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? 2007/2/4 08:26
I found two very odd names. Could anybody know the translation to them?

The two names are Fusako and Nagako.
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?? 2007/2/5 12:31
im 28wks pregnant and my hubby (hes japanese and im australian) and i have finally decided on names.. for a boy 魁燕 kaien (kai as his nickname) and for a girl (maybe) 瑛海 eimi (pronounced same as amy in english)
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thanks 2007/2/6 01:35
thank you for everyones comments!

im happy to hear that you have found the names lissy ^^...

i think i have found it aswell. I like the names Nakao and Kiyoshi.
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help...? 2007/2/6 08:11

can anyone please tell me if there is an english version of this website?! it would be important!
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? 2007/2/13 05:54
whats this name? 君子?
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... 2007/2/24 11:12
just thought of sharing 2 names I thought was very odd...Yasumiko and Sanoko
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A good website for baby names 2007/2/25 08:36
Has your friend checked out www.babynames.com? I often use this web site for finding names for characters I write about, but it has millions of names in it's database. You can search names by Nationality, Meaning, Gender, Popularity, etc. It's very useful.

I hope this helped! =D

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name 2007/2/27 07:15
what does this one 翠子 mean?
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Back ON 2007/3/27 19:25
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good name 2007/4/19 00:20
I always liked my friend's name. Her name is Chikako. It's written as 力子.
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Emi 2007/7/23 11:32
to the person named liss-eimi looks like its pronounced Ay-ee-mee. A other way to spell it would be "Emi" if you want it to be pronounced like "Amy"
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This is another Question. 2007/8/15 02:06
I am not Japanese i am only American but i am making manga so i am in search of many good Japanese names. I already have a few like Tanaka and Toro but i need a lot more. please help. Bye the way i am only thirteen so don't give me dumb answers please. You can email me more names at dcimo7@yahoo.com
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my grandma 2007/8/15 03:32
Before WWII her name was Miyuki with the kanji 深雪, meaning deep snow since she was born in the winter. Her nickname was Miko (I was named after her, so I am also Miyuki) with the kanji 美子 beautiful child.
She changed her name to Flora because some nuns told her and her sisters that it would be a good idea. But one of my great aunts kept her name Masako. I don't know what her kanji is though.
My grandpa's name was Mitsuru. My cousin holds his name as his middle name. Though I don't know what his kanji was either. My grandpa's siblings had these names:

Buntaro was my grandpa's father's name, and his mother was Shige. All of these names, since these are my ancestors, i'm guessing are very traditional. I've been told the kanji I own are very unique and my name, Miko, isn't very common.

Some other names that are part of my family history:
TSUNEKICHI, Tomoji, Bunzaemon, Yoko, Tsuneo, Koto, Sanzo, Tokutaro Nishi, Misao, Haruno, Miyo, Iwakichi, Fumi, Minoru, Asayo, and Ike. That includes about 4 generations.
a good way to tell if a Japanese name is male or female, go to google image search and enter a Japanese name. If mostly men or women show.. you'll know who the name is for.
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Eh... 2007/9/2 11:14
Actually I tend to find Japanese names quite adorbale anyway maybe cause im japanese w.e...Yes why don;t you try this splendid website: http://www.babynamescountry.com/origins/japanese_baby_names1...
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be careful! 2007/9/3 21:06
I looked at the above website with the list of Japanese names and again I reaffirm my belief that if you want to give a Japanese name to your baby, you should either be Japanese or speak native-level fluent Japanese. Or alternatively get a real Japanese book of names. Seriously, some of those names are hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. If I met some western girl with the name "Kame", I will have a very hard time trying not to laugh. And some of those are not even proper names! Zinan? Akahana? Please.... Though admittedly, I've seen much worse baby name websites than that one.
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Meiko? 2007/10/2 19:00
I'm expecting a baby girl and have always wanted to call my daughter Meiko because I simply love the sound of it. Now I'm wondering what connotations this name has in Japan. Is it an old name, common name, ...? What does in mean? Is it easy to pronounce in English (I'm a non English speaking European)? Thanks a lot!
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Dear Sarah! 2007/10/2 21:56
Congratulations no having a baby! You picked a very beautiful name! To be honest, I have never met anyone who had this name, but Mei simply is a pretty popular name now. As for meaning, perhaps the most popular reading to "Meiko" is "bright child" but I highly advise to look around for kanjis in baby name books.
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Congrats! ^_^ 2007/10/16 00:39
I've been to Japan and attended school there. I was given a japanese name that i find very pretty! Momiji (もみじ)which means japanese maple, it can also be understood as small hands which is a good name for a girl.

Gambatte!! and i hope the pregnancy goes well! ^_^
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Japanese names 2007/11/26 20:49
You can find a whole list of japanese names at http://www.japanese-names.net/
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Here are some nice names ^_^ 2008/4/11 23:24
Here are a few. ;3
Kanna (It sounds funny, sometimes, though. xD Some people go, "Kannnn-ah!" when they say it, but it is pronounced just Ka-na.)

Boy names:

For twins, Hikari (girl) and Hikaru (boy) sound nice together! ^^
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