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Answer to data error problem 2005/1/19 02:11
For those of you who's having trouble with data error, try "Defragmenting" your phone. It might help to fix the problem. BUT it's very important not to disturb your phone while it's defragmenting. It might take a while so be patient and DO NOT switch off your phone. I dont' have the phone with me now so I can't tell you were you can find the "Defragment" option but I think it's under "Phone Setting - Phone Data". Defragementing the phone also can fix "Data Full" problem. I think A267 is like a computer so memory can get jammed and you need to ask the phone to organise the data by defragmenting it.

I hope this helps.
Cheers ^_^
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A267 FM RADIO 2005/1/19 12:16
Hi, I'm here in the US and can't get any accessories for the phone. I want to download images and music and listen to the radio. Where can I get a compatible stereo headset and downloads? Cute hello kitty phone, but i can't maximize all of its goodies!
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Data error problem correction 2005/1/21 03:34
My daughter didn't get her phone from you but I tried the procedure you kindly posted and it worked. Phone came to life in Japanese/Chinese (I can't tell the difference). Another posting tells you how to get a manual in English so I soon got it back to normal. Many thanks but what a nightmare - I previously tried e-mailing OKWAP and then the manufacturer but never got a reply.
Try This
Here is the link to the firmware program for the A263.


Before you start the upgrade procedure its a good idea to make sure the battery is fully charged.

Switch the phone off and connect to your PC with the USB lead. You should see an extra comm port in the device manager if the lead is working correctly - if not, you may need to install the USB driver from the disc.

Extract the exe from the zip file, and run. Keep hitting enter until you see the drop down selection box showing a list of comm ports. Pick the appropriate port. Hit enter until you see a small message at the bottom of the dialogue box - ''Power On/Reset''. Press and hold the power button on the phone until the dialogue show the download has started.

Leave it to run until complete. You should then be able to switch the phone on and all should be well!

Let me know how you get on.
I purchased a Hello Kitty phone from you on the 15 Nov.

My daughter has turned it off whilst it was defragmenting, now it comes up with ''Data Error contact''

This is not your problem, but do you have any idea how I can reset, or get the programme re-installed ?

Any help would be appreciated.


David Harvey

Best Regards
Elenie - Katzwhiskas UK
Send me an Email
Online store - www.katzwhiskas.co.uk
See my eBay listings

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hello kitty 30th ann 2005/1/31 01:57
Does anyone know if the hello kitty 30th anniversary okwap phone is any better than the others? Really want one, bit worried about it dying like all ur phones, but feel better that there is info on here on how to fix it. Thanks, Emma x
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response to Liemzie 2005/2/3 05:26
I had OKWAP A267 (Pingu not Hello Kitty but they are exactly the same phone with different design) and now I have i516 Hello Kitty. If you want better quality and functionality then you should go for i516. But if you are after cute design, then you should go for A267. The picture and camera quality of i516 is much better than A267. I haven't had any problems with my Kitty i516, and I didn't have any problems with A267, so I would recommend the phones to all hello kitty fans out there. The menu navigation is similar to SonyErisson so it's easy to use. Oh! one more thing, with i516 you don't need to buy a headset to listen to radio (i516 comes with headset which can be used a handsfree and radio headset) but with A267 you have to buy a radio headset.

I am going to sell my i516 on ebay and buy A267 Red kitty phone. Although picture and camera quality of A267 is very disappointing, I like the design of A267 Kitty phone. Yes, yes, I admit I am a fickle person. I should've bought Kitty A267 in the first place. Anyone interested in buying 2nd Kitty i516 phone email me~ otisyang@yahoo.com.au
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response to KES UK 2005/2/7 21:05

I accidentally master reset the phone once and everything turned into Chinese characters. If you are still having a problem with language Press the following buttons:Go to Menu - 8 - 1 - 1 - 1 - Select English.

I hope this helps.

Cheers ^_^
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what about a363? 2005/2/11 15:05
hi... seems like ur hello kitty phone's got same problems to a363.
I bought two a363 phones whilst in taiwan in january. upon arrival back to australia, bnoth worked perfectly fine, then one during a call had a high pitched screeching sound, then kaput, swiutched off, never to be turned on again. relenless hours of charging achieve nothing but a flat battery, even by charging battery in the other fone then putting it in the broken phone does nothing.
has anyone got any ideas on what to do bout this problem? anyone know where to fix in melbourne? or how to fix myself? i have emailed okwap but no replies. i have called them but cannot get through because it is a 0800 number..
please email. mikool_wong@hotmail.com

Also, i have had the same problem with the manual, considering it's in chinese. You must download the upodates that are required for the traditional chinese format in adobe.

