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what are seme uke 2010/5/20 19:14
i have heard and its mean for seme is more mature/aggressive/older/muscular/manly..who is attack the other one while uke is opposite and always be the receiver..why i know cause i'm one of them and not a bi..but i never do it cause i'm still young but for me the seme uke terms is just not nice.i really like yaoi said horei for yaoi...
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this is my view on this matter 2010/8/26 17:12
ok the main definition for seme you would find sais that its the older, taller, more masculine lover in a yaoi manga AKA boys love and uke is the more cute, innocent, shorter =, younger lover

but its not all true though most likely the most common there are circumstances when the seme could be younger then the uke and shorter and vise versa

so you don't need to be tall and older then your male lover and you don't need to be younger and shorter to be an uke, uke and seme just explain were they stand in the ... er love making process xD
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Yaoi vs Reality 2010/8/31 11:41
Seme and Uke are terms used by fans of Boy Love fiction. Yaoi is just one sub-genre of BL.

The thing is - BL has about as much to do with the reality of Japanese male homosexuality as "lesbian porn" has to do with real lesbians in north america. BL is almost exclusively made by women, for women, and caters to female fantasies, and is known to have a negligible fan base amongst actual gay men for pretty much the same reasons that north american lesbians tend not to consume supposedly "lesbian" porn.
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seme and 2010/9/1 11:54
The Daemon and Ontinashi are 100% right. The idea that a younger, slim, less muscular man is automatically sexually passive and an older, stronger, one is always aggressive is just a stereotype.
And of course as people age and mature their sexual tastes evolve too..if only out of necessity...
One of the male staff in a gay cafe in town was once slim, boyish in a pretty way.
20 years later he is bald, very fat..and definitely not pretty.. still a nice, friendly person though..
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yuri is a lot cute 2010/9/13 01:03
i thhink that yuri is a lot cute in many ways.malexmale relationships gross me out. i mean its so yucky. but yuri is alot more cute and there are seme and uke relationships in yuri too
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hi 2011/3/31 17:52
Yeah, I'm think'n that the position is best answer for direct relation to the physical layer of the relationship. But like any one it probably changes with different moods and or 'things to try'...

But on another layer - i don't think its necessarily a 'discriminatory' deal as some think of 'old fashioned' female-male relationships or master-dog (though some might like to play it)... It probably is just something that is naturally worked out according to the partners' personality, interest, expression, etc... and just like anyone this, too, can change with mood or certain situations...

Think thats right(q.mark key broken lol)
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