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Youjya 2007/3/27 00:53
When I went to Kyoto, there is was a famous makeup shop across from the main street in Gion. This place was famous because the Geisha purchased makeup there. It's expensive, but very nice stuff. I bought some eye makeup from there and it lasted. I noticed that they have an extension in California, too, so I'm sure you can find it online. The name of the store is Youjya. If you google it, I'm sure something will come up.
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Whats it made of? 2007/4/4 01:39
Usually back then it was white lead. White lead was highly toxic and lead to many short lived careers for most geisha. They would also use rice flour.
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8 kabuki performing 3 times 2007/4/20 09:54
How many jars of MITSOYUSHI Kabuki Face Paste Powder & MITSOYUSHI Kabuki Abura will I need to order for 24 (persons) make-up ?
Many thnaks for prompt answer before I order.
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Well... 2007/4/25 08:45
I found the makeup and such that I want...but where do I get the brushes?
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Geisha Makeup 2007/5/25 00:10
I heard that it used to be made from bird poop and a mixture of a chemical. It was saide that a lot of Geishas came down with a skin disorder.
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kabuki vs geisha 2007/6/23 09:40
Can someone please tell me the difference in the makeup of a kabuki women vs a geisha? I know its a little bit around the eyes thats red, is there anything else thats different? Also anyway i can simulate the headwrap ? Also do Kabuki wear the same/similar wigs to geisha and how do i place the hairpeices to make it look the best?

im going to be filmed GAH =)

thanks sooo much
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Can anyone answer my question.?? o.O 2008/1/16 02:29
So i need to what to do about the lips, what do i use. What is commonly used.?? Where can i get it and how much is it.

I want to use red, is that right.?
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http://www.hannari-ya.com/ 2008/1/28 01:05
for a real geisha look you must look on this site:
you can buy the stuff at ebay and they send it worldwide!
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the answer is... 2008/8/9 19:24
FACE PAINT! apply white face paint and red lipstick dont forget the eyeliner with the little flick!
this is my guide!
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makeup 2008/10/28 23:14
it was originally made out of rice powder and lead...but it wasn't good for the skin
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