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i love japanese food 2006/5/19 21:32
my favorite is ramen, just like Naruto. i love having a stock of it in my house. also, i love sushi, just like the sailor scouts.
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mcD 2006/5/21 19:07
yup, it not about the Questions why eat eat McD... is more of trying various burgers at a certain country which may not be found else where.
-japan ; tsukimi burger
-taiwan: spicy burger
-malaysia: kl tower burger
isn't it worth to try out at least once??
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Testing McDonalds 2007/2/4 04:29
i think it would be a good idea to test fast food chains, such as McDonalds or Starbucks, in different countries. of course, try the local cuisine(sp) too, and compare that to the Niko Niko Sushi chain in America, or something like that. I guess it makes the most sense to have the native food most, when in any country. "When in Rome..." but don't overdo it.
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Foreign Fast Food 2007/2/21 10:55
I agree, if your in a foreign courtry you should eat the local food. Ive been to many countries around the world, and as much as I love eg. Chinese and Japanese food, I still need something western every now and then. I detest McDonalds, but I have at times tried the different meals, like in Hong Kong they had the burger with the rice roll (very odd Mc Fantastic) and KFC had a pretty good Teryaki Burger. Realistically though, its still crap food, and the local food should be your main staple.

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Oishi 2007/2/21 11:58
I am not a fan of Mc. But i like Mc in Japan. Japan government is very strict about food. Therefore, the quality of Mc is different compared to the States.
It is common to find "extras" in your order. Such are body parts(fingers,eye balls etc.) roaches, mouse droppings, in the US. Whereas in Japan, I have never heard nor seen a hair in Mc or any other restaurant establishments.
Happy meal:)
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that's not hamburger 2007/6/25 15:10
I had a double teriyaki burger today at Hamby town on Okinawa. that's not hamburger. If it is suppossed to be it is a combination of beef. chicken and pork or some thing else. that was the worst so called burger I have every had in my 60 years of eating McD's.
I think maybe they purchased that meat for patties from the place in Hokaido that has been caught doctoring the hamburger.
the taste color and texture of the patty is suspect. it certainly isn't beef. unless it is thee Japanese version of hamburger that has tofu mixed with it.
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Teriyaki burger 2007/6/25 15:41
DA wrote:

it certainly isn't beef.

Correct. It is a pork patty, so it should not contain any beef.
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おいしくないよ 2007/6/25 15:43
Japanese McDonald's really don't taste too good.. But I figure that could be because in America all of our food is full of extra junk and oil to make it taste better. I don't think Japan does that in most of its foods.

Asides from not tasting the same, the sizes are much much smaller. A small drink is about the size of a happy meal drink. And a large size is pretty much non-existent. However I did eat McDonalds a few times anyway, it still did have good quality but when you're used to something tasty its hard to go back and eat something that isn't as good. For the record, I probably visited 5 different McDonald's locations and they all wielded the same result.

Oh, and the prices are about the same/more expensive. Same goes for Starbucks. The drinks are slightly smaller but unlike McDonalds, to me it tastes the same. I've visited two Starbucks locations in completely different areas.
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About "Local Foods"... 2007/6/25 15:49
I never understand why in topics of these nature people often ask "why do you want to eat food like that when you're in Japan? You should eat Japanese food."

I think it's more than normal to want to eat something that you actually like and that you're used to. Personally, I can't stand fish. So that sends about half of Japan's cuisine out the window. Many Japanese foods have fish by-products if not actual fish meat in them and that's a turn-off as well. I've tried a lot of Japanese food, but the only thing that I could stomach was rice, ramen, patries, and soups. I ate pancakes virtually every morning and I know that that was a bad choice and was a bit offensive to my host family. When I go back in a month I'm going to be more open about my choices.

Well my main point was, not everyone likes foreign food so you shouldn't be harsh on them.
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Avoided McDonalds 2007/6/25 21:10
Which was not hard, since I don't go there in the US. We did stop at a Mos Burger in Kyoto. The hamburger was tiny and the rice burger was minuscule. The taste was not bad, but I usually don't eat burgers and won't be going back to Mos either.

