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Relearning Japanese 2009/1/21 13:35
Maybe we should all try to relearn our Japanese - we could then practice on one another.

"Watashi no namae wa Steffui" - I think means my name is Steffi, which the Japanese pronounced Steffu-i - the "F" sound was impossible for them to pronounce.

Good to hear from you, Wally? Where is Eric?

Peter, where exactly can one learn Japanese on youtube? I've looked around and couldn't find a thing.

Anyone else enjoy the inauguration today? We saw Obama (on tv) in the morning, and opera this evening - wheat a day - "Orfeo ed Eurodice" - based on the old mythical story.
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Japanese conversation 2009/1/21 14:00
Steffi try Japanese - English conversation on you tube. there was one 12 part series[ may not be on now] that walked one through a course. There is another that features a woman in Kyoto at a school giving lessonds. Even just hearing the sound of the language helps. Watashi no nigon go dame desu. Mo benku suru. Ne?
Yes caught the inaguration. Good speach, he funbled the swearing in ceremony a little. Who wouldn't, a person doesn't do that every day. Must have been a little nervous.
I was aware that there were so-called male and female types of Japanese. We tried to speak the "netural kind".
Where is Eric, Maybe he's in Washington attending some ball. No offence but I wouldn't want the hassle if you paid me. Had a lovely day with my ladder and ice ax. Very therapeudic. Were ice jammin' here. On second thought, I heard that James Taylor is at the "Northeast Ball" I would love to hear him in concert. Another thought, there is the Japan Society they might have free on-line classes in Japanese.
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Mikans & language instruction 2009/1/21 15:30
Since being requested to "register" for this forum, they now have my name as "ombudsman". That was my "position" the first year of our first stay or Navy tour in Japan. You all know me by my first name: Lori

I learned about the delicious little Japanese oranges during our first stay in Japan: mikans (known in the US as Satsumas or Satsuma oranges).

As for Japanese language instruction, maybe look into Rosetta Stone software. Many schools use it. I've never personally explored it.

And Steffi, I understand your name being hard for Japanese people to pronounce. They also had a real hard time with my name: Lori -- an "L" AND and "R" in the same word!
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In a Name 2009/1/21 23:58
One day at Center Pier we were playing with what our manes ment in Japanese. My last name [ Saunders] means three dozen [ 3-san Doz-dozen] We all had fun with this until we came to my friend John BOYLE. Hey Lori, congratulations on your new posision. Lori would be hard, would come off as Rori. My Japanese rock group friends were a part of a musical movement called "Group Sounds". I have since learned that they
did this as Rock and Roll is very hard to say in Japanese, we taught them to say Lock and Load. [ military term for cocking a rifle with a bulletin it. or bring ready to go.] I wonder what "Wickett" would mean in Japanese?
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NE 2009/1/22 00:50
Oh and Lori, you wouldn't happen to be thinking you might be passing through New England next mid July ? Just wondering.
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correction 2009/1/22 01:08
Thats names not mames.
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Japanese Language 2009/1/22 01:32
At Hakuraku Station there was a dry cleaning shop that catered to Americans. On the door was a sign that read "Dly Creaning." I kid you not. But, that just made the Japanese all the more endearing. They did a lot better with English than we ever did with Japanese.
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Japanese language 2009/1/22 01:46
My correct name is Eric and I've been posting and reading the submissions for several years here.
The administrator of this page has contributed to the confusion of new names by asking for "nicknames" in the new guide format. I took this to be a request for a ID codeword. Even though i've asked this to be changed, its still there. Maybe its the language barrier...
btw; my dad spoke pretty good Japanese and traveled all over taking pictures which I still have. Some are in slides and they are slowly fading.
Many city residents were puzzled that an American would speak Japanese with rural Japanese expressions. His language teacher was from the countryside, according to my mom.
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Spelling 2009/1/22 14:48
I am surprised that Wally didn't remind me of my poor spelling. Your slipping Wal. Hey Eric.. I suspected that you were hawkeye-san, just had your feel to it. Went to a department store in downtown Yokohama, on the 6th floor they had the "dinning" floor. We had lunch in a small restaurant and told the waitress about the spelling error on this very professional looking sign. Well she told the others and when we left they were all outside laughing there buts off. Apparently they were delighted that the building owners had made a mistake.
Went out tonight to a meeting.
The snowbanks in the parking lots are what, 30 feet high? After the payloaders get through with them. Everyone is now hoping for a slow melt down if you can believe it. If this stuff goes too fast, I will need some higher boots. kon-ya taihen samui raishu mo yoi mikomi no aru.
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Peter 2009/1/23 01:57
Well, I wasn't going to tell it, but the owner of the Dly Creaning store told me that a GI by the name of Peter-san helped him write the sign.
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spelling? 2009/1/23 04:31
If the Japan guide required an update, a spell checker would have been a welcome addition...
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Method to Madness 2009/1/23 05:07
Yes, I worked with the laundry guy. He wanted to know how to attract attention to his business. I came up with the idea of intentionally misspelling his sign so that the local mil-spec types would see it, laugh at him, take pity and use his business. It worked, he now is retired, and fishes for salmon in British Columbia in the off season.
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Japanese language 2009/1/26 00:06
Steffi did you find any sites on You tube to help you? Hope all are well. No hint of spring yet, it comes faster in the midwest than here I think. I know it doesn't even hint for another month or two. Gave up on ice chopping at least until it gets much warmer. I could use a Japanese onsen. Any takers ?
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Just returned 2009/1/26 11:58
We just returned from visiting relatives for a few days. Glad to see everyone's on board.

Thanks Peter and everyone for the suggestions for Japanese language instruction - will start to check them out. Peter - how's the ice-chopping going?

Lori and Eric - is there any particular advantage to being "registered users?" Is there any difference to being a "guest" as Peter and I are called on this site since we didn't register?
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Hi Steffi 2009/1/26 12:35
The new format has added a layer of confusion without any benefit that I can see. I've asked for my sign-in name to be corrected but it hasn't happened. I have no idea what the "guest" tag is supposed to be.
It would be useful for the moderator of this page to return to the previous profile which worked well for many years and attracted so many Japan fans.
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registration 2009/1/26 14:10
No benefit being registered that I've found, either. My guess would be for tracking purposes if there was anything illegal or inappropriate.
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Steffi 2009/1/27 03:53
Ice chopping is at a hault intil we get a little warmer weather. Just too cold. Hope you had a nice visit. Remember, if you visit your relatives in Durham, please let me know, if you wish, we could do lunch. Durham is only a half hour south. Hope all are well.
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oops 2009/1/27 04:55
Durham is 1/2 hr NORTH not south. Glad I caught this before Wally did, wheew.
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Peter-san 2009/1/27 06:43
Well, Durham, North Carolina is South.
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Carolina on my MInd 2009/1/27 07:02
In my mind I'm going to Carolina.. palm trees? You let me off easy Wally san you getting easy in your old age ? UGH more snow tomorrow maybe 12 inches, Wally would you like 12 inches ?
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