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OKWAP i516 2005/3/7 08:40
I have a i516, and no way to recharge the batteries after they are flat.

Please give me your advices how to get it works.
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OKWAP RESPONSE 2005/3/8 05:53

OKWAPA267 is the Taiwan product, regarding the Taiwan version handset in the mainland use user, to its commodity post-sale all service, our here is does not have the jurisdiction, asks you to understand! Even if you and our mainland is the similar product different software edition, then we also are cannot provide the fitting for you the service and the purchase, because Taibei does not have the authorization to give us this service power. Hoped you can understand our work! Your this section handset from has not sold in the land area, asks you with Taibei's OKWAP relation to hope they may help you to solve the problem, may directly write E-Mail or sends a telegram the guest to service@okwap.com to take the special line 0800-588-080 (PS. Do not forget the summary to hit Taibei the district number 00,886) You like have any use the question or the suggestion, please input your question, we as soon as possible will give you to answer. If just happens to meet the week holiday, we to every other day will reply your question! The guest takes the mailbox and 800 special lines work hours for Monday to Friday morning 09:00 on no later than 18:00, if creates the inconvenient place, asks respectfully . P.S. For fast processes your mail, when you must reply this mail, requests guest to take mailbox http://www.okwap.com.cn/Service/f0103.asp ''to OKWAP official's on-line'' to input your message once more. Thank you the cooperation!

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cheers !!!! pink_nightingale 2005/3/10 03:21
thanks for tellingme where i could buy a radio for my hello kitty phone on by 2005/2/28
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data contact error 2005/3/14 10:16
i've troed your katzwhiskas zip file but it doesnt work. i've reinstalled my usb driver but still to no avail my phone still has data contact error pls help me out. if there's a new upgrade version pls send it to aishiru2003@yahoo.com. i'm desperate to have my phone fixed pls do help me out on this. hope to hear from you. thank in advance!
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how to fix data error, contact problem 2005/3/15 20:13
i just recently found out how to fix my okwap A263.

go to this web page:

click on the link that is highlighted grey and save/download the software upgrade for the A263.

Switch the phone off and connect to your PC with the USB lead.

run the file

Keep hitting enter until you see the drop down selection box showing a list of comm ports. Pick the appropriate port. Hit enter until you see a small message at the bottom of the dialogue box - "Power On/Reset". Press and hold the power button on the phone until the dialogue show the download has started.

leave it to finish then turn on phone. then change the phone back to english by hitting 7,1,1,1 then select english

hope it works for you.
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Restored after data error contact 2005/3/16 03:15
Thank you we have restored our phone using the www.katzwhiskas.co/A263HK_V2_01.zip email and directions.
It did come back in Japenese so we followed the set language directions 7,1,1,1
Hooray its working again
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Questions!! Headache!! 2005/3/16 21:19
I'm intending to buy a A267 From the e bay.. but not knowing how reliable is it.. A267 & i516 which one is more reliable? I'm from Singapore, i'm not sure where is the service centre..?? is there anyone that can answer my these question?? thanks
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My A263 speaker went off! 2005/3/17 16:57
Hi there guys and gals

I have a okwapa263 hello kitty phone bought in HK, it was working fine even after i came back to Singapore, but all of a sudden, it went silence. I thot i switched off the ringer by mistake, but after checking, i think the speaker died on me...any way to repair? Pls advise!
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hello kitty okwap A263 2005/3/18 01:23
i was just wondering if any1 who has a hello kitty okwap in the uk, if ur media messaging working?
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A267 2005/3/19 06:54
I bought one of these on ebay and sold it two days later for a loss. The camera is terrible, I couldn't set up MMS for love nor money, the predictive text is dreadful and the batteries last 5 minutes.

I adore Hello Kitty but I wouldn't advise anyone to but one of these. You would be better off getting a hello kitty cover for your phone and downloading wallpaper, would do exactly the same thing..
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<3 i516 2005/3/28 17:18
does anyone know where i can get the i516 hello kitty phone.. ebay prices are wayy to expensive :| email me at importmodellai@hotmail.com x3
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Virgin Micro Snapper 2005/4/1 00:26
Hey i have a virgin micro snapper but cant get any tones or downloadable images, does any1 know a site i can go on from my phone and donwload them ?? Please Help
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problems with the i516 OKWAP 2005/4/3 07:11
please, HELP !!!
I've bought the i516 phone hellokitty on ebay, it was on december and suddendly one day, there was on the screen : "NO SERVICE", I've tried to switch it off, nothing...I'm angry because it costs really high and I don't know how to do...please, please, help me...in France, in the stores, they don't know this phone exists !!!!! julie, from france
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data contact error 2005/4/5 19:25
i've read about the firmware upgrade for okwap a263 but i still cant figure out how to solve it since the langauge is in chinese. pls help me out. i badly need to have my phone fixed. pls help! my email add:aishiru2003@yahoo.com. i would greatly appreciate any help.
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Micro Snapper 2005/4/7 06:52
Was thinking about buying a Micro Snapper from Virgin, but now having second thoughs. Is the Micro Snapper set up in English or is it Chinese/Japanese like the okwap A267? Are any known problems with this phone the same and will the okwap patch work with it?
If it's a bit dodgy I'll give it a miss...
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A267 MMS problem 2005/4/9 05:48
Hi, does any one knows how to set up MMS for A267 phone?? I am in the united states and using T-mobile. Thanks so much!
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Answer to Curlie's question 2005/4/11 21:39
Hi Curlie,

You can set MMS setting for your phone by downloading MMS setting from T-Mobile web site. I am in Australia and we usually set MMS setting via SMS. If that's how you can set up in the united states, then once you receive your MMS setting via sms, save the sms by pressing "Save". Switch your phone off and on again. Switching the phone off and on again is an important procedure to set up MMS. This is all you have to do. I hope this helps.
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okwap a267 2005/4/13 15:59
i have okwap a267 hello kitty phone but mms doesnt work. im trying to send photo text message but it wont let me. i have tried to set up my gprs and wps but still it doesnt work. I have tmobile and live in usa. i have talked to them for soo many times and i dont think they know what they are doing. Can anybody help me?! i dont want to use internet i just want to use mms text messaging to send photo to other by using phone number and email.
thank you
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okwap a267 tmobil 2005/4/14 12:34
okay, thank to my super smart bf. i can finally use mms to send photo text message. Go to message - message setting- mms setting-gprs-wsp: homepage: and ip address is

exit wsp and enter gprs setting: apn: wap.voicestream.com

have any question, you can email me at alchow3@gmail.com
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okwap a263 2005/4/24 06:24
plz help my hello kitty a263 started defragmenting and i turned it of as i didnt want it to i tried katzwhiskas download to fix it and it still dosent work does anyone have any ideas on how to fix plz help!
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