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Some maps of old Yokohama. 2010/10/20 19:30
I have managed to acquire some old maps of Yokohama, particularly, the Settlement, and the Bluff area.
You can find them at:
Good hunting!
On one of the jpgs, you can find a building which has been highlighted in red.
This is No 52. There is what looks like an auto service yard there now.
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Memories of Yokohama 2010/10/21 09:36
This is an amazing site - started by Susan Vargas' search. It is lovely to have read of your successful search for this young friend of your father's.

I lived in Japan as an immigrant from Nazi Germany from 1939 until 1948, at which point we immigrated to the USA. I also went to St. Mauer's for a couple of years - 1943 till 1945, I believe - while the school was located in Karuizawa during the war. IAfter the war ended in 1945, my Mother got a job with the American Red Cross, which was located at a building called Berrick Hall, in the Bluff. I also didn't know the address of this building, but found its name only recently on another thread on Japan Guide. During 1945 to 1948, I went to St. Joseph's College, also on the Bluff, which at that point was accepting girls. My father is buried in the Foreigners' Cemetary. I remember the hospital nearby, which also housed a mini-orphanage with interracial babies, a couple of whom were adopted by the Red Cross girls.

It would be amazing to hear from anyone who was at St. Maur's in Karuizawa, or at St. Joseph's college while I was there between 1945 and 1948. In particular, I'd love to hear from my former friends, Minette, and Guy, who lived across the street from me. I think St Joseph's closed some years ago, but St Mauer's is still an international school, also with a French-curriculum component. And Berrick Hall is presently a city-owned museum, looking on google.earth pretty much as I remember it.

I have lived in NYC and Western Massachusetts since 1948.
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Some maps of old Yokohama. 2010/10/22 03:52
I've uploaded onto box.net, the entire map of Yokohama district, scale 5mm:km.
I've had to degrade the image slightly to get it into a reasonable file size, It's over 90MB as scanned, far too big for free box.net.
The original file is 800dpi!
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Attention: Susan Vargus 2010/11/26 08:29
Hi Susan,
I lived in Yokohama in 1970-1972 and knew a Gerald Vargus - are you related by any chance?

Thank you

Kind Regards
Therese Van Huis
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Saint Maur School 1970-1972 2010/11/26 08:38
I used to live on the Bluff from 1970-1972 and went to Saint Maur School for these years. I was just wandering does anyone know how to contact any of these wonderful people I knew at the time. My younger sister Patsy even learnt to speak some Japanese from the little girl next door and vice versa re english - it was beautiful. I also remember the snow and how appropriate the Chrissy Carols and Chrissy decorations were as in Australia where I come from (Cairns) is 35 degrees and very high humidity!! A beautiful country indeed!
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Christmas Greetings. 2010/12/23 20:43
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Wir wünschen Ihnen frohen Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr.
Nollaig ṡona agus Bliain úr faoi ṡéan is faoi ṁaise daoiḃ.

To see our tree for this year, go to:

All the best,
David & Margaret.
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The bluff Yokohama 2011/1/11 02:30
Nice to find this site. My family lived at 667B Negishi Heights from 58 to 64. Fond fond memories.
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The Bluff Yokohama and the Navy Exchange 2011/2/12 10:18
I've just discovered this set of questions that somewhat overlaps the more numerous exchange under "The Yokohama Navy Exchange Was Where?" on the top of the Question Forum. i hope the person looking for Amy Eyton found her. She, her brother, me, and several classmates from the St. Joseph College class of 1961 (also 1962 and 1960 and guys from Keio University) had a great time performing in a band called The Blue Saints. But Amy hit the big time as Emi Jackson with a song "Namida no Taiyo-" (Sun & Tears--the actual English title escapes me ) . You can find her song on YouTube if you input her name in katakana. If anyone (from St. Maur's and St. Joseph class of 1961) would be interested in a 50th class reunion, let me know. We could do it jointly in Yokohama this spring. April sound ok? Let's choose one of the restaurants owned by an SJC/SJIS graduates.
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179 Bluff 2011/3/8 19:32
Very glad you made your contacts via the net, a fine story. My postscript is that I'm writing a book in which that address figures from the period 1888-1892 when the family of Charles Howard Hinton lived there. He is quite famous in circles connected with the 4th dimension and his family went on to found the Putney progressive scjhool in Vermont. My question is: did you find any pictures of that house. I'd really appreciate a copy if you did to include in the book. Thanks Gerry
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Bluffs in 1933 2011/3/17 14:52
My father and his family lived on the bluffs in Yokohama back in 1923. I know this because he told my mother that when the earthquake hit my grandfather was in the city doing some banking at noon. The entire city was engulfed into flames and I can only imagine that the people in the bank decided that the bank vault was the safest place to be and that's where they found my grandfather's gold watch with his initials. We believe they all melted in there. My father was only 3 yrs old at the time but his older sisters told him that they were busy with my grandmother stomping out the sparks as they rose onto the bluffs.
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do you know who lived on bluffs in 1923? 2011/3/17 15:01
My Dad went to St Joseph's college and we have medals that he won playing soccer there.
I would love to know if anyone is out there that can help identify which house he would have lived in. His father's name was John Walker ? He was an engineer and his name is written in a book of the Emperor acknowledging some great work he did for their shipping industry. He was a Scottish engineer.
Can anyone help me find this info?
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1923 earthquake 2011/4/15 14:31
My great grandfather, Maurice Russell, perished in the earthquake. His children and grandchildren including my father survived. My father, Ronald Russell attended St Joseph College. I have his yearbooks. His family lived on the Bluff. I am trying to gather the names of the families that lived on the bluff in 1923 and their number on the Bluff. I would like to find a good map of the Bluff addresses from 1923.
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Looking for addresseson The Bluff 2011/4/17 07:27
Look at the map 'Bretts' which I posted on Box.net.
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Hommoku and Mississippi Bay 2011/5/2 22:56

I have been loaned a copy of my great grandfather's 1905 Tour Round the World diary and he talks about Yokohama, The Bluff, etc...

