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Nintendo ds lite ice blue 2007/2/17 17:34
Does anyone know how much it costs in dollars to buy a Nintendo Ds lite ice blue color in Japan. I am debating whether to buy oneline or wait and buy it when I go to Japan. Thanks.
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transformers 2007/2/19 09:27
hello all,
currently in tokyo in search of transformers for my 6 year old son. im not a collector and not looking to spend an enormous amout of $$$ per character. so far i've seen transformers in cases for collectors in akihabara. can anyone tell me where i might find an average transformer at a reasonable price for a 6 year old. any help is greatly appreciated. thank you in advance...
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... 2007/2/20 08:30
there is a toy store in ginza that i really like. i cant remember the name of it, however when you come out of the ginza station, follow the exits for the main intersection (im losing my memory- i think exit 6 or 9?). at the main intersection, you want to be on the side of the street as wako and walk away from wako, mikimoto, apple, etc. about 3 blocks down, you will see the toy store...
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. 2007/2/20 10:07
Transformers must have not sold at any toy store in Japan. You could find only "Ultra man", "Gundam", "Kamen-rider", "Power Renger" and so on.
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transformers 2007/2/22 17:14
ok.. here's the deal with transformers. reasonably priced in akihabara. just find the right place. stay away from collector type spots. way too much money. my kid's gonna be happy. mom's gonna be happy too... dad get brownie points.... he he he
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Great place find old Japan toy In tokyo 2007/3/17 17:00
I will visit Japan arround Mid-April . Anyone know where is a great place to find japanese old toy (Chogokin, Godaikin)
And Berserk figure from Art of war? Akihabara ?? Shinjuku?? please give me advice, thank you very much ^.^
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12" action figures & acessories 2007/3/18 01:58
Hi, Im goin to osaka & tokyo on march,25th.Where can I find 1/6 action figures and acessories.Such like Hot toys, medicom, etc.. tq
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TOY STREET? 2007/3/27 09:57
Need your help to find toy STREETS in TKY and OSAKA. I am a toy buyer, my company wholesales to toy stores nationwide USA. Some retailers told me there is(was) a toy street near Asakusa, also one in Osaka, but they can't recall the names or details. I am not interested in toy stores, but want to find truckloads of rare and current Japanese models, airplanes, ships, tanks, trains, samurais, candy toys. We can't get enough. Just like wholesale toy districts in New York or LA or in few Chinese cities, 100s of wholesale shops in one place. Anything like that in Japan?
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Asakusabashi 2007/3/30 07:03
The wholesale district is near the Asakusabashi station.

It is located between Asakusa and Asakusabashi. Just get off at Asakusabashi and start walking back to Asakusa. Try to stay on the right hand side of the street. When the road forks, stay to your right.

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TOY WHOLESALE 2007/4/1 08:24
Thanks. Will be there in TKY Sept 07. Will look for it.
How about Osaka? we have to be in Osaka to meet one of our wholesale suppliers there, we like to try to find a toy wholesale district, just walk around, our job as buyers to go where no foreign buyer will go and find toys everyone else said it is "Impossible" to get, hopefully a warehouse full of cartons and cartons of models and samurais and toys, and prove them wrong, again. Often our current suppliers do not want to tell us because that'd open us to whole new supply sources. Someone told me Osaka is a major toy area or center in Japan.

We recently found 11,000 pcs of Star Trek Vol.2 in Japan, someone's white elephant we rescued and send them to loving homes in USA. Would be my dream to find 10,000 Takara Wings of Luftwaffe 1 and 2, or 20,000 pcs Battlestar Gallatica, or UFO, nothing is impossible, never give up, never surrender. They are out there.
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need help with Yamishoroya in Ueno 2007/4/10 22:14
Hi all
in an earlier posting, there was a reference to toy store Yamashiroya in Ueno. Does anybody know where it is located? I cannot find a website for it. Also alternatively, what is the current best spot for various electronic games (nintendo ds etc) in tokyo? thanks
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psp in japan-pls help.. 2007/4/11 02:02
hi!!! i am coming to osaka and tokyo soon for holidays. i would like to get a sony psp. may i know whats the price for the new silver colour sony psp? it is 20790 yen on the sony website, but how much is it selling at other electrical stores. where should i get it in osaka? thanks thanks thanks..
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Yamashiroya 2007/4/11 09:05
You can't miss Yamashiroya. When you get off the train at Ueno, take the South exit.

It will be the bright yellow building right across the street.

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Yodobashi or Bic 2007/4/11 09:16

If in Osaka, you could try Yodobashi (located next to Umeda station) or BIC camera (located next to Dotonbori).

Checked their websites and they list the PSP for the same price as Sony does.

Bring your passport with you when you buy and ask for duty free price, that should reduce the price by 5%.

Alternately you could try the larger stores in DenDen town, just remember to ask for the duty free price so you don't have to the consumption tax.
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Thank you I did find Yamashiroya 2007/4/11 20:55
It was very easy to find and well worth it, but why is Tokyo sodl out of all NIntendo DS?
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thanks suuuushi 2007/4/11 23:45
thanks a lot for the info suuuushi. really appreciate it.
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Plastic Model Stores in Tokyo 2007/4/28 12:39
This seems to be a great site to ask questions and get decent answers, so I will give it a shot. I will be in Tokyo in early June -- where are the decent plastic model stores? I have been to the department stores, and Kiddyland -- but are there any specializing in plastic models, specifically military plastic models? And are there plastic model wholesalers in the Kappabashi area?
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toy quetions too 2007/5/1 13:36
im hoping for an online toy store,,, but not just anime i just want one that sells alot of japanese toys or even a website that talks about alot of the japanese toys they have besides just the basic anime statues and such (stuffies, games, odd things so on)
thank you
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naruto action figures 2007/5/29 17:27
Hi. I am in Tokyo until June 3rd. My son would love to get a Naruto action figure. Where can I find it? Kiddyland and Hakuhinkan toy park don't sell it...I hope someone will answer my question. Thanks.
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Any Shop that sell Auldey 4WD 2007/5/31 01:30
Help I looking for any Model / Hobby Shop that sells Auldey 4WD Mini 4WD Power - up Parts The type of parts are armatures, big silver comm., endbell, duel ball bearing Motor cans, and complete
130mm motors. They need to able to ship the the USA
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