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Kanto Mura Memories 2010/12/3 11:53
I lived first in Grant Heights from the fall of 1963 to the early spring of 1964 when we moved to Kanto Mura and lived there until the summer of 1966--so I was there from first grade thru third grade--my brother Paul is 4 years older than me so he was in the fifth thru seventh grade. What a great place to be a kid, lots of memories that everyone seems to have--the hole in the fence store ("mama san, mama san")--old Chofu ghost town on the other side of the air field, the bih water tank by the back gate, the glorious theater where I stood hours in line to see Hard Day's Night and Help! (and many a Satuday matinees $.15 to get in and $.10 for a candy bar)---and yes I was in "the book" at the theater for causing trouble (the balcony was the place to get in trouble)---me and my friends used to jump off the stairs near the back of the theater---luckily we didn't break our necks..always remember that billboard "Home of the Chofu Vikings" as you came in the front gate...judo lessons, the DDT trucks that we used to ride our bikes behind (!)...and the yearly fairs (big one in the commisary parking lot, small one in the elemntary parking lot..dodging the AP's ("Apes") and MP's...Miko cards (I always thought they were Mikos, but most on here call them Minkos)--wish I still had mine, but like someone said, the Air Force only allowed so many pounds per move and kid's toys never made the cut it seemed. I remember when a 727 crashed into Mt. Fuji and the wreakage was in one of the hangers at the old Chofu airstrip and we checked it out thru the windows---strange, the things you rmemeber. We lived at 431K sort of near the back gate on the main drag, best friend was David Posey...I had the BX issue girls (maroon) bike because I couldn't get on the BX issue boys (blue) bike---so I defiently rode that bike all over (talk about character building skills)...my brother and I also went off base for a long weekend and stayed with our maid's family, saw a John Wayne movie in Japanese..their house seemed to be way out in the country it was really cool. Anyway I just wish I could have gone back to Kanto Mura before they tore it down...that place sure connects a lot of us...one of the golden age places of my youth for sure..
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Lived on Kanto Mura 1968-1970 2010/12/26 06:12
I lived on Kanto Mura for two years in the late 60s. I remember going through the hole in the fence and buying rice candy and playing on the local play ground. Always wondered why the MPs just let us go through. Those were better times I guess. Movies for $.25/french fries and gravy at the PX. Playing spin the bottle with Jody Rowell. Football and basebal against Grant Heights and the local Japanese youth teams!! They had some big players!! My dad was with the 6499th SPAG stationed on Fuchu. He traveled to Viet Nam very frequently during our stay there. Next door neighbors were Danny Audick(who went on to play for the 49ers in their Super Bowl years). Besides Jody, I remember Curt Jurgenson, Garland Benfield, Richard Phares, Big Tim and playing Buck, Buck at night. I remember the green belt and watching the small planes take off from the air field across the way!! Very good memories indeed!!
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I was there 1969-1970 and 1971-1972 2011/1/11 08:49
We lived there during 68-70 my brother and I went to Chofu elementary school...someone mentioned Mr. Sacco...I remember him too...then I remember Mrs Kay, a math teacher for 4th grade. Then we went back to the States, Dad retired at Scott AFB. Then we returned in 72 to Japan. I went to chofu middle school. did middle school band with Mr. Brokaw, I played flute. when the news of Kanto Mura was shutting down my brother and I had to go to another school off base-Christian Academy in Japan... I was heart broken because I always felt that KM was home to me! If I remember correctly we lived in 345-C...across the street from the Roller skating rink...I loved the 'hole in the fence' - we used to buy 'menko' and orange bubble gum, and 'ramune' candy! Papa San! Papa San!
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re: ChofuElementary.org 2011/2/6 05:40
I lived in/on Kanto Mura 70-73. I have fond memories of watching Ultraman on television, eating Japanese candy, going to the movies for a quarter. We watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, then sang the oompa loompa song for days, maybe longer.

