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help 2006/4/22 09:21
my hair is up to my shoulders, super thick and curly on the inside and wavy on the outside. i straighten my hair everytime i get out of the shower..otherwise you wouldnt be able to see my face. japanese straight perms are very pricy but should i get on cause im sick and tired of taking so long to dry and straighten my hair. does anyone who had one can estimate the price of the description of my hair? thanks
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Japenese straightening in Sydney 2006/5/2 08:55
I have had the Japanese hair straightening done twice in Sydney by Rachel at Lorena Severi Salon. I have thick shoulder length hair that is a bit on the frizzy side more than the curly side. Both times it lasted nearly 9-12 months. I only had to have the roots touched up the second time. The process took about 4-5 hours and cost about 600 Australian dollars. It didn't leave my hair dry and I was still able to color my hair afterwards. It cut the drying and styling time down immensely and was definitely worth every penny.
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finally got one 2006/5/5 16:06
ok so i finally got one and i was very pleased with result but the first time i washed my hair, it didnt have the same after affect as wen i got it at the salon. maybe if i applied some biosilk. i was told that if the chemicals they use have any scent...then they are using a cheaper brand.is this true? thanks
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strait styling 2006/5/5 17:20
Hi! I'm a Malaysian of Chinese descent living in Penang. I've been having my hair straightened every 7 to 9 months for the past 3 years. My hairdresser uses Schwarzkoph Professional (Strait Styling therapy and strait styling glatt) products. Ever since then, my part straight, part frizzy, shoulder length unhealthy dry hair looks so much better and is so much more manageable. Each time I go in for the straightening - its a 5 hour process. And she only charges me RM200 (less than US$60). There are other shops that charges less but I dare not go to these because they may not use good reputable products.
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Caring for straightened hair 2006/5/5 17:28
Oops, I forgot to add: its very important that you use appropriate shampoo and conditioner on straightened hair to ensure that they remain healthy. I use Schwarzkoph Professional's "bonacure repair shampoo" and "bonacure repair" to condition my hair after each wash.
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African-American Hair 2006/5/5 23:26
I am a 57 year old AA (post menapausal) and have tried the straight perm twice, every 6 months. My shortest hair is about 6 inches long and I use permanent color every 4 weeks to cover the white. I like the ability to wash my hair, wet rap it and get straight hair (ends a little frizzy). The heat is usually limited to curling. I however have noticed the loss of hair around the temples. Could be the color or the combination with the straight perm. Any suggestions. My daughter has long hair, used the process for two years and loves it. She is not experiencing the same hair loss.
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Need help finding salon 2006/5/11 00:45
My husband and I are hoping to go to Tokyo this summer and so I'm desperately in need of any help I can get in finding a decent salon that does this thermal reconditioning/Yuko system. So far I've heard of Toni and Guy, and also Wantanabe. Does anyone know how much the total cost is over there to get this done, and if it's easy to get an appointment with them? I'd appreciate all the help I can get from anyone.
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Living in Pittsburgh Pa 2006/5/12 03:12
I have been surfing the net for 4 hours now, looking for alternative ways to to achieve a straight hair style with minimal hair damage. By thr way im African American with hair likewise. What I would like to know is is there a place in Pittsburgh (or surrounding area) that can service me? All answers are greatly appreciated!!!

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sin den (also black hair straightening) 2006/5/22 01:29
If you're in Tokyo and money is not an issue, http://www.sinden.com is very good with westerner's hair. Everything is in English and they have stylists who have worked and trained all around the world.

SIN DEN 3-42-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-001 tel. 03-3405-4409

The closest station is Gaien Mae. It is in the same basic area as a couple of the other salons mentioned here.

They do ''Japanese Straightening'' and it takes a long time, I was in the chair for 6 hours. They said how long it lasts depends on your hair but some people can go a year or more. It's been five months and so far my hair is still perfectly straight!

I paid 45,000 yen but the price is different depending on how long your hair is (mine is just above the shoulders) and if you get a cut with it or not (the cut was 5000 extra).

The girl who did my hair (Takako) had great English and she told me a story that should be very interesting to the African American ladies reading this thread.

Evidently she participated in some research project with a Japanese company trying to use the straightening products on black hair and one of the particiapants (a woman from Senegal) lost all her hair during the treatment!!!

It didn't happen with the woman Takako was doing and no one else in that first group had any problem, but evidently they stopped the testing after that.

But loosing all your hair would suck.

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Hair Straightening in New York! HELP!!! 2006/5/23 02:59
I want to find out about a nice cheap place to have my hair straightening. I heard to go to Chinatown. But I want the actual salon to go to. I'm in New York City!
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highlights? 2006/6/28 05:22
can you still get the japanese straightening treatment if you got you hair bleached because i got highlights 6 months ago so can i still get the straightening treatment done?
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guys 2006/7/4 16:36
I'm a guy and I was always curious about the hair styles that the young japanese guys have. Do they also do stuff to their hair to get it the way it is? I see alot of them either have that messy "fried color" look or the straight and thing look.
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do straight perms work on colored hair? 2006/7/7 06:37
Hi there- I am going to tokyo for the next 2 months. I want to get my hair chemically straightened over there but was wondering if it works on bleach coloured hair? if not could i cut it down to the roots (i am a guy) and just straigten about an inch of root
any ideas? also where is the definitive place to go?
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japanis straight 2006/7/13 23:03
ii m at chicago,i would like do japanis straight,where can i find salon
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I do not know what to do... 2006/7/14 03:40
I have gone though all the answers. I do not know what to do... I have curly hair and I usually dyed... so I am not sure of the results, Have somebody get the japanese straight in similar situation?
Something that concernes me a lot is if my hair will look stiff.
I have never seen anybody with hair straighted by the japanese process, but I have seen hairs streighted by regular straight perm, and they always look, really stiff. What do you guys know or have seen about it??
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wonering 2006/7/24 18:27
ok...so my entire life I have hated my wavy hair. After thoughtful consideration I have considered getting the straight perm. Even though this is what I want, I am really nervous to do this. What if I someday want to have my wavy hair back? I have to wait for all of it to grow out right? and what if I want to curl or wave the hair? isnt it really hard to do so? Please let me know your thoughts!
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just had one 2006/7/27 22:52
had a straight perm for about the equivalent of 70 with a trim and it is fantastic- sleek straightened hair and worked on my bleached frizzy hair
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hair salons in the U.S. 2006/7/30 14:22

check out the "salon locator"
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Japanese Perm 2006/8/27 01:33
I just wanted to give my experience. I am a biracial(black/white) woman and my hair has always been very curly/wavy/fuzzy etc. I have used regular perms for years and I cannot go through the blowdrying process. I had a j-perm in April and I now have roots that need to be touched up, however I am lucky that they blend for now. The process took 5 hours. My hair has never looked healthier or felt healthier. It does not have those funny bend on the strands, nor is it dry. I am not sure that this is a good idea for 100% black hair, but if you have super curly hair and not a lot of kink it does seem to be a better option,
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Japanese Perm 2006/8/27 01:36
oh yeah and I do colour it deepest mahogany (it actually looks like a very dark brown).

Does anyone know about chlorine pools, not fresh water but the chemicals in pools, is there a risk.
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