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wow this is so cool 2008/6/12 22:24
hey this is so cool, i didnt know there was a fruits basket forum! sweet, now i know = ) i was so mad, they're only having 23 books!!!
=... ( but anyways, i didnt know there were dvds of furuba! = ) now i know, thanx guys!
ps kyo rox
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hmmm... more, please! 2008/6/13 01:00
hey guys, im kinda new here but could u keep me posted with all the other great manga u read? thanx , i am really bad at finding it
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ME :D 2008/6/14 04:17
me.... i ve read it last yr...
a very nice one...

mostly about psycho from childhood

pls go to mangafox.com or onemanga.com to search and read

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Kyo Rocks my world! 2008/7/6 14:37
I watched the anime on livevideo then downloaded the manga on torrent and read the whole manga series in 3 days. Today i feel empty...i wanna read about Kyo and the sohmas...i wanted more ={
I like how Yuki got with --- (no spoilers) but i think it was too sudden and i needed a little more on their relationship build-up. I LOVE Kakeru he's so cute...and i love love love Kyo...from the beginning i thought he was the best.
What i don't like about the anime is that they made the characters look like they were really gay lol. In the manga it's different. I didn't like the way Tohuro reacted to the REAL Kyo on the anime but i loved the way she did in the manga (it was more like HER).
Shigure is my 2nd favourite character (after Kyo ofcourse XP) cause he's so much like my character (if i was a guy) He's extremely sensitive but childish...I LOVE HIM!!! (kinda sounds like i'm full of myself here o_O)
I'm going to try and look at the recommendations people posted here...but Furuba will still have a special place in my heart.
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Fruits Basket Rules! 2008/11/3 00:33
I love fruits basket! I'm so happy it's ending soon cuz I'm running out of money here, lol. Did anybody cry in number twenty book like I did or am I the only weird one?
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i like fruits basket too 2008/11/3 09:14
I suggest (sorry if someone already said this...) ouran high school host club. DN Angle is also pretty good.

I also like Prince of Tennis, Wolf's Rain, Death Note, and Spiral.
They're more action-y, so you can watch if you like.
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Totally 2008/11/3 14:12
I so second that! I love Ouran high school host club, I even bought the first season. Really good. I read Wolf rain and didn't really understand it but it's a good manga. Another good manga is record of a fallen vampire and the nightmare inspector. Really good books.
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Fruits Basket s2 2009/4/19 04:39
I loved fruits basket so much! It frequently made me cry lol. But after reading the ending, which was adorable i can't help but wonder, Momiji loved Tohru didn't he? or am I mistaken. He said he loved her, and he even mentioned something about never being able to have her or something, will someone correct me or something? I've wondered all this time and the thing is my faveorite character is Momiji, he is so adorable. I wonder what would have happened if him and Tohru had gotten together hmm. lol.
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^^ 2009/5/12 23:46
Kyo Sohma is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tohru Honda is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U may likie Vampire Knight... Love the Vampires...
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