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Okinawa anyone???? 2006/8/28 21:14
so I've read all the posts about all the salons on mainland that do the Japanese straightening, but, can anyone recommend a salon on Okinawa that does a good job and possibly uses Liscio ??? Help!!!
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can you help? 2006/9/2 13:54
i read on this forum someone in the Toronto area (just me in Toronto) had gotten Japanese hair straitning done and I was wondering where she got it done. I am very interested in getting the treatment done myself but I would like to go somewhere with a good rep. I am biracial and have very curly hair. so any reconmendations would be much appreciated.
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Salon in NYX 2006/9/11 09:52
I've seen many people asking for a good salon in NYC that does the Japanese hair straightening or Shukumou Kyousei and no one is coming up with any names. Can someone suggests a really good place in NYC, please?
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Where can i gO in NY/NJ 2006/9/14 01:02
Can anyone offer any good salons they have had experience with for the japanese hair straightening in the ny/nj areas? I'm looking to get it done this week. Also if you can mention the costs

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NYC chinatown salons 2006/9/19 10:59
I got my straightening done At Top's Cut Salon last year for $350 (cash only). I chose this place because it's always crowded on Saturdays so I thought they must be good. I like the results but thought the price was alot for chinatown.

TOP'S CUT SALON 76 Elizabeth Street 212-219-0728

Here's a link I found to other NY chinatown salons:

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i live in SYDNEY 2006/11/22 20:36
hey, i been reading ALL the post comments, well not all BUT i really WANT to japanee perm my curly frizzy hair. Im asian i live in Australia, i dont want to go ALL the way to japan to do this! Does anyone know where to get your hair perm? i desperately want to perm my hair!
I dnt want to perm my hair that is too expensive, because im just 14yrs old and i dont think my parents will afford that much! Does anyone know where?
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Loved it Loves it The best place 2006/11/29 14:33
I had it done in marietta too but over at S.G Hair & Spa 770-516-4899 the best place to have it done i had 3 other friends hey had it done too .
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Miami, FL 2006/11/29 16:34
I did it when i was 16. It was called 'Chi'. I loved it very much! It was thebest gift I got that year. The salon I use to do it at closed down sadly but it did last about a year w/o a touch up because I has my own 'Chi' flat iron. It's a way to extend a buck. But the touch ups are wonderful because I did it about a a few months after. Now, (almost 19) I've been looking for a salon to do it in and a lot cheap salons dont know how to do it. I did track down one and they did both Perms and 'The Chi' (I still own that flat iron and use it a lot!). This is where the story turns sad. Being cheap and being promised it would be the same (i guess my hair was too curly, it is bad) I did the normal cant dye your hair, wash for 3 days, etc perm for $100. Now i have to wait a bit for my perm to grow out to go back and demand the Chi. It make take a few hours more and cost about $300 for my mid sized hair but all and all, it is very very worth it!
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watanabe's website 2006/11/30 07:11

If you go under 'hair dressing' you can see the price for the ion perm. the website has all the information on thier location and telephone numbers, etc.
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Okinawa.... 2006/12/15 23:06
It seems like every hairdresser in Japan will do a straight perm. Prices vary wildly. On Okinawa ive had sucess with 'Charm' hair studio, just off Kokusai Dori. They speak a little English. Also a place in Okinawa City, just near Goya intersection (330 and Gt.2 Street) is meant to be good (word of mouth only). I think it just takes a little blind faith and a little Japanese ability. If anyone has a glowing recommendation for Okinawa, id love to hear it.
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Amazing 2007/1/3 09:55
The very first time I had this magic done to my hair was in Hang Zhou, China when I went back for a visit. It lasted for approximately 9 months as said earlier. The place I had it done was in an upscale salon with personal stylists and took approximately 4 hours to finish with medium, shoulder length hair. It cost about 1700 Yuan (Approx. 200+ dollars). After a few years, I was dying to get it done again. I visited Chinatown in Flushing, New York and found a salon that had the same thing for $68. I was a bit skeptical because of the low price. But I thought, what the heck. 3 hours later, my hair was stick straight, glossy, and beautiful. Compared to my previous experience, it was not much different and the procedure was the same. The only disadvantage I see in this is that people may have trouble communicating with the Cantonese speakers. They speak Mandarin and a little bit of English, but it was still difficult to understand. Even so, there are plenty of salons in Chinatowns across the USA and many offer the Japanese Straightening Perm at a much lower price than most salons.
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Great Perm 2007/1/6 12:12
If you have thick curly hair, especially bi-racial, black women with extremely thick, coarse hair-The Japanese Thermal perm is great!!!!! They do this in Sacramento, Cal., they have a large Asian community and they seem to be on the cutting edge in this area.
I'm in Kansas City and I've traveled many places, but that perm is the best, I recommended this for my daughter, who will get it done there.

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question 2007/1/8 21:19
i'm really interested in getting a japaneese hair perm but i live in toronto. Does anyone know where i can get it done here?
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Jrock cut in Vancouver? 2007/1/14 06:14
Can anyone reccomend a good Japanese Salon in Vancouver?

I want a Jrock haircut with either red or blue tip streaks/chunks...

I dont want to go to those $10/cut, they ALWAYS end up looking like crap!

Please Help
Alex (I'm a girl btw)
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jpn straight perms in the usa 2007/1/14 12:14
go to this website, http://www.bioionic.com/newsite/default.asp?sf=1, or do a google search for bio ionic system. on the right side there is a link to salons and retail stores that have this product...all you have to do is type in the city,state, country and see if there's a salon near you. on the website it says this is the same straight perm used and developed in japan. it also says that any ethincity can use it and almost any hair type. i haven't personally had this treatment but i plan to in the future because it says it safe even for previously chemically treated hair (i use a regular relaxer but its not a straight as i'd like it to be).
hope this helps!
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toronto 2007/1/14 12:52
for those of you asking where to get a jpn str8 perm in toronto:


this guy is a hair guru, especially on hair straightening. and he's based in toronto.
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Toronto... 2007/1/22 10:27
I've been doing it for about 4 yrs now. I LUV IT. I get it done at W Lifestyle on Queen St. W (just west of Bathurst. The cost depends on the length of your hair. So your looking in and around 400.
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japanese hair straightening 2007/1/22 18:50
hair force one is the place he works on your hair without feeling like your on an assembly line
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where in Sacramento, Cal 2007/1/29 02:25
i want to get one because i have extremely thick, coarse hair for a black person and i like to check this out.
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Places in Texas 2007/1/29 07:04
I have very thick, long (65 cm), very wavy asian hair. I have ironed and blown dry my hair, and both ways, it takes on avg. 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get this done. I would like to try a Japanese straight perm to fix how long this takes.

Does anyone know of a reliable place to get it done in the Houston. TX area? Thank you.
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