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make it yourself 2009/6/20 08:04
ive never been to japan..yet..but am going in a year.....this is what id do.why don't you guys just make your own mexican food. lol well those who are mexican. When you get home sick just go try making your own with what they have there. Hopefully your mama taught you how to make some mexican food and im sure it wont be that hard to make horchata with all the rice there lol or make some civiche , they have a shit load of fish, but yea what better mexican food could there possibly be then the one your mama or grandma taught you how to make. :D
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good mexican restaurants in tokyo 2009/6/20 13:43
in my humble opinion, i think "la fonda de la madrugada" in harajuku it's about the best you can find in tokyo. when i ate there i was really missing mexican food, so it tasted like heaven. besides the place is amazingly well decorated. for a minute i really felt like back in mexico. they have spanish-speaking staff, they even have mariachi and they go to your table and play a song for you.
i really recommend this place for couples too. it has a romantic atmosphere with dim lights. i asked the mariachi to play a song for me and to let me sing it to my girlfriend and she was amazed by that.

but the most important thing is that the food tastes very very well (but its also kind of expensive). theres a cheaper version of this restaurant, in harajuku as well, called "la fondita". the food is also great, but there's no mexican decoration or that, it just like a bar.

for mexican bars, there's "Agave" in roppongi. They have about every tequila brand and a lot of mexican drinks. Their menu is huge, pages and pages of tequila. They even have micheladas!
The place ambientation is very well achieved, looks like an old "Hacienda". Expensive though haha

i really recommend all these places, they're the most mexican-like thing you can find here.
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I always bring tortillia 2009/6/25 07:38
You can find frozen flour tortillas in the Japanese market sometimes. They come in packs of 5 for about 300 - 400 yen. I once found a small can can of refried beans that cost almost 500 yen.

I usually always bring tortillas from the states. I even bought the corn masa flour, seasonings, cream and coffee. It is difficult to find good coffee in Japanese stores and if you do it is so expensive.

I love Japanese food but sometimes you need home cooking.
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Nagoya Mexican Restaurants 2009/9/18 14:19
Nagoya has at least two good Mexican restaurants run by the same Acapulco native.
They are Las Delicias in Kamimaezu and at little farther out Tacos Bar near Obata Station. Vegetarian options too.
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NO GOOD MEXICAN FOOD. 2011/7/9 01:08
I think if someone could make real mexican food and good it would be popular. I am not sure why no one an get it down. It can be very basic with basic ingredients. When I go back to Japan I will take a stab at it and serve real Mexican food and see if people will actually like it. Everyone I cooked for there liked real Mexican food over Ni-hexican food.
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Mexican food 2011/7/10 11:57
Most Japanese I know do not like Mexican food, I would even go as far as saying they hate Mexican food. When my Japanese wife and I moved from Japan to Corpus Christi,Tx the heart of Tex-Mex food she gagged just walking past a Mexican restaurant. I love Mexican food and after 30 years she can not eat some of it. Cilantro is one of the problems.
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