To Pamela S., thanks so much for the Chofu Elementary site. I sent some photos to your website administrator, assume that's you. Hope you got them and can use them.

Thanks to all for the terrific comments. Hearing others talk about the hole in the fence gave me a tiny heart attack of delight.
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The hole in the fence 2011/2/17 15:19
WOW. Reading your posts brings back many memories. I can't remember the building number we lived in. We were by the water tower, close to the HOLE IN THE FENCE. My father was stationed there from 64-69. My father flew for the General in charge of 5th Air Force. Please tell me more places to get info. This is amazing.

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was there in 72-74 2011/3/5 11:43
i lived in kanto mura 72-74 by the front gate. i remember people like bob yates,charlie stauffer,karen howell,otha moore,karen burney,george patterson,yes and stanley hall and alot more. the website chofu.org doesnt have alot of people that chat from those years we were the closers of that wonderful base!if anyone knows where charlie stauffer is bob yates and vince young would like to know thanks.
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More memories 2011/3/11 15:29
Heard the name Summerland - I do remember going there in the early 70's once. Other memories - trips to Tama Zoo (still there!), the park next door at Tama Tech, which I see on Wiki that it recently closed. I remember they had awesome go-carts - no rails! In fact, I remembered how to drive there from the base (My father let me, an eight year old, go with two new reports to him whom he didn't know very well, and took them to the zoo and park - wouldn't dream of doing that nowadays!)

In response to Mark Skaggs, I don't know, maybe. I had an older sister and brother that went to Chofu High, if that helps. Also, the backside of our building was right next to parking lot for the commisary, if I remember. My dad was in the Coast Guard, stationed at Fuchu.
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Lived in Kanto Mura 69-71 2011/3/15 02:18
Great memories. I went to Chofu elementary. Don't remember my 4th grade teacher's name but Mrs. Read was my fifth grade teacher. Remember the hole in the fence, baseball, field trips to see the Great Buda and visiting Japanese schools. I still have a clay mask we made during one of those visits. Played menko cards, 25 cent movies to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Herbie movies. We lived in 2677A across the street from the water tower. I have a signature book with the names of my friends. I'll get it out to see if some are here. Found this blog while trying to locate where Kanto Mura was because of the earthquake and tsunami 3/2011. Please say a prayer for the victims.
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I was there during 67-70 2011/3/19 05:41
I also went to Chofu Elementary and Jr. High. Loved the people I came in contact with and would love to know where they are now. When we left there we went to Minot AFB in North Dakota. Some of the kids came there also.
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Kanto Mura Kid 1963 to 1967 2011/3/19 08:08
Just got curious and found this great blog. I was a Kanto Mura kid and rememeber many of the same things mentioned like the theater (quarter movies), the hole in the fence and the candy and "juice pipes", the benjo ditches on our truant visits off base, the gas station where gas was $.17 per gallon, the 1/24 scale car racing at the hobby shop, origami class at Chofu Elementary and my awesome teacher, Miss Greer at Chofu Elementary and the "tar pits"! Great walk down memory lane...I will try the other sites recommended and try to reach Steve Tronina and Brad Kisling who appear to have been at Chofu Elementary at the same time I was there.
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Facebook Page 2011/3/20 10:02
I found a great facebook Chofu Rules! Quite a few pictures out there.
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Kanto Mura 1969-1973 2011/4/4 09:09
Hi, I lived on Kanto Mura also, as did my Brother and Sister Tony and Simone. I looked forward to going to the Minko store daily. My brother collected Mikno cards and my Sister Simone and I collected those yummy smelling erasers and japanese dolls. I can't remember the builing number we were in but it was in the 300's. I remember the Teen Center and eating Gyoza there and french fries with gravey at some other place. I still make Gyoza very often here in Texas.
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Kanto Mura 1969 - 1974 (2nd -6th Grade) 2011/4/9 09:16
Saw a few names that made me go Oh my gawd, and re-lived lots of memories that made me smile. I think all of us are blessed to have had such wonderful wholesome memories of Kanto Mura ! While we may have lost touch as our families scattered (as AF families do) - I am amazed and grateful to find sites like this (and others) to re-live those wonderful memories - thanks to all who have posted pics (on other sites) so I can share with my husband and kids and thanks to all for helping to remind me what an amazing childhood and childhood experiences I had (and probably didn't even appreciate at the time!! ha ha)...... We lived in 271-B !
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Mmmmm Gyoza! 2011/4/27 22:14
Monique reminded me of the erasers that smelled so good and Gyoza. I would really like to have some again. Monique, can you share the recipe for Gyoza?
My previous post said I lived in 2677A but that wasn't right. We lived in the end unit of the building right across the street from the water tower. I think the number was 262A.
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Lived at 810 (812?) D, 71-74 2011/6/12 02:30
Went to Chofu Elem. grades 3-5, but only remember Miss Link. My best friend was Bill Hansen; he taught me how to throw a metal practice baseball and how to Judo-roll. We would catch cicadas and pinhead grasshoppers, and play hide and seek around the theater. Yes, we got model airplanes through the hole...built them...then inserted firecrackers in the tailpipes, lit them and dropped them out the second story window. Just before they hit the ground BANG!they'd explode

