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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2015/8/11 13:19
to mike levenston, keith Russell, Virginialee. my grandfather Maurice Russell and his sons owned Curnow Ltd. we lived next to the catholic church which was bombed during wwll. my father was the only one of maurices children that didn't stay through the war but he had an American wife and a baby . we were allowed to pack a few things and take the last ship to the us. we docked in Honolulu and were there 11/22/41 . Our address on the bluff was hackijiban dad taught mom phoneticley "hack your jew husband" so I never learned the numbers in English. I would love all the memories and if there is anyone alive who can remember 75 years ago please! please! contact me, joanne russekk
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2015/10/29 05:23
JoAnne Edina Russell. I tried to leave contact information here and so far it did not post. Your post did not include complete contact information. Please google me: Keith & Nola Russell, Arlington, WA and our address should appear. I am anxious to be in touch with you.
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2016/2/23 14:34
JoAnne Edina Russell.
I have photos of you and your parents from 1940. My grandfather, Alfred Russell (Edwin's Brother) left before the war, as did my father Ronald Russell. He arrived in Seattle in November of 1940. Please... Please contact me. As I mentioned before, if you google "Keith & Nola Russell, Arlington, Washington" our address on Heron Court will appear. Hope to hear from you soon.
Keith D Russell
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2017/6/26 09:24
Hi Everyone
JoAnne Edina Russell and I have finally made contact after all these years trying to connect through this post. She is my father's first cousin.
Keith Russell
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2017/7/15 02:58
I have had contract with Keith Russell and received some of his search info but he listed members as family who were not. Maurice Russell had 5 children. George, Marian, Willie,Louisa, and my dad, Edwin. the others listed either belong to my granddads siblings or when the Japanese destroyed the papers filed with the central office just before they surrendered. My dad needed some papers to file for citizenship and by then the US were in control and he finally had to call and was told they were still trying to recreate the paperwork with the help of the locals to try to help for legal reasons. A gross amount of mistakes were made as the locals were afraid that they were looking for people to imprision them. So after the war it became a nightmare to put together family in the order that were in the families. They put all people of a district with the same name together as a family without knowing if they were cousins
,uncles, fathers, mothers,etc. This is what seems to have happened to mine. I am the last member of the original family of Maurice Russell and I grew up with a dad that was homesick and kept in touch with Willie and George all during the war. My granddad who be amazed to know that he was that prolific as to have 9 children. Especially born with different birth dates than the passports and censuses reports and changes in names. I have not issued any of my information to anyone because of the mistakes they have made and are dead sure that theirs is the absolute truth.
I was sent geneology of my mothers family as well and there is missing children and other mistakes.
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2017/7/15 03:06
To MikeLev please contact me asap.
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2017/8/23 04:42
I was 12 years old when my family lived in Yokohama in 1951 - 1952. I went to YoHi School. We had a single, nicely furnished, two bedroom house on the Bluff, and lived in a small, fenced compound with a guard house and a guard 24/7. We had the only single house in the compound, but there were two, two story duplexes each housing two families as well.
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Re: #90 Bluff Yokohama? 2018/2/2 08:31
Prior to WWII, my father, Ronald Russell, lived at 90 Bluff, Yokohama. He left Japan in October 1940. Does anyone know what is now at #90 Bluff? Is there still an old residence or has it been torn down and replaced?
If anyone has a map of the Bluff district from before 1940 I would like you to contact me: russellkd1 (at) g (.) mail (.) com. Thanks.
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.The Bluff Yokohama? 2018/8/2 05:22
This is a repost of my earlier one with some additions and corrections:

My family lived on Sagiyama Ridge for a short while in 1957 when we first arrived in Japan. We moved to 243-1B Yamate-cho on the Bluff and lived there for two years. I have fond memories of those years living among the Japanese people. I attended Negishi Heights Elemetary (Byrd now) and have been trying to locate classmates for about 20 years. My older brother attended St. Joseph's, his name is Jack. Here are some names of old classmates, are you guys out there?
Sandford (Sandy) Eguchi (found)
Tommy Merrit/ Warren Merritt
Ronald (Ronnie) Diaz
Everett Willis/Dianna Willis
Joan Gogun
George (Bubba) Terrill/Sharon Terrill
Eric Olver
Barbara Ownby
Marie Laurintano
Bobbie Lucas

I am also trying to locate our loving, live-in maid, Asai Ishikawa. Her father was a tailor in Yokohama. She married a man named Kenji (?) and had a son while we were there.

We moved to Yokosuka in 1959 and although it was nice it wasn't as nice as the Bluff.

If anyone has any information on any of the people listed, please let me know

I enjoyed reading the postings and reminiscing.

Dave Caranci
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Re: The Bluff Yokohama? 2018/8/29 13:23
looking for anyone knowing about orphans or orphanages in gora around the 1940s... I see someone opened their house to orphans in Gora... do you happen to know the name of the orphanage there or anyone that does?
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