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Help again !!! 2004/12/15 04:52
I realised my last quetstion didnt make much sense so here goes again!

I want 2 but a hello kitty fone but i have sum questions !
1. r they generally good reliable fones?
2. Where can i get 1 apart from on ebay

Luv ya Hydee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sources Good and Bad 2004/12/22 04:53
Sorry for the delay in responding.
First, if you want a reliable source who can apparently still get the 'Hello Kitty' phones new, contact e-bay seller 'rozz9'.
Secondly, what problems did I have with x1387?
This seller appears to be based in the USA, but your product will be shipped from Taiwan - and watch out for the import duty - we had to pay an extra 18 before the carrier was allowed to release it to us. We asked the question about instructions in English before bidding. The seller ignored about 4 different requests. Against my better judgement, we ordered the item anyhow. When it arrived, and every single document was in Chinese, I emailed them to ask about English instructions. They ignored my emails until I raised a complaint with ebay. I replied to an email asking what I needed help with and got no response. I finally gave them negative feedback on ebay, and unbelievable they did the same to me, claiming that English instructions WERE included. Take a look (patrickzero) - its my only negative feedback! This seller (x1387) is only interested in a quick turnover and does not offer any customer service, nor care about customers. Take a look at their negative feedback and you get the impression that to them this is just a cost of trading.
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Tech problems 2004/12/22 05:21
For those having trouble with the phone freezing, locking up, etc, try de-fragging the memory. Go to the settings menu, then to data settings, and click on defrag. LET THE PROCESS FINISH - don't switch off if it seems to take a while. Using this process, we managed to restore camear functions, and find pictures that seemed to have been lost.
Anyone having trouble reading the 7-page document listed above, you need Acrobat Reader version 7 from ADobe, and then let it download the chinese characters when it wants to.
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where can i repair?? 2004/12/25 05:35
Hi mine worked for about 1-2 months, then it just suddenley switched itself off..and it doesnt turn on again..it turns on 4 a bit like 5 seconds..then the screen goes all blank, and blakc lines come up, and switches off!! where can i get it repaired?? i have tired all the phone shops in london, and they cannot. plzz help!!!
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OKWAP where to buy 2004/12/31 07:45
Hi Guys I go on ebay all the time and I have just purchased a OKWAP A267..in pink its the sickest phone ive ever seen...I was going to bid on a hello kitty but im 30 so I went for the standard one...but there is one cheap one at the mo go on to advanced search and type in item number 6352975660 ... its the HK a263 in blue at the mo its 67.99....I mailed her last night she replied in hours...also i open pages when on ebay I go on the taiwan page do a search for the phone click on item copy and paste item number on to the UK ebay and view it that way it translate prices at least some of the sellers type in emglish at the bottom of ebay home page it lists the country websites so do a search on them all i did...I found loads of HK ones for less than 100.00..... PLEASE HOW DO YOU CHARGE OKWAP FROM TAIWAN DO THEY SEND ADAPTER TOO OR WHEN CAN I PURCHASE ONE FROM IN TIME FOR MY PHONE?????ALSO HOW DO I CHANGE FROM TAIWAN LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks in advance
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A267 2004/12/31 11:24
Following is the quick English guide for a267 from okwap site.
Perhaps you need to reinstall Acrobat Reader into your computer.

For your ring tones, it is possible to download some from okwap site, but all you can download for free are copy right free ones. And it is impossible to download current English songs from outside Taiwan.
Considering the extension of ring tonefs files in okwap, I assume that okwap might use Yamahafs, a J company, software for their ring tones. And there is unofficial software to produce your original ring tones from mp3 or MIDI files in Japan. So it would be an idea to search software in English to do so.

You should ask Taiwanese sellers first whether they ship internationally or not in English. Except the limited Kitty phones, a267 is widely available in Taiwan, I suppose.

Good luck.
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A267 2005/1/1 21:45
Cheers Pacman...I have purchased the A267 now off a dealer in Taiwan thing is the communications a little slow,ive asked a few questions but hes a little crap with english....I have a girl in Hong Kong wo i buy my designer clothes from who is giving me loads of help regarding the phones HERES AN EXTRACT OF HER WORDS FOR THE A263.......
Basically the majority who have bought this phone find it good though the resolution of photo is not really high, only 0.11 mppi while the resolution of picture of the best phone in the market is like 1.3 mppi. The camera can be turned around so you can actually take some pictures of yourself. It also have a feature which tells you the characteristic of persons of different horoscrope. Also you can customize the color and the way of flash light when it rings. The official link is http://www.okwap.com/Product/b0101.asp?MobileID={60620B1C-AF3C-4CA8-BD69-E902DE6FBBA0}
but it's in Chinese. Do let me know if you need any help on reading the information or so. Wish you have a great new year!
So if anyone needs help maybe I could ask Twinky to help me for you shes been great...she translates the okwap site for me.....I still need to know does the phone come with charger for this country if not how do i obtain one

