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> o <;; Erm... 2008/7/31 15:37
Well, you see, I am half Japanese and I'm going to go to Japan for school in a couple years.

Is it okay to be a Miko if you're half Japanese? I read the answer about it being unlikely that a foreign person would become a Miko. I really found this job interesting and was wondering about it a lot.

Are there any real requirements? Like, what would I have to do to at least volunteer o__o;;
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no one can answer 2008/8/1 10:33
I don't think anyone on this board can tell you if you would be able to become a miko or not. It is up to each temple. So you should just go to your neighborhood temple (preferably with an introduction - someone older who already knows the people there) and ask in person. They might say yes and they might say no. Maybe they need extra helpers during festivals and you can help or something.
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if 2008/8/2 06:49
if you look more japanese than your other ancestry, and you speak perfect japanese, it's unlikely you'll face any difficulty. if you look like a white girl (or whatever your mixed race is) you could probably expect a bit of surprise but if your japanese is at a native level then i don't think you'd have any problems except among very hard-line conservative folk (not all priests are that way).

long story short if you can't speak japanese at a native level you may want to try a different occupation.
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Possible Shinto Shrine in... 2008/8/24 01:49
New Orleans actually, I'm planning to build a religiously themed resort circled around the ideal of free religion,each "cottage" themed around a specific religion with its own regional area.. such as Shinto being near Taoism.. But I plan on having an actual shrine on the property seeing that I myself am looking to find my way deeper into the Shinto religion and my fiancee being a buddhist... ^^
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Follow your own path 2009/1/3 15:03
You don't have to follow exact Japanese Shinto. There are new alternative Shinto Shrines opening that teach about the Kami but leave the must be Japanese part out of it. One site is http://www.nvshinto.info which is part of the "Way of the Kami" - Association of Alternative Shinto Shrines at http://www.wayofthekami.info/

Follow your heart if you want to be a Shinto Priest or Shrine Maiden, don't let others say you can't because you are not Japanese.
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Streams from the same river? 2009/1/7 04:51
I suppose the question "why a Shinto Miko?" could help define the purpose of your search a bit more for everyone reading your posting. Is it a passing fancy and romantisism or a true spiritual quest? Did you have a vision? Somebody once said "god help the person who comes between you and your soul"; if your soul is pointing in the Shinto-serving direction then search it out with vigor. People who stand in your way will only teach you, and perhaps you them. Alternatively, Shinto appears to share many of the same beliefs that Native-Americans and Canadian First Nations share. Perhaps you could gain easier access within such similiar shamatic and nature-based practices here in North America. If so, go to your local Native center and check it out. Just an Idea. Be prepared though, you might meet with a similar resistance you have experienced so far; just like in Shinto, some gatekeepers are exclusionary some are more inviting. It is your true intention that will sway opinion for or against you. Respect is the key. Good luck Sister!
All My Relations.
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Los Angeles Shrines 2009/7/15 12:45
I am sure there must be Shinto Shrines within the larger Japanese community in Los Angeles. I will try to find them for you and find an answer. I know I have seen one on Wilshire Blvd. Trying to find answers in the U.S. and Canada is cheaper than going to Japan, but that must ultimately be your quest. Now more than ever, we need the "Kami" to be world wide to instill reverence for nature everywhere. Blessings on your ideal of becoming a Shinto Priestess! I would do so too if I were younger. I will help as much as I can to find answers.
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Priestess 2009/7/17 01:09
Konnichi wa,
I am Kagome Amaya Takahashi
My family and I live in Tokyo. We own a shrine here and my grandma is teaching me to be a priestess. I have been training since I was 6 (I am now 15). When you train to be a priestess, you have to have skill. You have to be born with the special ability to be a priestess. You do not just choose to be one because it may look like fun. It is something to take seriously. You should have something in your heart telling you that you were chosen by the gods and that being a priestess is the blessing for you. For those who born with the techniques and abilities to be a Miko (priestess), good luck and may Kami bless you!
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