We walked by the McD's on the way back and the burger was cheap. 80 yen vs 350 or something at Mos.

Anyway, most everything I've had here was good. Not all to my tastes, but more than not.
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Chill 2007/6/25 23:34
I think what a person eats is their own choice. People have a tendency to want you to be like them. You can’t like traditional music of another country, you must like rock, classical. Country, etc. to be normal. You must dress like me, no kimono, no jeans, no cowboy boots, no suit, no etc. You must attend my church, my social club, etc. or I will not associate with you. Look at any peer group and you will see what I mean. Look at a group of teens hanging together, they dress, talk, like the same music, etc. I personally will not associate with people that eat at McDonalds, I only associate with people that eat at Burger King.
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Maccas 2007/6/26 00:50
Macdonalds in japan isnt too bad in comparison with Australia. And the best part is you can trust the people that work there a hell of a lot more than the misbehaving teenagers that run a muck in the stores in australia hehe.
MOS burger i would compaire to Hungry Jacks (burger king in AU), it tastes better yes but it doesnt 'really' taste like a 'real' burger still.
I actually dislike that style of taste,
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oooohhhh 2007/6/26 09:57
the fact that the teriyaki burger is pork isn't advertised. now I know. but I would never have another one anyway. it really is bad.
the regular menu is about the same as in the states. the 100 yen specials are good but the 100 yen drink is the smallest I have ever seen anywhere. I get a couple of the 80 yen hamburgers and fries and a large, actually med size, drink and it's not bad. it certainly beats MOS and A&W pricewise and for taste.
BK beats them all for taste and choice
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wasabi in Mcdonalds burger 2007/7/8 17:39
I usually ordered the double cheeseburger ones when i was staying there in japan, but there was this one burger in Mcdo that i tried which i almost found particularly hard to finish eating, and that was because of the wasabi sauce.. but i guess not all people love wasabi. I forgot the name of the burger that had this.
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keep on subject 2007/7/11 08:48
you people are talking about is mcd's better for you or why would anyone want to eat there....the topic...which apparently everyone forgot was how does japanese mcd's taste....that's ones opinions on why you should or shouldn't be eating just answer the question...thanks
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Expert 2007/7/20 23:57
What better critic than a teenager? We just finished hosting a Japanese exchange student for a year. She said in Japan her friends and her call McDonalds "worm burgers" because of the taste and texture. She loved the McDonald's here in the states. Of course she went home with a double digit weight gain.
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salty 2007/7/21 10:32
McDonalds Japan is salty just like US Mcdonalds but the sauces taste different. Japan McD is also more expensive
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McDonalds 2007/7/21 10:44
It never ceases to amaze me some of the responses that peoples questions get on this forum! The person was merely asking about McDonalds in Japan - not your opinions as to whether he/she should eat it or not?
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Ha. 2008/10/14 11:56
Here's a bit of cultural knowledge: anyone who tells you that a McDonald's tastes the same everywhere in the world has obviously never traveled outside of their own state/province.

People all over the world have different tastes. That's why Chinese food in China tastes vastly different than the stuff you find at your local mall. It tastes *similar* to what you're used to, but it *will* taste different. I remember my first trip to London; great trip, but it was the quirkiest thing to discover that Coca-Cola tastes absolutely nothing like the stuff I've grown used to over here in the States.

Also, Japanese people like really big burgers, for some reason, so there's that.
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food 2008/10/14 13:49
coke tastes different around the world because they use local water to make it.

interestingly enough, if you're from north america and start drinking japanese soda, your teeth will go bad much much faster.. why? the water in japan is not fluoridated. the water in most of north america has fluoride in it including the stuff pumped into soft drinks - which helps reduce the negative effect soda has on teeth.

also, japanese mayonnaise is made with rice vinegar instead of normal vinegar which is probably the biggest reason hamburgers taste better in japan than they do in north america. north american mayo (or more commonly used miracle whip) does not taste as good as japanese mayonnaise for most people.

i also found that places like kfc have stuff like teriyaki or katsu burgers which are just damn delicious and much better than any garbage you can buy in north america from the same fast food places.

japanese food is just more delicious, even if it's made in a north american franchise!
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