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Japanese Hair Straightening 2005/10/5 13:41
Just a question; Does anyone know of a good salon in Vancouver, BC that does a good job with straightening hair? I did go to one stylist but after she looked over my hair she said that because I had lightened my hair colour that the results would not be what I expected. In the end my hair would be wavy was her opinion. I have heard differently from various people on whether it works with bleached/coloured...etc hair, anyone that can suggest a salon or has experienced great results with colour treated hair...your opinion is wanted.

Thank you!
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Addresses of hair stylists / Tokyo 2005/10/9 06:03
Please could anyone tell me good addresses where i can make strauht perm in tokyo?
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Any Regrets? 2005/10/19 08:03
My Stylist in L.A. has recommended me to get the perm done since she "fights" with my hair to make it bone straight with just basics: product,dryer and iron. She even mentioned since my hair is really only curly on the underside and wavy on top, why fight it. But sometimes I like the diversity. Can the perm hold a curl or a wave from an iron in hopes i can still have some diveristy on dryer days?
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osaka 2005/10/19 10:35
Doea anyone know of a salon that will do hair straightening in Osaka? Preferably in English...
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WHY?! 2005/10/19 10:35
The Japanese have such beautiful hair!! Perms really just thin out the hair and can damage it. Why ruin that?? I am a black girl and we get perms because the African's head is VERY CURLY and tangled. We get perms to keep our hair straight. I see it ass pointless for the Japanese to get perms when people are trying so hard to get hair like theirs. Please excuse me if I offended anybody in ANY way. It was not my intention...
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a reply to that staement above 2005/10/23 08:12
why do they straighten there hair because like stated before some girls hair are in fact wavy and curly. So this process has given them the ability to remove that.

I myself have gotten it 3 times(4th coming up) and I mean for me it is great but when it starts to go away my hair become difficult.
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i have a quieston 2005/10/27 08:29
Ok. hi i am young and i have very curly hair does anyone know of a good place in new york or long island that does a good job on Japaneese Straightening? I would also like to know if you did if you are happy with the results
- THank you
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any black women tried this? 2005/11/1 13:44
hi, i'm a black woman who already uses a regular relaxer (straight perm) to keep my hair straight but i still have to use irons and a blow dryer to get it really straight. has any black woman had this japanse perm the Shukumo Kyosei? if so, can you get this even if you have a regular relaxer perm already? or will this just damage my hair too much? i'm really tired of having to still use a blow dryer and flat iron to get my hair straight even with my relaxer! if you are not a black woman but you know the answer to my question please tell me!
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questions....... 2005/12/9 19:13
Hi, I live in Australia and I have read all the posts. Does anyone know if they do good jobs in Australia? coz I really want a perm and this Japanese thing sounds really good and i want it done i'm 15 but my mum says not to do it coz my hair will be really dry. Does it make your hair dry? and i have just really messy uneven waves in my hair and all i can do it tie it up coz it looks bad down sometimes. Does it look really bad if you get a perm just once and grow it out my hair isnt that wavey so i dont think it would look that bad if i grow it out after. thanks i hope somebody will have an answer to at least one of my questions.
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its soo bad 2005/12/18 13:09
i did japanese straighting and its the most annoying thing ever! now i cant get my curly hair back and my hair is dead fro having to iron my hair straight so much! it was so not worth it!
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straight perms 2005/12/19 01:29
I had my wonderful straight perm in Hiro, Tokyo at a place called Toni & Guy. It took 2 and a half hours of extreme enjoyment and cost 14,900 yen. I washed my hair the next day. (Near National Azabu) I hihly recommend this salon.
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neurodermitis 2006/1/3 12:16
I'm a guy and let my hair grow for the last 2 years, I always had really really short hair before like 6-20mm, now it's over shoulder length, and it is curly and very voluminous.
Well this thread kinda awoke my interest in this. Though I have a question. I have a skin disease, neurodermitis, which shows off in a very weak head skin and scaling and I wanted to know if there could be any problems with the chemicals used regarding my skin.
Since I will be in Japan in February I might get a chance to get it done there.
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i have afro-american type hair 2006/1/3 13:03
ok i hear that the relaxer is for black women and j-straightening is for white women. When i went to hair village in roosevelt queens ny, the customers there were white, spanish, pakistan, me-puertorican. EVERYONES HAIR CAME OUT SO NICE including mine. i thought my hair was going to fall out immedeatley the second it was put on but it didn't. Do you know when black people get the relaxer and it has that smooth, sexy, straight look, thats what my hair looks like. since my hair is naturally thick, nappy,im due for another treatment in 5mo and she only charged me 200.00 which is what it would have cost if i had a relaxer in a year. i have pictures if u want to see a before and after... oh in that place i went to no one in there is japanese, they are korean, and mexican people who are really nice..i highly recommend it=)
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and the names are???? 2006/1/4 01:00
Hi All,

Thanks for all the info on this type of perm. I recently (a month ago) got a curly spiral perm that came out with the curls way too tight and small for my taste. Does anyone know if this Japanese thermal relaxer perm can be applied
after a spiral curly perm without too much damage? I hope so!!!!

Also I've noticed that not that many of you are giving the actual names of the beauty salons in the NYC/ Long Island area that you went to and liked. Yes I could go to Chinatown or Bayside or Flushing but does anyone have an actual name of a beauty salon that they can recommend that offers this type of thermal relaxer. Also emily the hair village you went to...Did you mean Roosevelt Field (the shopping Mall)? Or did you mean in Roosevelt, NY. Neither one is in Queens, NY both are in Nassau County a little further out on Long Island. Where exactly is this hair village that you recommended? Boy I sure do ask a lot of questions, don't I? (smile) Thanks all!!! :D Can you tell that this girl needs some serious hair help!!! LOL!
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Hair Village info update 2006/1/4 03:13
^^a few more comments....

Hi All,

Nevermind emily...I found some info on where Hair Village is in Queens, NY. It is in Woodside,NY on Roosevelt Ave. Here is an interesting article on the place:


I still would like the names of other beauty salons in the NYC area or on Long Island, NY that some of you have tried and could personally recommend for this Japanese thermal perm. Thanks!!!
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Question for HQ 2006/1/15 00:12
Okay, so your boyfreind works in Osaka and does the straigtening perms. I want one done but I don't speak any Japanese. I would like to call but who can I talk to about it. Please let me know; I am very interested!!!
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Mistake 2006/1/15 00:15
Sorry that was for Yuming!! About your boyfriend and his salon!
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Okinawa 2006/1/17 10:39
I will be moving to Okinawa in July 2006. My husband is in the Marine Corps, and we have been stationed there once prior. With all the humidity, it is very hard to keep my hair nice and straight like it is here in the desert. I was wondering if anybody know of a salon in Okinawa that uses these techniques.

Thank you
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thanks 2006/2/1 05:48
thanks for the answer
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Question 2006/4/21 12:20
Hi I was wondering if anyone knows any good yet cheap places in nyc to get the japanese perm? I hear there are great places in chinatown but I would like if someone can tell me where. So if anyone can e-mail me at Babygirl5015846@yahoo.com thank you. Plz e-mail me A.S.A.P. I want this for my graduation (my hair is medium length with wavyish curly hair)
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