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Anime convention/exhibition 2005/10/10 10:22
Does anyone know there will be any anime convention around mid-Feb 2006? thank you.
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h.o. slot cars 2005/12/12 19:55
If there are any toy stores with h.o. slot cars please let me know! thanks
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toy festival 2005/12/12 22:18
there will be winterwonderfestival at toyo big sight febuary sometime, 19th or 26th I think. lots of anime toys. cosplay, good geek action. I enjoyed the last one.
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vinyl figurines 2005/12/16 16:24
i'm looking for a shop in tokyo selling collectable vinyl art toys. any ideas?
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H.O. SLOT CARS 2005/12/19 16:56
Hello, i need help finding slot cars (tomy or tyco) anywhere around the yokohama area. thanks,
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Toy show 2005/12/30 18:52
Does anyone know if there are any toy shows coming up in Japan?

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Toy shops in Kyoto? 2006/2/3 01:46
Anyone can tell me there are toy shops which sell vintage toys like mazinger, grendizer, ecc..?
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Asobit City 2006/2/24 16:41
I was in Akihabra two days ago. I just got back from Tokyo today (v.sleepy). Asobit City is still there but spread out amongst several locations all within a block or two. Easy to walk between.

Take the Electric City exit from the JR Akihabara station, then head West.

They seem to be affiliated with the Laox elctronics stores at Akihabara (the Laox stores are on all good maps). Just ask the staff in there about Asobit. They gave me a map in english that showed all the Asobit store locations. Very easy to use and get around.

One store across from Laox is a generic spot mostly DVDs. Another one has characters, action figures and games. The 3rd one has LOTS of plastic kits, tools, action figures.

Prepare to spend more than you bargained for - there is so much stuff to see!
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Plastic kits 2006/2/24 16:50

To answer an earlier query...

An entire floor at the Asobit hobby store - get a map from Laox (see above post) and go to the most southerly store - is loaded with lots of great plastic kits (not just Gundam etc). They had a great range of tanks, planes, cars, historical castles and ships. I was mostly interested in 1:700 scale ships and was blown away by their range. Got some great prices on Tamiya, Hasegawa and Pit-Road kits. Also have good 1:350 scale kits for hard to find ships like the Togo's Mikasa.

They also have Skywave accessory kits (e.g. IJN cruiser guns, US Navy aircraft) and lots photo etch kits (Pit Road, Toms etc)

Check it out.
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Star Wars 2006/2/26 10:45
I will be going to Japan at the end of March. Any suggestions for good collector stores specializing in Star Wars? I want to find the stuff you can't buy in the US (like TOMY toys, Kubricks, Real Action Heroes, etc). I don't have my full trip planned out yet beyond Tokyo, but I'll consider going anywhere for a good store! TIA!
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Nakano Broadway 2006/3/7 00:26
Ken Benobi, I would like to suggest you going to Nakano Broadway.

You'll find a lot of stuff you can't buy in US.
eg. Japanese pepsi's prize, Starwars bottle cap collections.
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Searching for Transformers in Nagoya 2006/3/30 23:20
I am looking for vintage Transformers in Nagoya. The only store that I know is Mandarake next to Tokyu Hands. Do you know of any others? Thanks.
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Dolls? 2006/4/17 04:10
Since there seem to be some wonderfully knowledgable people here, I wondered if anyone knows the best places to shop for dolls? Jenny, Volks and the like. I'll be passing through Tokyo on the way to Seoul and want to lay-over long enough to shop a little.
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toys 2006/4/24 16:23
Hi... well besides the stores mentione (I specialy recomend the ones in Ueno, Harajuku and Akihabara (there are 2 big ones I dont know the names in Akihabara and one has Saint Seiya Chess and everything) there is a cool toy store in front of disney store in Shibuya...its an orange store, it has a lot of collectors stuff, a lot of Star Wars, Marvel and DC, Pullip... if you'r looking for manga/anime related stuff is not the best but if you go to Shibuya stop by and you'll love it...
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vintage space toys 2006/4/28 07:33
i'm in Tokyo and looking for vintage space toys and robots. where is the best place to find them. and how do i get there. thanks.
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TY Beanie babies 2006/4/29 09:09
I am looking for the best places to shop for TY beanie babies in Japan, mainly in Tokyo or around Tokyo?
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Transformers 2006/12/13 18:36
What toy shops in Tokyo carry Transformers?
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best hobby store in tokyo 2006/12/25 12:19
help me,,
where is the best hobby store in tokyo,,
r/c for KYOSHO and TAMIYA,,
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Re: best hobby store in tokyo 2006/12/26 23:46
Adam, The BEST hobby store in Tokyo you are looking for is "Futaba Sangyo".

2-9 Kanda-Suda-Cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3255-9984

10 min. walk from Akihabara
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Challengers of Fire 2007/2/7 01:08

We live in Hawaii and a local station here replays the old "challengers of Fire" shows. My son loves them and saw a toy version of "electric rod". Any suggestions on where to find it?

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