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2 cents worth 2009/1/6 10:42
Makes perfect sense to me, Wal, pass some of that hemp will ya. You were talking about DNA ? And oh, Yankees are defined as Vermont farmers who have apple pie and cheese for breakfast. So I myself almost don't qualify. Missouri sounds like a wonderful place. I can hear the banjos ringing. I know.. shut up Yankee.
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Yahoo 2009/1/6 12:17
Don't worry; the Rebel yells come from all over the Show Me. Yet, at the same time, Missouri is much calmer than Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, etc.
I have a little over a year to go before retirement and it would be hard to find a better place.
In my travels, I've discovered that eastern Tennessee is comperable.
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Missouri 2009/1/6 15:00
I think many of us in the east know so little about the rest of this large country. Eric and Wally, you should tell us more about your section of it. There is a visual joke about how New Yorkers view the US - a map with NY at one end, California at the other, and some vague unknown lands in between. I would like to know what newspapers there are in your area - I like to know what people in other places are reading.
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papers 2009/1/7 00:56
I hate to say it but neither the KC or St.L newspapers are worth the price of admission.
I take the WSJ and the Lake Sun Leader, published locally, plus a dozen magazines on various topics.
I have a BA in Journalism and worked in radio/TV for several years before I got into the energy business.
At one time, I had the dream of becoming a network reporter or writing for a national magazine but 'twas not to be. My stepdad, who had a background in coal asked me what I was making at the top of my game in 1979 as a statehouse reporter in Des Moines. After I mentioned a figure, he suggested that he had more expenses than I had income.
I quit the news biz and went to work for him in 1980.
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Steffi, Peter, Eric, et al. 2009/1/7 09:39
I subscribe to a small daily and a weekly newspaper, mainly just for the local news. I get my national news and international news from TV and the internet, and that is generally what everybody around here does. I joke around a lot, about inbreeding and DNA, etc., but if I didn't joke around I would just sit down and cry. My way of life has just about disappeared. Forty years ago my town was a little gem, prosperous, cared for and clean, but today it looks like a dump. I think half the kids are on dope, and half the babies are born out of wedlock. Meth labs are being busted all the time. The local factory is trying to move its jobs to Mexico, so things are going to get worse. This town used to look like Andy Griffith's Mayberry, but today people have turned their lawns into junkyards, literally, as many people make their living by buying and selling junk. Unfortunately, there are many small towns like this in Missouri. I think people have lost hope. My faith sustains me and I have forced myself not to take this earthly life too seriously, so I hope y'all don't take my offbeat sense of humor the wrong way!
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meth 2009/1/7 12:46
Missouri is not the only place where this scourge exists. Rural areas with inadequate or nonexistent law enforcement do seem to attract this activity. Dope is not uncommon anywhere in the midwest where the job situation is bleak and opportunities are limited. Broken homes, for whatever reason, also contribute to this. Social welfare programs are little more than brain numbing dope from Washington DC and do not solve anything.
Small towns in America are going to have to call on their best and brightest to consider what they can do best to compete in the world economy; what advantage they have or can bring to market. Otherwise, we'll see another migration to the larger cities for marginal factory jobs.
If it were within my power, I would donate copies of several business guides, among them Michael Porter's two seminal books, Competitive Strategy & Competitive Advantage, to every high school library that would take them. I was introduced to Porter 20 years ago and have used his techniques (and Dale Carnegie's) to make a better life for myself and my family. Porter is a deciple of Edwards Deming, who revolutionized manufacturing.
Also, my faith in the Lord has supported me over the many bumps along the road that life has presented.
When I was intrduced to the art of management in 1980, I quickly discovered my best employees were farm and rural people. They had initiative and didn't have to have the 'big picture' explained to them. I'm sure they're still in your hometown.
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Small Towns 2009/1/7 13:41
Wally.. my heart goes out to you and to your small town and the ravages you have seen. It sounds like your hanging in there, but maybe, not by much. Find goodness where you can and pray for the rest. Each day I find a moment to reflect on the beauty of nature. One day at a time. We here are fighting for our little town against the forces that would plop a ugly supermarket in out historic district, and things like a woman who wants to turn her house into a rooming house. Believe this. The house belonged to Josiah Bartlett, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence! Left unchecked the forces of greed and incompetence, would sell this precious gem of a town to the highest bidder. We have put our money where our mouth is, and we are slowly winning.. maybe. This sounds shallow compaired with what you have seen, I am sorry. There was one town that got the boy scouts and a couple of dump trucks to help people clean up the trash. Disposal can be a real problem with apathy coupled with regulation. Please don't lose your off beat humor ya-all. I have been trying to tell folks about 55 but without the language it doesn't work. There are always memories remember 1 and 2 ?
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"Making our garden grow" 2009/1/8 00:41
I'm sorry to hear the sadness in our current discussion. We in the cities, with the good and the bad in life exaggerated, have these same problems multiplied many times. We often tend to look at smaller communities like yours in a romantic unrealistic way, as if that is where the "good" life is being lived and the larger problems don't exist.

My husband and I have visited terrific-looking larger cities elsewhere - Tampa, St Petersberg, Buffalo, etc - that are empty at night, with their sad streets and performance halls silent, and the remaining populations looking poor, homeless, old, addicted, etc.

At the other end, places like NYC are becoming increasingly gentrified and unaffordable, which makes everything look grand and new, and nice for the rich - but where do the poorer working people go? In our case, I think they're being pushed into the suburbs, pushing the former residents there into moving further and further away from NYC where they mostly work.