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help with the camera!!! 2005/1/2 00:02
hello this isnt an answer!! i need help! ok i have the phone in english, but the camera will only let me store 15 photos, and when i try and sve photos it says 'data full , need' does anyone know how to change this so i can take and store more photos!? the last answer that was sent, was helpful, but if only i could read the language!!! please could you help me , it would be great! and also! on the main screen, instead of orange my operator, it has two sylmbols, which arent english, can i change that and how? thanks very much!!! mwaaa reply asap if anyonre knows anything!!!!
thanks!!! xxxx
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help 2005/1/2 06:16
you know what when i get my phone im going in to the local take away chinese of course and getting one of them to tell me the score...hahaha what other option is there????
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WEBSITE 2005/1/2 22:46
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WEBSITE 2005/1/2 22:51
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OKWAP CONTACT 2005/1/2 23:20

Manges to translate there email address Ive mailed them saying we all despratly need answers so fingers crossed one of them speaks english
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mms 2005/1/4 10:37
hey does anyone no how to send mms yet, because im on vodafone & right now we have free mms, my friends have been sending me mms messages but i cant send them any back
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technical problem 2005/1/5 01:01
I was the happiest girl in The Netherlands until new years eve my Okwap Hello Kitty phone (after receiving a sms) displayed the following message: DEFRAGGING, REJECT CALLS and it was running immediately. I didn't do anything to cause that (I wouldn't even know how!) I pressed the off button. When I turned it back on again the ENTIRE MENU WAS/IS GONE(including directory and camera, everything) and a message appeared on screen: DATA ERROR, CONTACT. I would really like my dear phone to work again. Can someone tell me to restore my entire menu reset the phone maybe? but how?) Desperate need help. Thanks so much!
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Okwap vs Microsnaper 2005/1/9 08:11
I just wanted to confirm about the phone being a microsnaper. I bought the hello kitty phone and shortly after the charger died, not knowing what to do, I bought the microsnaper for 40 and it came in the mail, its ExACTLY the same, the manual is great for the hello kitty phone, and not only that, but the charger works for it as well! Meaning that you do not need a converter... The Microsnaper is quite new, Maybe as it gets more well known people will be able to download the manuals online, I would keep a look out for this as it is exactly the manual for this phone.
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Microsnaper quickstart 2005/1/9 08:20
This site has some of the main basics,, a lot like the other pdf files you all know of, but it might have something, have a looksee

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Sabine 2005/1/13 18:15
Try This

Here is the link to the firmware program for the A263.


Before you start the upgrade procedure its a good idea to make sure the battery is fully charged.

Switch the phone off and connect to your PC with the USB lead. You should see an extra comm port in the device manager if the lead is working correctly - if not, you may need to install the USB driver from the disc.

Extract the exe from the zip file, and run. Keep hitting enter until you see the drop down selection box showing a list of comm ports. Pick the appropriate port. Hit enter until you see a small message at the bottom of the dialogue box - "Power On/Reset". Press and hold the power button on the phone until the dialogue show the download has started.

Leave it to run until complete. You should then be able to switch the phone on and all should be well!

Let me know how you get on.
I purchased a Hello Kitty phone from you on the 15 Nov.

My daughter has turned it off whilst it was defragmenting, now it comes up with "Data Error contact"

This is not your problem, but do you have any idea how I can reset, or get the programme re-installed ?

Any help would be appreciated.


David Harvey

Best Regards
Elenie - Katzwhiskas UK
Send me an Email
Online store - www.katzwhiskas.co.uk
See my eBay listings
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you guys freak me out 2005/1/17 23:12
hi there
i juste received my okwap hello kitty a267
and starting to read this forum i'm starting to freak out ! ! having paid 330euros for the phone, i don't want it to die on me! so if anyone has some positive things to say on the phone please do ! ! all i see on here are problems
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help me 2005/1/18 16:35
Ive got the same problem that other ppl have got. i cant get into my phone and it keeps saying data error, contact. i live in Australia does anyone know how to fix this problem or anywhere i can get it fixed in Australia.? Thanx
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okwap in oz 2005/1/18 19:03
scary site! after reading this im more discouraged... but if anyone can tell me how to activate mms in oz please let me know. As for anyone who hasnt bought the phone yet... dont bother!! cheers
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