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Nov trip 2005/10/20 02:32
Just wondering...would Mapquest help with the ID ?

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YOHI in 1982 2005/10/25 05:43
The school ws no longer in operation. The building stood empty for a long time. The last class that graduated there, I believe, was the class of 1972. They bussed to yokosuka after that year. I just remember my eyes teared up when I saw the building come down. If you have any questions regarding Yokohama, just send an email to hapatx@mac.com I'll try to answer what I can.
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Aerial Imagery-Negishi and Bayview 2005/10/25 11:38
Using GoogleEarth for an aerial imagery view, I believe you'll find the grandstand (Negishi Heights) at 35d25'28'' North Latitude 139d38'10'' East Longitud .

The top of the Bayview housing area was at 35d25'30'' N 139d39'35'' E.
The first road a bit Southwest should be Fire Station Hill.

The D Avenue tunnel is at 35d26'06'' N 139d38'45 E.

This is based on what I can recognize as well as what I can remember from 1973. The grandstand is fairly obvious with the Negishi housing area to the west.

This arial view also jives with the photos at http://intensifi.biz/yohi Japan Visit.htm
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Thanks Jeff 2005/10/27 03:23
Thanks Jeff,
You've been a big help.
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Its there next door to Negishi Park 2005/10/30 14:51
Look at this site - it shall answer your questions.

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Yokohama Navy Exchange 2005/11/4 10:33
The Navy Exchange was located a mile your so southbound on D St of The Road to Sagiyama Ridge. The NEX was on the right side.
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Trip to Japan 2005/11/5 12:52
Sun of Sase will be my guide.
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Negishi and Yokohama Navy Exchange 2006/1/18 12:34
I lived in Negishi Heights from 1990 to 1993 in the first house on Avenue A. The grammer school was just behind my house and still in operation. I did visit an area near Negishi Navy Housing that has been a much larger military (USA) base but it was torn down prior to my arrival. This is the most wonderful place I have ever lived and the people so wonderful.
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Bayside Courts 2006/2/4 15:13
I was a sergeant in the Air Force stationed at North Pier with the Air Force Water Port Liaison Office from 1966 through 1969. Until my wife arrived in 1967, and we moved into quarters in Seaside Park, I resided in Bayside Courts, a short walk to the Navy Exchange complex, Zebra Club, Isazaki-cho and other notable areas. I bowled in several leagues, shopped at the Commisary and Exchange, and watched movies at the Kinnick Theater. (Dr. Zhivago was the first film I saw). I played golf on the 9-hole course near the race track, and played baseball on the field just across the street from the Seaside Park Housing Area. One vivid memory I have is always looking in the window of the fish shop across the street from the bowling center to see the very expensive Carp the owner had in a tank. The price tag on the side of the tank is still emblazoned on my memory bank...it was 109,000 Yen ($302.77). My daughter was born in 1968 at the Yokosuka Naval Base hospital. My tour at Yokohama was second only to the years I spent at another base in Japan, Brady Air Base, near Fukuoka on the Southern island of Kyushu. Would like to visit again some day.
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Bar Stardust 2006/2/4 17:59
Bar StarDust and PolarStar still stands outside the gate of North Pier.

The classic and exotic exterior of the bars are often used as locations on TV dramas and such.

I've never been inside the bars. From my current home in Kanagawa-ku, it's not very convenient to take public transportation there, and I don't want to drink and drive. But whenever I'm feeling a bit low, I drive there alone, and just sit there for a while, maybe listen to a radio program while watching the modern MM21 district across the pier. Nice peaceful place that not many people know of.

For a few years, North Pier used to welcome local citizens to see the July 20th Yamashita Park Fireworks festival. You could watch the fireworks right across the pier, usually with a full moon, and you could see lots of yaughts and yakata-bune will be out too. Beef dogs and American pies that you can never get outside the base were sold as well. For this, I rode my bicycle so that I could have some beer! Besides it was too crowded that cars weren't allowed.

Unfortunately, after 9.11, they closed the gate again.
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Yokohama Navy Exchange 2006/2/9 16:17
I lived in Yokohama US Navy Housing Activity in 1967, 68 and 69. The exchange was across from the officer's club off the main road that went to Yokoska. Nigeshi Heights was also another housing area. I can look up the name of the street if you would like.
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typo 2006/2/12 12:09
I'd like to make a correction on my last post dated Feb 4th.

incorrect: yaughts
correct: yachts
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Hey Charlene 2006/2/13 03:29
What part of the Navy housing area did you live in? Area 1, Area 2, etc ?
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Former Negishi res 2006/2/17 08:26
Lived in Negishi from '68-'72. Went to Byrd and the Jr High (2nd to 6th grade). Left Japan around my 12th B-day. Our house faced the back of the racetrack. Very close the pictures shown on the Negishi housing website. Love to see Japan again and all the changes someday.
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1945-2003 2006/2/21 23:35
I am searching for any small informations of a legend prostitute woman who had been in Yokohama & Yokosuka area from 60's to 70's. she had been called as lary and she was dead in 2004.
She had been called from the empress and the prostitute companion by clothes of the
aristocrat style of the whole body white.

Now, her life has become a historical memory of the local Yokohama citizens. And her life will become a movie soon and be out on this April.
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Yokohama 74-77 2006/2/28 12:14
I lived in Bayview from 74-77, attended Kinnick Middle, delivered the Stars and Stripes all over Bayview, I remember the water tank on the hill painted for the bicentennial. The cherry blossoms blooming on the bluff over the middle school, the shrine at the far end when you took the short cut down the back to the movie theatre, we saw Jaws and the Sting there. The french fries at the bowling alley. Taking the train to Izezackicho, playing pachinko, going to the candy store on D Avenue.
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yo-hi 2006/3/11 05:33
i lived at 336 bayview from 1961 to 1968. went to yo-hi when it was still in yokohama. remember ave. d, motomachi, isezaki-cho, yamashita park, playing pinball at seaside bowl near yokohama tower, north pier where my dad worked, sankeien gardens, obon dances,trips to hakone, nikko,tokyo. must go back before these memories fade away.
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Is there still an Ave C and D ? 2006/3/11 08:37
I lived in 295a Ave C in 1956-1959...Is the housing area still there ? I went to St. Maria and Nasagbu Beach Elem. A lot of good memories !!!
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Negishi resident 2006/3/23 23:50
I too lived in Negishi Heights from 1969 to 1972. I went St.Joe's and Byrd for the 4th grade. I had Ms. Starzinski as a teacher there. I went back to Japan last year and the Yokohama that I grew up with was gone. I went on base (Negishi is now a based area) and saw my old house at 505 Skyline Drive, saw my old Annex classroom and what remained of the Grandstand. We lived off base the first year in Honmoku Motomachi, used to bike to Sankien and it was still there as beautiful as ever. I still remember seeing Hang em High at the Bill Chickering Theater. It brought back so many memories, all good. What a great place to grow up.
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Bill Chickering 2006/3/30 06:00
Was this the original Bill Chickering? Seems like I remember this theater was in the PX complex in the 1950s but after the Navy took over, the same was taken down...
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