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- 2009/1/1 14:08
About Kamenashi-san at Starbucks Shibuya... You might want to see what KAT-TUN members said about this.

Timing where they talk about it is approx. 21:15


Ja ne.
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how about Arashi and Junkun 2009/1/2 13:03
um, excuse me, Nina and you guys

Can you plz tell sth about Arashi and MatsuJun. Are they hot in Japan, etc.

Tks so much.

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How about Arashi and Jun? 2009/1/13 08:57
If you follow any of the english speaking Arashi communities on lj or vox, you find that their popularity has really been booming lately. They really owned 2008. Ohno's and Nino's dramas. And they broke records on singles, hosted 24hr television and the New Years Countdown. They also had their Arashi around Asia tour. They are doing pretty well.
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Arashi Concert ticket? 2009/1/16 05:35
hi i really wish to be there for Arashi 10th year Anniversary Concert, may i know where i can purchase the ticket? thanks *_*
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Akanishi jin's hat help me 2009/7/25 17:49
hello everyone I need your help. My Japanese friend come in italy and asked me what I want. I have asked the black hat with the skull of Akanishi Jin that he often wears in cartoon kat-tun However, she need to know the brand some of you can help me and tell me what? Please for me it is important.
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