He mentions Mississippi Bay (he spells "Missippi"), where the cliffs resembled, a little, the white cliffs of Dover (for more information and photos (not mine): http://www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/3975647069/):

"Oct 30th 1905: After breakfast went to see W.?Mr? Samuel to whom I had an introduction, and then took a rickshaw on to a photo developing place. After that we hired a Sampan & meant to go over the Russian ship, Poltava, in Tokyo Bay, which was sunk and salvaged at Port Arthur, but saw her just steaming away [ship was recommissioned to the Japanese Navy as Tango], so instead we went over the Japanese flagship, H.I.M.S. Shikishima (1st Class Battleship) [built in London, 1897] – we were taken over by a very nice little jap sub-Lieut. Yamagato [Yamagata?], we saw several places where she had been battered about, we also went in Admiral Togo’s private room. This ship was outside Port Arthur [now Lüshunkou] during the siege and was also in the Battle of Tsushima. On the way there I worked the Sampan for a mile or two it is quite easy & is a cross between gondoleering and deep-sea punting. We did not get back to the hotel till 1.30. After tiffin we went in rickshas to Samurai Shokai & went through a tea ceremony in a Japanese garden. This did not remind me of an American quick lunch as each cup of tea for each person takes from 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. After the tea party we went on for a drive, (one man pulling and one pushing) to the Yokohama nurseries, Race Course [at Negishi?] and Missippi Bay [Negishi town and Honmoku, called ‘Mississippi Bay’ by foreigners]. This is an awfully pretty drive and the little Japanese cottages on Missippi Bay were awfully fine, on the way back we went through lovely country and some large rice fields. We did not get back till dark, and each ricksha had a Japanese lantern."

"Oct 31st: After breakfast went in rickshas to photo & silk shops in Benten-Dori [Photographers’ Row – and shopping district]. Then on to Cloisonné factory, where several purchases were made and pale green tea was drunk then to carved furniture factory & back to tiffin. Afterwards drove out in rickshas to a porcelain factory outside the town, very pretty little houses & gardens, more tea, then round the town a bit & back to the Hotel. I went for a stroll up the Bluff and prowled around one or two curio shops. Got back to the Hotel at 6."

"Nov 1st 1905: After lunch I went with Williamson & Dautricourt up Benten-Dori, we went in and looked round about every curio shop but bought nothing. In the evening went out to dinner with Samuel and 2 other English fellows at their house on the Bluff. Surprise evening."

I am trying to find out who Mr Samuel could be, that lived on the Bluff in 1905...


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My grandfather was maurice Russell 2011/5/24 11:30
He was my grandfather. My dad was his fifth and youngest son. The others were george, charles, louise Nippko, Marion, my dad Edwin. I lived in yokohama on the bluff next to the catholic church. I have pictures of Mauice and the earthguake devistation. Pictures when the men were invited to the Prince of Wales visit to the Masonic Lodge. The family owned an import - export buisness. contact me as I would love to contact my kin. Maurice was married to a japaneze lady who i bearly remember but I have her chests.
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Keith russell my relative 2011/5/25 18:44
Keith, Please write me as I would very much love to hear about my family that we lost during the war. My father was Edwin Russell - Maurices son. who is your father? have you lived in yokohama all the time? I would love to find out I had cousins, nephews and nieces. hope to hear from you soon.
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SJC USA CHAPTER website & Facebook 2011/8/18 13:30

alumni website in Japan: www.sjcalumni.com
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Karuizawa 2011/8/18 17:23
Would like to get in touch with Steffi, who wrote about attending St. Maur's in Karuizawa during the war. Our family was in Karuizawa for three years during the war, and I am trying to gather information about those years from others who were there. I edited a book about my father's photographic career "Francis Haar: A Lifetime of Images", with many photos from Japan and also a memoir including those years in Karuizawa. Would appreciate if Steffi could contact me at tomhaar@hawaii.rr.com.
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lived in Yokohama 2011/8/27 21:15
Dear Friends who attended SJC, Saint Maur

My name is Fred Gordo class of 69 and at the present I live in Richmond, BC Canada not far from Vancouver. I donot live not far from Vancouver International Airport.

I used to live many parts of Yokohama, here as follows:
1. Live near Cliff Side Night Club
2. Honmoku Motomachi
3. Yamaguchi-dai across from YCAC
4. Takinoue, Negishi Horse Racing Track

I am 60 years old, retire from 40 years in local travel agency as Sales Manager and Marketing. I handle inbound groups from Japan and outbound tours to many parts of the world for Canadians.

I am happily married to Japanese wife who is seven years older and we are very happy and retire.

Keep in touch.

Frederico J. Gordo
Norie Isono
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Gloria Gioulis / Hellen 2011/8/29 07:23
Amy Baton is my cousin. She still lives in Japan. Her brother Richard lives in Hercules, California.
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