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lcd screen 2005/2/15 21:15
i jsut pursach this phone and for some reason lcd in the phone of the phone is black try to put the pic on but it doesn't work i defragment the phone and then the battery die on me so does that have to do why the lcd sceen does show up the pic ??? if sum one can help canu email at azn_1436@hotmail.com or post here how can i fix the problem thank
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Date Problem 2005/2/16 04:40
Does anyone know why when the date is changed the phone displays service provider in chinese characters and background wall paper reverts to default? This situation alternates when you change the date setting.
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Response to "Date Problem" 2005/2/16 18:42
Hi Terboy,

It's not dispalying the service provider in Chinese. The phone has pre-stored anniversary dates, which are assigned with different wallpapers. So whenever the phone recognise a special day (e.g. New year, Valentine's day), wallpaper will changed to the wallpaper assigned to the day. And the Chinese chatacter is displaying the title of an anniversay. To avoid this function you can do two following options:
1) Delete all the anniversary days stored by the manufacturer by pressing following buttons: [Menu][8.Set][6.Phone Data][2.Data Info][scroll down to Anniversary][Press Del.].
2) Or you can ask the phone to not to change the wallpaper according to the anniversary days by selecting "No" wallpaper for each anniversay day.

I think deleting the aniiversay days will be easier and faster way to avoid wallpaper changing. You can always add your own anniversary days (e.g. your birthday, New year, etc.) with different wallpapers according to your preference.

I hope this helps.
Cheers ^_^
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To Hello Kitty i516 owners 2005/2/16 18:51

I have a Kitty A267 and this phone doesn't have many outer screen animation. I had a Kitty i516 and I remember i516 had more outer screen animations than A267. So I would like to ask a big favour to i516 owners if you would like to share some of your outer screen animation. I designed about 5 different outer screen animation myself(as A267 has only 1 wallpaper) and I am more than happy to share mine. If you're interested in sharing and exchanging outer screen animation, please email me at otisyang@yahoo.com.au. Many thanks in advance.
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Ringtones/Photos 2005/2/17 23:39
Ok so I've just brought the HK A267 and I wanted to put new ringtones and pictures onto my phone.

I tried to connect my pc to the mobile and it would say failed to connect, but I've worked out how to make it work, so to those who have the same trouble have a look and if they have the same trouble with A263 I hope this helps you too

I had to go into my menu on my mobile, then PDA, then PC companion, then I clicked on PC connection and then it would say linked

I then went into the i-sync program on my pc and loaded up the music and transfered it onto my mobile, hope this helps.

As for the WAP I'm not too sure, but I'm experiementing at the moment, I've clicked on Modem on my mobile instead of PC connection and I went into start program A267 Modem connection and at the moment it's saying it's connecting, so fingers crossed it'll work, I'll post later to let you know whether it worked.

Feed back as to whether this helped would be nice :D
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okwap 1516 2005/2/26 06:59
i bought a hello kitty okwap 1516 and it worked fine for 2 weeks then it died and i have been unable to get it back on .anyone got any clues ,i have 2 batteries and none of them will work now
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a question soz ? 2005/2/26 07:58
is ther a fm radio for the OKWAP A263 and if so do u know where i can buy 1 from . i liv in aberdeen scotland uk. thanks
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radio & mms 2005/2/28 12:00
Meghan i saw the okwap radio on US ebay being sold by pooh (i think its actually pooh with a number after it). She gets them from o/s and sells lots of okwap phones.

Jo from Perth, I have the A263 and was wondering if u've been able to connect to MMS? Any help appreciated, im in WA also.

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please HELP ME 2005/3/3 07:03
hi peeps i saw your post on the japan forums....
I really need help with my A267 I have had it
3 days and the screen is just an array of colours
it rings etc but the screen is just wrecked I havent
even had chance to use it as i didnt have a plug for the
UK I charged it for the first time yesterday as my father
had an american adapter and I was so happy then I went
to send a text late last night opened it up and there i saw the
screen I was gutted I got it from ebay its taken 2 months to
bloody get here I dont fancy sending it back to taiwan now the seller
aint even replying to me to see what he can do for me im gutted It was
140 Okwap are useless too no english contact details at all
Any of you guys have any ideas
regards kel kellyspencer24@hotmail.com
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MMS setting 2005/3/4 03:00
Hi pink_nightingale,

I'm not sure if the setting for A263 and A267 are the same but here's how I set mms for my A267:
1) I send a sms to your mobile phone service provider (e.g. Optus) requesting mms setting. - visit your mobile phone service provider web site to obtain sms number where you can request MMS setting manual. If your mobile phone service provider ask you to write your mobile phone model when requesting mms setting, type in any one model. I typed Nokia and it worked.
2) You should receive the sms manual soon after you send the request."Save" the setting by pressing "save" button.
3) Turn my mobile phone off and then on again (This is an important part of the MMS Activation process). If you don't turn off and on your phone the mms can't be installed on your phone.
4) Ask your friend to send you a MMS to test your MMS setting.

I hope this helps ^_^

Oh! one more thing. Ebay seller who sells heaps of OKWAP stuff is "Pooh88_aus".

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cheapest place to buy this phone? 2005/3/6 20:19
Hey, where is the cheapest place to buy the OKWAP A267 Hello Kitty Camera Phone? I live in the UK, but I often go to China or Hong Kong; is it cheaper over there, by how much? Email answer to kyupii @ gmail.com

Thankyou :)

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sharon can you help me pls. 2005/3/6 21:46
i have problem with my okwap A263. It says DATA ERROR,CONTACT. what can i do for this pls help me.
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A267 in Hong Kong 2005/3/7 02:44
Hi Kitty,

A couple of months ago I asked my friend in Hong Kong to check the price of A267 and she told me that it's less than HK$3000. So it was cheaper for me to buy on ebay auction site.

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