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Auditions 2009/4/22 20:34
Look out for auditions and events of those sorts. Check for companies like Sony International and be on the look out for auditions. I have no idea what the success rate is but, finding a company to take you on is a good start. For example: the Korean company SM Entertainment has Global Auditions (Unfortunately they specify that there must be some Asian in you from anywhere.) Somone without Asian heritage could tryout but their success rate is 0 to nothing. In short, look for an agency or network (like you've never done before) to find out where your chances are.
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Your Dreams 2009/4/29 11:16
You know, it really doesn't matter whether you're a black, asian, american, canadian etc! If you truly want to sing, then sing! Nothing can stop you from pursueing your dream! Even if you don't know what the results may be, just try it!! You don't know what will happen! I personally will aim to be a j-pop singer myself! I will even go as far as entering Victoria Idol next year! That's how determined I am. My qoute is: "To sing is to live, singing is life"! The band that inspired me to start my own career was called: Changin my Life! You guys should listen to it sometimes! I swear, they're awesome! Anyways, I know I'm rambling on about stuff here, but don't stop trying, never give up!
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Shine!! 2009/4/29 11:30
I forgot to mention this, but there is actually an anime that really inspired me, called Full Moon wo Sagashite. It's about this girl called Mitsuki who was trying to become a singer, but a tumour in her throat prevented her from singing too loud!

Even though her throat hurt her, she continues to try to get in an audition. Eventually she got in, and that's where her career started! Everyone loved her songs & her voice.

So, if someone with sickness can do it, why can't we, who are not sick do this? That was what I was thinking about after watching that anime. I got so inspired. I recommend you guys to watch, or at least listen to Mitsuki's music. Her music is actually coming from a j-pop band called Changin my Life! Go to youtube and type in that name, it will show you lot's of different songs! I garentee that you'll all love it!
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^^ 2009/6/15 05:54
i think its okay for a westerner to become a jpop singer. but it is, if you know how to speak, read, and write japanese. because Golf and Mike, they are from Thailand (i think) and they are jpop singers. ^^
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Studying the language 2009/8/31 07:28
well in order to become a jrocker or a jpop singer you should learn the language first then start writing your songs of how you feel or what comes to you in mind.
and also don't let any one bring you down because of what your striving for in your life.
and besides the whole sing thing you can utilize other sucesssful jobs as well.
by the way me and you are striving towards the same goal.
i hope you have a wonderful time in the singing buissness.
from Kali

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Avex Star Search 2009/10/22 08:47
Avex is having auditions in U.S..o-o
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Do you have it? 2009/10/24 02:06
My sis work for A & M Entertainment as an business agent, and she state you MUST possess 3 criteria all music company look for: (1) natural ability, (2) stage presence, and (3) ability to command the audiences.

Also she like you to understand there are millions of people with a same hope as you, but music business is all about getting the radio stations to play your song and how many records & videos can be sold. And if you believe you have the 3 criteria you will have to keep auditioning, or make a demo tape or demo video and send in to various talent companies.

If you believe don't give up.

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asian canadian 2010/1/27 11:04
I am an asian canadian who likes to sing. I wanted be a J-Pop singer when I was in grade four. I don't know how to speak japanese, but I listen to J-Pop songs all the time and I picked some words up a bit. Is it possible to learn the language in at least five years? (speaking fluently and able to read and write as well. I don't even know how to speak cantonese very fluently either and I'm Canto. T_T) I'd like to try my hardest and to everyone: Try your hardest too!! :) good luck to me and you (Though im not sure if i can wish myself good luck...) One more thing... do you know if Japan lets foreigners live in Japan??
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yes... 2010/1/28 13:58
To the above poster, of course Japan lets foreigners live here- I am living proof, being a New Zealander who has lived in Japan for 12 years. I first came in on a working holiday visa, then changed to a working visa, and later to a spouse visa when I married a Japanese guy. You might want to do a search on those visa types and others and see which kind you might be able to come to Japan on, as all foreigners require a visa to be able to stay here long term. About 1% of Japan's population is foreign, mostly Chinese and Korean people, but many other nationalities as well.
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Yes...But it Is A Very Long Road 2010/8/22 23:44
Several J-Pop stars have American roots. Utada Hikaru split her early years between New York City (her birthplace) and Tokyo. Her Dad is a music producer and her Mom is an Enka singer. If I remember correctly, Hikki-chan chose her US Passport when she turned 23. Anna Tsuchiya is Japanese/Polish-American. She was once fluent in English, but has since pretty much lost her fluency in same. Most interesting is Jero, an Enka singer from Pittsburgh, PA. Jero is Japanese/African-American...and performs Enka in hip-hop attire, not in Kimono.

To succeed in J-Pop/K-Pop/CantoPop, you need the following: 1. Talent. 2. Management. 3. A protfolio. 4. Experience, 5. At least conversational ability in the language. Native fluency is NOT required, but you need to know what the lyrics mean to emote authentically. Just saying Sugoi and Konban wa ain't gonna cut it.

Many (most) Asian Pop stars have years of experience. For example, Kwon BoA has been in it since she was 11...the same is true for Utada. Plan on spending at least two years in training before you ever see the stage.

Good luck.
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