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Rare Find 2004/11/11 17:06
I recently visited a local shop here in Monterey, CA where a foolhearty Japanese trinket dealer sold a 1500 era sword for less than $1000 not knowing what they had. The guy who bought it had an ancient looking book with family stamps and symbols in it, and a Japanese translator. The buyer infomred the seller of the swords date after purchase... I was three days to late. Keep searching!
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Paul Chen 2004/11/11 17:09
In the mean time, I am buying a PC Kami... gotta start somewhere. I will let you know if it breaks!
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To Chuck 2004/11/13 06:11
Watch out, the katana on the link looks like a Paul Chen katana plus to me ($200).
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Sword 2004/11/13 14:04
I have found a Japanese sword in the attic of an old home in Old East Dallas. The sword looks very authentic to me - as I have looked at many pics acros the internet. Where in Dallas might I have it appraised by an honest appraiser?
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Safe, cheap "sword" 2004/11/13 22:20
Hey, I think I have the winner for the "safest sword award," the bukuto sword! Its not really a sword, its just wood shaped like one. You may not be able to diembowl anyone but your local policeman won't be pointing his gun at you either. Good bukutos run 1000-2000 yen.
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Good handcrafted swords 2004/11/28 11:09
Try this site: www.bugei.com
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historic authentic masamune original 2004/12/9 09:40
anyone know what an historic masamune would cost ?
and i'm talking about the famous sword maker not the replicas of today
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A Masamune 2004/12/11 08:16
If you can even touch a Masamune you would have to buy it from a collector because about 4/5 are in museums but if you really want one start making down payments on a 2,500,000 DOLLAR sword for a lower quality Masamune(tanto)
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question 2005/1/4 16:20
i found this site called sword store.com it says that they sell katanas that are made in japan by japanese blacksmiths can anyone tell me if these swords are any good
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Swordstore.com 2005/2/4 15:43
I bought a "practical" katana from them. It is as sharp as they say. I have the scar. The only problem I have was the scabbard which was slightly loose. But I love the blade. I would not trade it for any thing else in the world. It goes with me almost everywhere. Just depends on what you are looking for.
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hi 2005/2/5 21:11
I am wondering. Do chinese copy japanese when it comes to making swords? Didn't the chinese have a sword of there own like the ones they use in Kung fu . Its almost a double edged sword. Its bulky its not like the Katana. They usually have a ribbon or a something tied to the end of the handle.
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Mock Up Katana 2005/2/7 07:52
Hey guys, My parents are going to Japan in 2 weeks. Im asking them to buy my a fake, mock up katana just for decoration. Can they bring it back into Canada without any problems? Also, will i find better prices buying the katana in Japan or somewhere over the internet? Thanks
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swordstore.com 2005/2/10 11:18
ok thx
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Many grades of swords 2005/2/13 12:50
I have been an iaidoka for going on 20 years now and I just recently stummbled onto this board. I have read some real mis-truths on this topic about the prices of swords.

Knowing a few brokers in Japanese swords. I have the first hand knowledge of many quaity katanas going for 8k to 15k. These swords are for those who are serious about owning one.

You can get an Iaito for good practice and have a blade that you can be quite proud of for $400 to $800 dollars.

There is a great american swordsmith but I can't seem to find his link right now but I will look it up and post it.
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Travis and Tom 2005/2/13 13:42
Travis, Tom was partially correct in telling you that the sageo does not attach to the obi. The saya is held in the obi. Where Tom strayed from the correct use of the sageo was that it holds the tsuba.

In fact the sageo is used to tie back the sleeves of the kimono/ gi, to free the hands for combat. It is one of the first skills a iaidoka learns, and is an art of its own. if you opponent ties his sageo in about 3 seconds you may want to reconsider the duel. (Especially in the days when they killed each other)

There is you Iaido lesson for today.
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Live Blades 2005/2/15 07:58
Try: http://swordstore.com/

You can have a Steel Iaito made for $400(From Japan). A Steel Iaito for cutting should start around $1000-$1200 & go up depending on the grade of steel & who makes it. Shinken made by Japanese Smiths start at $6000 & go up, I think these are the "Real" Live Blades everyone is talking about...

I hope this helps...
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Another link 2005/2/15 08:58
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Robert 2005/2/15 09:03
It is a Tai Chi Sword.
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Robert 2005/2/16 01:53
The Kung Fu Broadsword is the one, not the Tai Chi sword which is straight & much lighter.
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Battle Katana, Valiant Armoury 2005/3/2 05:42
Valiant Armoury designed this functional katana with today's martial artist in mind. The 28 inch full tang blade is constructed of tempered high-carbon steel and is built to withstand the rigorous day to day practice of serious martial artists. The exotic wood handle is tightly wrapped in the traditional style. The makers finished this exceptional weapon by providing it with a sturdy steel tsuba reminiscent of a design by the great samurai Miyamoto Musashi. The included hardwood scabbard is wrapped to match the handle.

The japanese sword is many things. Functionally, its deadliness is attested by countless episodes in which it has cut through iron armour to kill, and also by inscriptions on tangs certifying terrible testing procedures in which whole bodies have been cut in two at a stroke.

In all countries with a martial tradition the sword has been elevated to a symbol of temporal power and justice, and in many it has acquired a spiritual status. But in Japan it is more than this. It has been described as the very soul of the samurai.

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