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why do it 2007/8/30 19:09
ricky is on the ball and with out reading every thing ED is correct your health is the issue no one has mentioned? clubs forget it may be one, never been in one,
you will get run down (sick ) I have done it on 5000Y a day in tokyo
and a JR pass be it 7 ,15, or what ever gets you a round JR only
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.. 2007/8/30 20:15
Those sorts of personal attacks dont contribute to the conversation here ricky, i hope some moderator at least edits out those parts....
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$50 a day in japan? 2007/8/31 00:18
May not be enough but, try this : http://www.couchsurfing.com .you will have no problem getting help when you it.
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Some advice 2007/8/31 08:00
I support your plan. It's great; however, are you absolutely prepared? I strongly suggest that before heading to Japan you find the time to look at what you have and PLAN. If you have the time to spare, you must plan out everything. Not necessarily every tiny detail, but all the things you plan to do, where you'll stay on that day, etc. I know it can be a pain and all, but it is essential that you do that. You don't want to end up in a bad situation that may be difficult to get out of.

Do you have any connections in Japan? I'm not saying that you must have one. It's just that it may prove very useful when you do go. Also, you won't be alone and you'll have someone you can trust.

Are you set on going to Tokyo? From what I've read, rural areas (and suburbs I believe) are cheaper than cities, especially cities like Tokyo, of course. Such areas may be a better choice if it suits you. It's just a suggestion, since you mentioned that you weren't looking for a fancy trip. I suggest looking up information on it.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I hope my advice helps you and that you will have a good trip. ^^
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... 2007/8/31 09:38
I second the couch surfing recommendation. My friend is an active member and I've hung out with some of the people he's hosted and participated in some of their events. Definitely a great way to see any country from the perspective of someone living there rather than just as a tourist.
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a;sldgj 2007/9/1 11:37
A lot of good advice in these last posts. Thanks guys.

Sleeping on someone's couch? People in that couch surfing thing will really let me stay are their couch for free? And its gotta be free since I've found hostels with beds, 24 hour internet, and private showers for like $20-$30 a night. :) thinkin I'll try the surprisingly cheap, comfy option. I may not be afraid of a little discomfort, but that price for practically a shared hotel sounds awesome. Anyone have experience at those hostels?

And I have to give an address and phone number for immigration? Can I put the hostel for that?

Anyone know about the fees for withdrawing yen from my us dollars bank account? I talked to the credit union today and they said that they do pay fees for me using it in another country, but she wasn't sure if those fees will be passed on to me.

And anyone been to South East Asia places? Gotta say I'm a bit curious about them as well.

And Germany too. Gotta hear about Deutschland.

Little excessive but Greece too. I was told I have family there but I don't know who they are so I don't plan on meeting them. Just wanna see where my people come from.
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