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Right! 2008/8/4 22:18
I agree with Shu. Same goes for Izanami. But I must admit, I never heard of any Bunkos either...
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modern names 2008/10/19 19:17
I go to school in japan (only during the summer) and sorry....some of the names posted here are great names, but not in the right generation? uhm some common/old names but are still popular are...
sakura, haruka, yui, minami, hitomi, ayaka, etc.

some pretty new ones are...
momoka, haruna, honoka, yuzuki (peaceful/beautiful moon), hikari, arisa
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Another Yuzuki 2008/10/19 21:27
My friend's 3-year-old daughter is Yuzuki, but her kanji are M- she was born in January when yuzu fruit are in season.

I'm interested to hear that it is becoming popular as a name and that there are other kanji for it.
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Suzuka 2008/11/25 13:17
my friend's classmate is a japanese and her name is Suzuka. It's written as . I wonder if it is popular...? I like it thought.
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Suzuka 2008/11/25 16:40
Suzuka is a nice name, not very common, but not odd like some of the suggestions people have made on this thread!

Many people would associate the name Suzuka with the city in Mie prefecture that has a famous Formula One race track, although the kanji are different- I wonder if her parents are racing fans ;-)
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thank you sira! 2008/11/25 23:12
thank you sira! :) yes, her parents are racing fans! :) However, that is written as 鎭. Her name is thought.
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I love japanese names 2009/4/24 07:42
I am looking for a japanese name for my baby. I like Seibei but I don't know the meaning. Anybody knows? Any other suggestions are welcome
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Boy? girl? 2009/4/24 08:20
I'm guessing your baby is a boy, but can you just confirm that for us? Seibei could have various meanings depending on which characters are used to write it, but it's not a common name in Japan- in 11 years here I don't recall coming across it before.
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Looking for baby names 2009/5/8 01:24
Me and my ex JPN bf are expecting a baby this June. Not sure if it's a boy or girl as I like surprises...

I like Jun, Akira for boys and girls, but would like some Kanji advise..

What are some good Kanji for names?

I have a Japanese naming book and I look at it all the time, but I still find it hard to decide...

What are some other good names?
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Congratulations! 2009/5/8 16:28
Congratulations, Katie! :) For Akira, I would recommend meaning bright. , , , are also good though. For Jun, I recommend which means pure. is also a good kanji for it.

As for what are some good japanese names, that entirely depends on your personal likes. For example, someone likes the name „Kokoah and even considers it cute, but for instance I think it is a horrid name and reminds me of the drink. I recommend you checking the link below, which shows recent name trends and what not.

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Awesome ;D 2009/7/8 11:12
I have never been to Japan, but I'd love to, my neighbours have a fair few friends from Japan, and they're really cool.. I personally like the names -
Yume - Dream
Tenshi - Angel

-Hope I helped :]
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tenshi? 2009/7/8 15:29
While Yume would be an unusual name, it is probably acceptable these days, and I met a girl called Yumeko not too long ago. Tenshi though would be a very strange name- are you absolutely sure that is their real name? Male or female?
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Amaya-- night rain? 2009/10/2 01:38
I saw somewhere that Amaya was a Japanese name meaning Night rain. I love the meaning. I have never seen the kanji for the name and I am curious if the name is used much. What would the kanji be? And is it used?
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shu and meow 2010/6/13 17:03
Shu, you're right that in Japanese the most common readings for moon and blue are "tsuki" and "ao(i)." "Yue" is actually Chinese for moon, and "sei" is a reading for the kanji for blue.

Congratulations to all the ladies looking for names! I like names that end in a and i like Aya, Haruka, and Midori. Good luck!

May I also make a suggestion to all posters, as well? I know everyone just wants to be helpful, but if you don't have much personal experience with actual Japanese culture and/or language (not just manga and anime) it might be a good idea to check your names with a reliable source first.
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Kaya / Kaiya 2010/8/3 02:40
Dunno if that Name had been mentioned already, but I really love Kaya (Kaia) or if you want so Kaiya. If i had a Daughter i would shurely name her like that. Its short, adorable and meaningful and if iLm right not that common as a first name. In Japanese Kaiya means Forgiveness. Something a person can never have enough of. But the Name is known in many Cultures with a few variations.

Other meanings would be: pure, restful place, home, wise child and the one with the beautiful Body. As a variation of Gaia it would mean no less than EARTH and there is a similar Hindi pronounciation - Kaeya, which would mean Monsoon Flower.

My other Japanese Favorites for Girl names would be Yumi, Mayumi & Sayuri. And weLll itLll surely be some fun to name a girl Kyoko ("Mirror") if sheLd be a walking talking miniverson of her mom or dad ;D.
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? 2011/1/10 13:38
I figured that your friends baby was already born and named and i was wondering what your friend decided to name it(he or her?)...you don't have to reply i was just curious.
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cute names 2011/4/17 19:39
I have a few Japanese friends, and their names are quite cute, like:
Nagisa[Nagi for short]
and Nobara[which means wild roses].

My friend Nagisa told me her her eldest sister's name was "Miyuka" which has the kanji D, she's the second child with the kanji and her youngest sister is "Yume"T, I find it cute because they are all in order, the youngest is the sprout, the second is blooming and the eldest is the fruit :)

I have another friend with an unusual name,her family name's "One" as in 卪 which can also mean radish, and her name is "Sarada" which is Salad in Japanese. Her younger brother's name is "Tsukuru" which means "to make" and her sister's name is "Mayo" Mayonnaise in Japanese.
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names 2011/4/26 09:55
I have plenty of Japanese friends and out of their names I'm fond of these names. Hinata, Yuzuki, Kotone, Touko, Nagato, Shinji, Takehiko, Yasuhito.
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