My dad was with 610 MASS at Yokota...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I google-mapped the location and it appears a large futbol stadium now occupies a large portion of where we used to live, right near the front gate.
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KM 68-72 2011/6/20 07:33
Please look up Chofu Rules on Facebook and you will find a few more friends there also.
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Last off of Grant Heights. 2011/7/22 12:02
I was a Security Police supervisor at Grant Heights from 1970 to 1973. Another SP and myself were the last two US servicemen to leave the place. There was no electricity and we used flashlights and Coleman Lanterns to see by until we left for Yokota at mid-night. I enjoy reading about other experiences in that area.
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Lived in GP, GH, and KM @ '71- '74 2011/7/23 14:21
Hi folks. Danford! (D!!) I see you here. How is everyone? I'd love to talk with Cathy again and I'm sure Keith would love to find you. Remember Tennystone Waa Waa and your mom's wonderful character pancakes?
I believe our house number was 443 A, we lived right by the hole in the fence. We used to buy the dry juice and Menkos there all the time. I'd love to find the Hotalings, Skaags, Rollingers, Antleys, Gary ? and more! I was a cheerleader for Chofu Elem and a baton twirler for the basketball team. I was a Brownie there and my mom was a Cub Scout leader (troop 8?) and a cheerleader leader with Mrs. Skaags. My favorite things were walking around outside the base to shop, seeing a movie on Saturdays for .25c (John Wayne!), buying Hershey bars for a nickle, swimming in the Fuchu pool, and the AV room with the neat plastic covered green sign off sheet at Chofu Elem. I'd love to find old friends!
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I was there until 1969 2011/7/26 22:07
I can't remember much but things are coming back! I was on the swim team Surfers and still have my medals and patches. Lots of first place medals. I played on the Rams football team #62. White jersey blue numbers. Went to Chofu and remember putting gum on my shoe and picking up hopscotch markers lol. US bills changed colors and remember lunches at school. I wanted the crispy greasy bread when they had meatloaf. My father was stationed at Fuchu AB and Camp Zama. I remember going on post and signing out a lawn mower to to make money with a friend (Jim Bascum).
Just had back surgery and out for a few months and found this site. Brings back a lot of great memories.
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Charlie Stauffer 2011/8/5 14:43
To Vince Young who posted back in March, Charlie Stauffer is on Facebook. He's doing fine these days...lives in CA. I worked for Charlie in the 37th Air Base Sq SP office during 1974. Charlie left Japan later that year; I trans to Yokota AB.
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