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help 2006/12/22 14:57
thanx. what do u think of @@for the name kai???? could it be put with another kanji aswell?? i have no idea!!!
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. 2006/12/23 11:30
lissy, I assure @(kai) is a good name.

It means formidable leader, innovator.
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re: 88 2006/12/23 11:40
The most popular names in 1988 is
Syota(đ) for boy, and Ai() for girl.

Popular Names for boys in 1988 are
Syota, Tatsuya, Takuya, Daisuke, Kenta, Kazuya, Ryo, Ryuya, Sho, Daiki

and for girls
Ai, Aya, Miho, Mai, Saori, Mai, Asami, Manami, Megumi, Kaori
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thank you J! 2006/12/24 00:15
thank you J! thank you very much! do you happen to also know what is the most popular name in Japan altogether? I mean, which name belong to the girls most?
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. 2006/12/24 09:07
According to

the the most popular name of girl in Japan altogether is "Keiko".



In my opinion, these names are 1950-60s fasion.

Just for information, the most common family name is

Dog's name
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thank you!!! 2006/12/25 01:25
thank you very much J!!!! domo arigatou!
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thanx j 2006/12/26 14:15
what does everyone think of the name kaien...my hubby thought of it. i like it coz its different...but am unsure what other kanji to put with it..any ideas for "en " in kanji?????? we are thinking about using @ as the 1st kanji....

also, any ideas for the name "tei" in kanji too would be appreciated!!

we are running out of time as i have decided to fly back to australia to have our baby!! im due in april and will probably fly back to australia in early february!!!! thanx
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. 2006/12/26 18:16
It's so difficult.
"en" sound reminds us folowing characters.

I recommend ~.
~(circle) is a symbol of perfect wisdom or enlightnment.
Many famous monks of zen have the name including ~ character.
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thanx . 2006/12/28 14:20
thanx for some ideas for the kanji "en"... we really liked @@for kaien but as it turned out the number was really bad!! 22...unfortunately!! @is ok number wise, but do u think this is too much?? @ is another one we found too, but not sure about it. any ideas / suggestions?? other suggestions for the reading of "kai"??
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hi... 2006/12/29 08:05
im having a baby and i would like to hear some other peoples opinion about names...

but i would like to give my baby a traditional name, that is cute...i dont really care of being it too common...

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cute japanese names 2007/1/5 07:39
I'm 1/4 Japanese, but my dad was born there and I lived there as a small child too. All my children have a Japanese name, first or middle. So I'm always on the lookout for cute Japanese names too. :)

Sakura is really popular right now and everyone I run into loves my daughter's name. Her nickname is Suki, also cute.

We've also used Fumie and Hisa for my other daughters, and Takashi and Sentaro for my sons. (All old-fashioned, family names.)

When I ask my obachan about names for girls, she really like Mai, Anzu (apricot), Ume (plum) and Hikaru (shining beacon, I think).

Other cute girl names in my family are Suzume (sparrow), Kawaii (cute) and Naomi (ever more beautiful).

Kaede (maple leaf) is also good.

We worried about using Sakura as a first name, because of how Americans would butcher hte pronuciation, etc. No problems. People love its exotic quality and are willing to pronounce it however we tell them to.

Be brave and use whatever you think is beautiful. Do make sure you know the meaning--I'm always asked what my children's names translate to in Japanese.
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A Writer's Advice 2007/1/6 07:22
I dont have children but I'm a writer and so, Im always on the lookout for unique, descriptive and fun names for my characters. I spend a lot of time choosing the right name and its spelling because sometimes, spelling can change meaning. You can say that names and choosing names is my job (and obsession, if you want to get technical :-)

If I can offer a little advice try not to get hung up on how someone of a different culture will butcher the name because different accents call for differing pronunciations. Whether its said in English, Japanese, French, Elvish, or whatever, someone somewhere is going to mess up the name at some point during the childs life, especially if its unusual to that culture, so why stress out about it? If you dont have a willingness or patience for possible mispronunciations, it may be best to choose a simple, well-known name.

It seems to me that the primary concern is how you like the name, how it will fit and affect your child, the personality of the child (either something noticeable right away or a trait you hope the child will possess), home culture pronunciation and meaning, teasing potential, and even how the name will affect adulthood concerns (such as social and occupational connotations and earning potential for example, you might not want to give your child a strippers name, much less a name where people think to themselves, future porn star!) should also be some of the things considered. I have nothing against strippers or porn stars. Im just saying.

I also advise against strange names like the kind celebrities choose for their children. They can afford years of therapy for their kids. Can you? And be careful of names from movies and books unless you plan to give your kid martial arts lessons because names like Pony Boy and Soda Pop are going to require some self defense. The point is, you might think a name is cute, macho, or funny but your child has to be the one to suffer or profit from your decision. Names have magic and power, so think about it carefully.

A great way to gauge a good name is to try it out by asking little kids what they think. Children are very honest and sometimes a not-so-nice nicknames will simply pop out of their mouths which is indicator #1 that the name is to be crossed off the list :-)

Good Luck!
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Nobunaga 2007/1/29 08:39
Is it possible to name your child Nobunaga?
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Rumi 2007/2/3 01:15
can anyone tell me what does the name "Rumi" mean? Thanks!!!
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hello 2007/2/3 02:53
hi there i know many sorts of name especially in japanese you can do it by your self i mean it!!!
you can send me e-mails and I send you many sorts of things
manga and anime helps you very much too

cya brothers and sisters
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. 2007/2/3 11:33
Rumi() means "prevailing beauty"
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to krissy 2007/2/3 17:51
my friend's name is@Gg(hideyoshi).just like @LbGg(bushou toyotomi hideyoshi).
so i'm sure nobunaga is ok.
but i think the child is chotto kawaisou.
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. 2007/2/3 18:26
One of Nobunaga Oda's descendant is a famous skater. His name is Nobunari Oda.
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thanks! 2007/2/3 21:08
thank you very much!!!
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thanks 2007/2/3 21:10

is there actually a name that you cannot name your child?

I heard Akuma is one of those...but are there more?
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