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Bill Chickering 2006/5/1 21:55
Yes, the theater was in the PX and Commisary complex. There was also a quick mart there as well as a gas station, all on D Ave.
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Negishi Heights School 2006/5/19 12:01
I attended school from 1954 to 1957 at Negishi Heights School. It was a school for dependent children of military and civilian workers. It is now Byrd School, I believe.
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Yokohama Negishi 2006/7/5 08:17
I haven't visited in a while, so it got my juices going, again. I am planning a trip back to Japan, in November. I am excited. Will plan to make "pilgrimage" to D. Avenue. Negishi Hts. Grandstand, etc. Two of my high school buddies are going with me. We can't wait to go shopping in Motomachi, the 'Cho, Chukagai (China Town) et al. I'm taking tons of photos. I better stock up on memory sticks!
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Traditional make-up 2006/7/5 08:21
K. Suzuki...I remember that woman! We used to see her mostly on Isezakicho street. I always wondered why she wore white makeup. She was always dressed very nicely, but of course, as young teenagers, we used to make fun of the way she wore her makeup...we were too naive to know any better. If she were alive, today, I would apologize to her. She must have had some very interesting stories to relate. Do you happen to know the name of the movie that will be made?
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Konichi wa 2006/7/16 16:51
We were in Yokohama, Japan from November '63 to August '66. Dad was stationed at Atsugi initially, then was the Leading Chief at Yokosuka. We lived first in Area 2 at 210-C, then 218-A (I still have our house key!) Does anyone remember the Seaside Club in Area 1? I'll never forget the Japanese house band playing "The Twist" there for us kids, and all of the wonderful floor shows. Each summer, the NHAY sponsored "Summer Activities" for the kids with Judo, art classes, and trips to the Bill Chickering Theater. A nice elderly Japanese artist named Yoshino-san was the art teacher. I'll never forget going to the toy section at the Exchange, buying .10 cent Cokes at the Stop & Shop, the folks dropping us off at the "Child Care Center" at Bayside Courts, the Cafeteria (where you could exchange your MPC for Yen). I attended first grade at Byrd temporarily (until Christmas '63), then was sent to Kinnick. I did second and third grades back at Byrd (remember purchasing the hooded yellow rain coats with Richard E. Byrd Elementary on the back?) I really need to set up a Yahoo! Group, I have so many pictures and stories about Japan. It is so great reading everyone's posts. Brings back so many wonderful memories!
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lands returned 2006/7/19 11:48
U.S.Military Installations have been gradually returned for utilization of valuable resources for urban development. Last October, the Negishi Dependent Housing Area have agreed to be completely returned in the near future.

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210 Area 2 2006/7/28 00:20
Hey, Forrest:
I think I remember that address. We lived in private housing across the street from the middle gate of Area 2 at #91 Sanotani. I remember the blue and white street cars rolling in front of our house and turning around at the Sanotani stop. I note many folks refer to the theater as the "Bill Chickering." I recall this was the name for the theater when the Army ran Yokohama and was removed when the Navy took over in about '59 or so... Did the name go back up after we left in '61 ?
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Yokohama Navy Exchange 2006/7/29 11:56
I was stationed in Yokohama from May '69 to Sept.'71. Remember the NEX as being on a very busy road. Bill Chickering theatre charge 25 cents for a movie. I lived at Bayside Courts and worked at the TNPO 98760 about 5 miles from Bayside Cts. I remember the Seaside Club and had friends who lived in the housing complex near there. Can't believe most of that is all gone, but it has been almost 40 years.
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I live in Yokohama 2006/8/6 17:36
All, would be interesting to see some pictures from the time you were here in Yokohama. I know the area well as it is now and has been for the last 10years.
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Pictures Of Nile Kinnick 2006/8/19 12:07
was in navy 73-74, coached
wrestling at Kinnick...
where can i get pictures
of school and athletes
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pix posted on line 2006/8/19 23:35
try www.yohidevils.com
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correction 2006/8/19 23:47
Disregard above.
Try www.yohidevils.net
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I lived there also 2006/8/21 03:26
I was there from 70 to 72 I lived at bayside courts,Glad to hear someone knows what it is. The seaside club was were we all hung out,what a nightspot. worked at north pier post office right next to navy fpo. Is d-ave. still there? I took pictures from the hill above the school Played softball on the diamonds next to px complex
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Lived in Yokohama 2006/8/26 03:57
Husband was stationed aboard
the USS Providence and was
on the 7th Fleet Flag staff
Admiral was Thomas Moore. We
lived in Negashi Heights our
sons went to Byrd School. We
were there from 62through 64.
Son was back there to visit
in 2001 took alot of pictures.
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ah memories 2006/9/10 03:14
My dad was AAFES, stationed at Yokohama from Jan. '61 'til July '65. I went to Byrd Elementary, yep, with the yellow raincoats. We lived right across the street from the school one year, then moved further, on a hill above the town. My sister and I would walk the path to the city and ride the trolley for 10 yen or use our ID cards to bus to the Navy shops. I saw Cleopatra at the Navy movie theater and bought all my Barbies on the Japanese market--a dollar could be exchanged for 3 times the money then. Remember the Honey Bucket man? What memories. (Although I could do without memories of crazy Mr. Davis, my 6th grade teacher.)
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Wow! What memories! 2006/9/12 02:50
I couldn't believe what fun to read all the postings! That's my sister right above---it was a GREAT 4 years, living in Negishi Heights. I went one year to Byrd Elem., 2 years to Kinnick Middle School, and 1 year to Kinnick High. My favorite memories are of roaming the city on the trolleys, walking to the Grandstand to rent a reel (push) lawn mower for 25 cents, experiencing earthquakes on the 3rd floor of Kinnick High, seeing the Japanese graves of the Emperor's favorite horses right across from the grandstand, seeing Mt. Fuji from almost anywhere in the city, and lots, lots more. I though the country was beautiful, and the people too.
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Negishi Heights Memories 2006/9/14 23:36
What memories this site has brought back! My father was Military Police and had been stationed there twice. My older sister was born there and my father returned and we went back for about 5 years. We were there from about '67 to '72. I went from 1st to 5th grade at Richard E. Byrd. We lived at 537-B Negishi Heights located right at the gym field for Byrd Elementary. I had Ms. Libby/Lilly, Ms. Rodgers, Ms. Abe, Ms. Arbach and I think a Mr. Davis or Peterson as teachers. I'm going to have to find and dust off my old report cards to check for exact names. Took swimming lessons at the Seaside Club and spent many a weekend on the bowling league and at Bill Chickering theatre. Has any one started a website were we could scan in our old classroom pictures and maybe reunite with other classmates from the past?
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I lived at 536-B 2006/9/28 03:35
Paula, I was neighbor. I lived at 536-B from August 65 through August 68 with my parents and two younger brothers and younger sister. My dad built the basketball goal at the Byrd sports field. I have many happy memories and would love to go back. My dad still has the small wooden sign with 536-B printed on it.
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Living in Yokohama 1953-54 2006/10/23 23:02
I was in 4th and 5th grades, attended Nasgubu Beach ele with summer school at Negishi Heights in 1953. We lived in Area 2 #351. My father was Army Logistics Officer for the Port of Yokohama. I remember seeing movies at Bill Chickering and then afterwards walking in the dark up through the cemetery up those big steps to Area 2. I also remember going shopping on Motomochi Street. My close friends were Mike Fleming and John Pace. After looking at Area2 via maps.google, it appears to be a walking park now, but I wonder what happen to the cemetery behind our house and the one with the big steps. Those areas seem to be concrete now or parking lot.
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