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RC Helicopters 2007/6/2 21:54
Where can I buy a decent RC Helicopter in Tokyo? I know that there must be some decent, large hobby stores. Anyone know of any?
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. 2007/6/3 06:50
"R/C Adviser Champ" in Akihabara Area would be recommended.
6-5-4 Soto-Kanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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Yugi-Oh cards? 2007/6/14 01:00
Where can I find Yugi-oh cards? would they be in toy stores or in specialist hobby stores? My son is a fanatic. thanks.
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Diecast model airplanes 2007/6/27 06:44
I will be spending one week in Tokyo in mid July. Does anyone know of a shop that sells primarily diecast model airplanes, both commercial and military various scales?
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Digimon? 2007/7/8 15:27
I'm surprised to find that any merchandise relating to Digimon has become extremely rare and expensive these days. I'll be in Tokyo next week and was wondering if anyone knew of any stores in Japan that might still sell Digimon toys? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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Akihabara 2007/7/10 04:51
To the last 2 posts :

Go to Akihabara and wander around on the main roads. There are many toy shops that have up too 5 floors! Each floor will have a specialty like Anime, Robots, Trains ect. You can find many models and figures of ANY type there.

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Thanks! 2007/7/10 14:00
Thank you very much drj! I will be sure to make a detour there!
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Tokyo 2007/8/18 21:14
Evening all,
I will be in tokyo and will be looking for comic book action figures for my 8 and 5 year old. any one have any ideas with out costing me an arm and a leg. I would appricate it and so would my kids.
thank you
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Gundam in Osaka 2007/8/25 10:49
Besides Namba, is there any other place which sells Gundam with discounts.

Thanks in advance.
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Best selection of Transformers in Osaka 2007/8/25 21:39
Would greatly appreciate any information on the above.

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Gundam Models 2007/10/5 21:58
Guys im going to Japan and Bejing and was wondering if you knew where was cheapest and best to get Gundam models... I also want a air compressor+brush do you know any shops that speak english so i could discuss what i need in the store...

Thanx Adi
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saint seiya 2007/11/7 07:30
Hello, i search any myth cloth to saint seiya, can you help me at tokyo.


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Otaku Heaven 2007/11/7 09:35
For a massive range of toy sellers - both vintage and new - go to Nakano Broadway (they have an english home page if you look it up on google).

Also, in Akihabara there is a store called Super Position (also found in Den Den Town in Osaka, and in Kyoto) that has a weird and wonderful range of new and vintage toys.

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Gundam Model 2008/1/17 23:43
Hi there anyone know where to find a shop in japan that is able to ship to Malaysia the Gundam with good price?
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This mythical Transformers Store... 2008/1/25 15:08
I keep hearing mention of this Transformers store, but no one has been able to provide concise instructions on where exactly it is. Okay, yes, it's in Akihabara, but WHERE? There are tons of stores there!
Has anyone actually been there before? If so, what land marks is it next to? How does one get there?
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Also, vinyl garage models: 2008/1/25 15:15
Does anyone know anything about them? (you know, like the vinyl models you see of popular things like Trigun figures, or of the hentai-esque ones, but they're like home jobs where people use PVC to make custom ones).
I've got some figures I want to have made, but I have to try to find someone who'd be able to make them. It's been suggested that I find someplace that can do Garage Models, but... I have no idea how to find them.
I figure Akihabara would be a god place to start, but I thought I'd try asking here, just in case someone knows anything.

little help plz?
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Toys 2008/1/26 06:13
Did you guys ever heard about Google? it took me 1 second to find the internet site of the LAOX store, a huge store in Akihabara with transformers and everything else

besides that Akihabara isn't a huge area. It would only take 30 minutes to find out several stores that are likely to be interesting then you go back an explore them one by one. by the way Japan is cheaper than 10 years ago but it isn't that cheap. Cameras, for example, are cheaper where I live
(Western North America)
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RE: LAOX 2008/1/26 15:28
Yes, finding a store that HAS Transformers is no problem (and in fact, I was wondering how it was people couldn't find them, too), but finding the Transformers store ITSELF (as in, is Transformers themed, carries nothing but, has rare/hard to find ones) is a different matter.
For that, google is not quite as cooperative... or IS laox where people had actually ben going the entire time, but were ignorant enough to think they had found a Transformer store, hence the reason no one can find said mythological store?
in which case, i would be very sad.
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Toy stores 2008/1/26 16:05
Laox has something like 8 different stores in Akihabara. google gave me a map ...
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Toys 2008/1/26 16:16
guys have a look at this site! have especially a look at the page "hobbies shops in strange places"
and to think that I don't eve ncare about toys and models, only want to help you..
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