works on bleached hair, or if my hair might break or what...

I would really appreciate any response especially if you are in my situation (with bleached hair and have had your hair straightened).
Thanks so much

PS - I live in Osaka, so does anyone know of a good place in the Kansai region to have your hair straightened?
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What about that? 2005/9/22 01:15
(Sorry for my bad english)
I read all your posts, and i have to say that i'm very very impressionated. I'm living in Japan up to now for 4 years, and I used to blow straigth my hair everyday, which has been taking me everyday one hour. So i tried lot of different straithening product they sell in japanese "pharmacy" ... but it seemed to be working for 2 or 3 days (using iron straightener)... so i'm quite bored of these useless pharmacy straightener. Moreover, i tried to have a straight perm in a japanese hair salon in Umeda (osaka center) wich costs 1,7000 yen! But itwas the same result than the pharmacy straightener...

So i'm asking you, if this straighting perm really working? Do i have unstraightnable hair?

My hair is midlong (maybe 20cm?), used to be only wavy when i was young and before i started blowing it straight. When i leave my hair naturally dried, they are mid wavy mid straight, which is really not great... my hair are not that thick, but not so fine.
What i want is dead straight hair... i want to get out of the shower and go to school out even in summer and get my hair natural straight dried... is that a dream? If not, what is the name of this perm?

If you have an answer for any of my question, please write it down. Thanks you.
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To HQ3000 2005/9/22 01:36
Do you know 'Syukumou kyousei' in Japanese??
It is much stronger straight perm than normal ones.It cost more though....
If you have long hair, you will be charged extra money. If you dream of straight hair,give it a try!!!
Good Luck!!
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Answer to everyone's wonders 2005/9/22 12:33
Hi, guys

I am a Japanese girl, who dates with a Japanese hairdresser.
I have asked my boyfriend your wonders of ''Shukumou Kyosei''. (Name of Japanese special hair straightened technique)

He says that it usually works to any kind of hair regardless of bleach, thick, frizzy and damaged.
But, highly recommended to have a hair treatment when you get ''Shukumou Kyosei'', which will cost you extra 1500-2500.
It might sounds too much, but this will help your hair to be more beautiful and save your hair from more damages.

Also, he have many male customers who come and get Shukumou Kyosei. So, not weird that guys get this.

Since my boyfriend speaks little English, I can volunteer to be a translator while you receive the treatment from him if you come to his salon on weekend.
His salon is in Osaka.
If you live in Osaka area and interested in getting Shukumo Kyosei, just let me know!!
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Yuming he! 2005/9/23 00:02
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Yuming he! 2005/9/23 00:07
This is the english version!
Has i said, i already tried lots of different straightener sold in drug store like MATSUKYO, but the result stay for not even one week, so i always get very upset of the straightener.

How differ this shukumou kyosei from the other perm? Will this hold long? Will this hold long with all kind of hair (my hairs are not thick). Will my hair be dead straight after the shower even if i dont blow it dry?

I can go to Osaka easily, so can you give me the name and the address of the salon? TKS
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To HQ3000 2005/9/23 22:11
Hi, HQ3000!
The difference between straighten perm and Shukumo Kyosei is that the straighten perm is the perm to straight the perm hair. On the other hand Shukumo Kyosei is the perm specially developed for the frizzy hair, which has natural curl. So, the basic concept of these two perms is different. Shukumou Kyosei usually lasts for 4-6 month. On some people。ヲs hair, it could last for 8 to 9 month. But this varies from people to people depending on their hair. Usually, it stays straight after the shower without blow dry, but if you blow dry it, then it。ヲll look much nicerコ
My boyfriend。ヲs hair salon is located in Kadoma-city in Osaka. The name of the salon is Y。ヲs hair and the phone # is 06-6901-9109. But as I said, he doesn。ヲt speak English, and if anybody who can not speak Japanese is interested in coming, please let me know here so I can help!! (Doesn。ヲt have to be only Shukumo Kyosei, but any other things, like cut, perm, color etc。K)
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Japanese Perm 2005/9/24 00:36
I'm from Canada and considering doing the Japanese Perm. My stylist uses Japanese Beauty and Bath Inc product - he claims it's the authentic japanese product to do the straightening.
Has anyone heard of it? Is it good?

Thanks everyone!
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