I agree with you folks that the only way to keep sane, optimistic, happy and functional is to do what each of us can to create a good life, maintain our own standards and ethics, keep faith, and take joy where one can find it - in my case, my family, my home, nature, great books, and the appreciation of the amazing gifts some people have in music and the arts, and the goodness and humor that does survive in most people. I think that is what Leonard Bernstein meant in "Candide" by each of us "making our garden grow."
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Peace of Mind 2009/1/8 07:34
Good advise from Steffi. Maybe she can give us group rates ! Lori, get your boots on here you had some flooding your way.
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Newspapers, mags, etc 2009/1/9 02:04
For a great source of info about almost anything, see the following:


It offers newspapers, magazines, columnists, news sources, discussions and articles with a global perspective, etc. So interesting, and invaluable for expanding local news sources.
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Referances 2009/1/9 10:24
Also try Ref desk.com It is my home page. Oh.. Steffi, Guess who's comming to Porthmouth NH Misic Hall. La Rondine with Gheroghiu and husband, this Saturday. 28 bucks is that good ? [ I know the answer. Have asked around here for any takers. Guess what? I can here the banjos ringing here. ie: no takers. They look at me like I have two heads. I guess were not that cul-turd here. I guess were going clam digging instead . Just kidding got to work anyway.
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Peter 2009/1/11 08:48
I'm sorry you missed it. It was a really amazing show.
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Opera 2009/1/11 10:27
Thanks. As a consulation I watched it and others on You tube. However, bringing it up caused the folks here to question this guy. Maybe there is some depth in Peter after all. I was the only one that was hip to this. Made me feel special and on the beam with whats happeneing. Keeps em guessing .. thanks to you !
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Tastes 2009/1/11 20:40
Glad you enjoyed the music - opera seems to be one of those things that is not an acquired taste - people either love it or hate it. I've learned there's no way to win over those that can't abide it. Probably genetic. But the hd broadcasts are very popular from what I read. Also, opera is relatively popular around the US compared to other forms of classical music, I guess because it's very visual and combines theater and music and so is easier for many people to enjoy.
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Todays Haiku 2009/1/13 11:16
A full moon
urges warm breezes
past the palms into my bedroom..
I awake..
Snowing again.

Hope you all are well and warm. Were just ducky here. Had a wonderful day yesterday.. fell off the roof! [ not a first] I'm ok a 6 foot snowbank broke my fall. The Ice dams will have to wait. Even cold in New York City. Did I say that last year would be my last winter here, I'm losing it. Ran into a lady that was taking a plane tomorrow for Palm Beach. She said that she was going to wear her bathing suit under her mink coat on the plane. I hope that her flight isn't delayed. I wonder what the TSA security people will think of that! good for her. I like wackos. Gentle ones.
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Cold..... 2009/1/14 00:41
Okay, Peter, I'll fall for it - what were you doing on the roof in the middle of January? I'm sure you had a great reason, but to a New Yorker it sounds like a reasonable question. I'm glad you're okay. I hope our friends in Missouri are holding up - I just read about the terrible cold wave in the midwest - again, my geography is shaky, so I don't know if it affected Eric and Wally.
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Steffi 2009/1/15 04:46
On our shop there is a large shed roof that is off of the rear of the building with not a very good pitch to it. When snow and ice falls on it and then melts, "ice dams "build up on the edges and the attendant back up of solid ice is sometimes 4 or 5 inches thick and lots o' weight. Even with a well built building there is the potential of collapse. So with my trusty ice chopper I break off the ice at the edges [ and beyond if my arms and back hold up] to releave the weight and allow the back ups to flow away. Over the last two days I have removed two or three tons of ice. My slip up came when I went up there and there was fresh snow over sheer ice and I had no traction zippidy do dah over she goes. Only a 10 foot fall. Anyway Janet is thinking she would like to go to Stockbridge on Saturday for some special event at Eden Hill. One day out and back. 50/50 chance depending on weather. Is about 2hrs or so from here. Do not expect you will be there but mentioned it anyway. Hope you are well and would like to here from our midwest gang. You guys OK ? Now comes keeping the vehicles running. My battery tester and I are getting re-aquainted. Going to be below zero for the next few days. Don't think we'll be using the pool. Chain saws still buzzing to clear the fallen trees from the ice storm. One estimate is that NH had 20 million limbs and trees down.[ over one inch] No lack of firewwod for next year.
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Missouri 2009/1/15 07:56
Last fall Junior brought a persimmon to the coffee shop. He had cut the seed in half revealing a white colored spot on the interior shaped like a spoon. There are three shapes that can be revealed in the seed: a knife, a fork, and a spoon. The spoon signifies that there will be a lot of snow this winter. So far, we have not had very much, but it is getting very cold, with windchills expected below zero, and snow predicted. We'll see whether persimmons know what they are talking about.
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Hey Wall 2009/1/15 08:18
Do Persimmons grow in Missouri? I Love folk weather perdictions, here they talk about the bushiness of chipmunk tails. Ever try to catch one ? There pretty fast ! Glad to here from you, I was getting
a little concerned, forgive me. OK.. A little ahead of myself perhaps but you might start to think of saving a little gas money for a trip to NH next July, any pre-intentions? I'm a fun guy..we have real beds too if people are interested, more on that. We can sleep what..8 or 10 people ?
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Persimmons in Missouri 2009/1/16 01:12
The persimmons grown in Missouri are very different from the Japanese variety. Missouri persimmons are small, hard and very bitter. I would not recommend eating one from a tree but I have tasted pie made from the fruit, which contained about 50 percent sugar to get by the sour taste.
Years ago, a carpenter who worked on our new house told me about the seed story; knife, fork and spoon signifying what the weather might be for the winter. I suppose this is as scientific as current claims about Global Warming (which we could use som of right now.)
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