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I'm so pleased! 2007/1/3 00:37
One day i plan of visiting Japan, and i've always found it interesting to see what thr japanese thought of Jamiaca. I'm from England but both my parents are Jamaican so i obviously listen to a lot of Reggae and when i found out that reggae/danehall etc was big in japan i couldn't believe it! I'd love to go to one of the festivals just to see what it was like. Pushim is my favourite, i love her song with Luciano (BIG time reggae artist in Jamica). You can watch it here:

I'd also like to tell you that Asians aren't a small population in jamaica! There are many Asian people living in Jamaica. It may not seem like it but Jamaica is a very multicultural place.

Thanks for the Board!
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coming to kyoto 2007/1/9 18:49
Blessed Love, I am travelling to kyoto in February and would like to check out some japanese rasta music, gatherings places etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

One perfect love
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just wanted to say 2007/1/16 01:50
I think reggae is very popular in japan ,though i have never been there,i met alot of japanese who love reggae. Im jamaican and i think its cool that reggae music and rastifarian way of life is being spread throughout the world. Though i dont think junko is the number 1 dancehall queen in the world. I think the real dancehall queen is jamaica cause thats where it originated.cant beat the originals.

i would like to meet more japanese or anyone with a cool sense of music. well,anyway,peace

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romaji lyric request 2007/1/22 15:50
i want the lyric in romaji of keyco spira squall I can't find it if anybody knows where it is please send me a message to priusams@gmail.com thnx
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reggae in Japan 2007/8/23 09:21
Richard Stewart, do you live in Japan?
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Hey...''Man'', I love Reggae Music 2007/8/25 05:13
Yes my Street name is Mr.Mix Diego some of a street poet and rapper with a passion and essense of Music a specially Reggae Music and Hip Hop Music i have reading some the treads of Reggae Music in Japan and the one i keep hearing is this guy pushim as a Reggae Artist and toasters who can real throw down so ''Man'' peoples of japan fill me in on pushim and other Reggae Artist and toaster in japan who can really throw down and toast spit ''EM'' lyrics out a real one can but seriously peoples of japan i think when more of japans reggae artist and toasters maked over here like the asian menber who wrote the end rap lyrics for the group Linkin Park for shincona also a menber of linkin park so japanesse peoples try to get some of these artist over in america and see if they can really can toast and do Reggae Music so i am giving a shout out to pushim and other japan other reggae artist to bring some of your C.D. Compac disc with you when you come over to visit or do a concert so I holla at you later from Mr. Mix Diego AU DE OSI AMIGOS AND A BIG SALUTED TO JAPANS REGGAE ARTIST A BIG BOTTLE OF French Campaign peoples and fans of Japan Reggae.
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How popular is Reggae style now? 2007/9/12 01:30
Now I study the Reggae style in everywhere. Someone told me, Reggae, in Japan, now still popular. Please give me the detail.
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big time 2007/10/18 13:30
just returned from tokyo, kyoto, and okinawa. reggae is huge, especially in okinawa. check out Dr. Production and Bass Green, 2 sound systems with the wickedest sounds. Rub-a-Dub in Kyoto-loco.

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dancehall in Osaka 2007/12/14 00:45
Wha gwan..I am Matthew from Jamaica. I live and teach English in Hiroshima for the pass four months now but i NEED to find a good club to listen some real dancehall and reggae music in Osaka or anywhere nearby. As i said i live in Hiroshima but i am willing to travel a bit. I never knew i would miss jamaica so much. Link me at msp_free@yahoo.com
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silver don 2008/4/7 02:24
blessing from zion

my name is Shmuel Bar -Dan, and im the road manager for silver don, we realy love to come back to japan.

keep in touch
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