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Battle Ready Katana(see above) 2005/3/2 05:48
The Ultimate aim of Real Swordmanship. The essence of Iaido is a non-combative discipline engaged in for the individual's spiritual cultivation. Through the blade we seek to improve our spirit and become better people, to promote peace and good feeling beyond the walls of the Do-Jo and into out daily lives.
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About the price of swords 2005/3/2 11:09
Here in Califorina, USA, thers a shop that sells real Katana for $500US. A Japanese sword smith when to Chaina where there a no sword resticting law on how meny you can make so he sells them cheap but there high quailty.
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A great place to look for katanas 2005/3/15 11:57
Take my advice I have been searching for (True Blades) for a long time now (True Blades meaning swords you can use for cutting in modern KENDO)And truely no one hear has mentioned COLD STEEL they are a nice blade for martial arts and whatever else. Please stay away from paul chen The steel in the blades are proned to breaking at the handles and the wood used for the tsuka(handle) is cheap.When Paul Chen says that some of his blades are folded this is true the metal they are using is from old railway tracks left behind by the Japanese in WW2 this metal has been folded there are numerous articles that back what im stating. But this does not necessarily mean it is of QUALITY take my word on it.There is nothing wrong with looking at historical blades and there probably the best if you dont want to pay 15 to 20 thousand for a new blade from a modern forger but watch out research it out first and these blades can get pricy too but not like modern ones. There is nothing wrong with a good WW2 Blade but read about them first to avoid getting ripped off (dont buy on E-Bay if the sellers are from CHINA)Fred Lohman is a good place to start just use a search engine and look for Cold Steel swords Or Fred Lohman. Fred deals in new and historic blades in preety good shape and he also does restorations....Good luck everyone and if anyone has questoins dont hesitate to ask me I know alot about different metals,Historic Katanas and the best places to look years of martial arts and a love of the sword

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What brokers 2005/3/15 12:14
Rodelum who are these brokers of japanese swords for the true martial artist.Just curious

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Quality 2005/4/1 13:50
"About the price of swords

Here in Califorina, USA, thers a shop that sells real Katana for $500US. A Japanese sword smith when to Chaina where there a no sword resticting law on how meny you can make so he sells them cheap but there high quailty.

by DJ

The reson they can only make a certin about per year, is to that the quality will not be over looked,
A sword could probly be made in 3 days, but it would be far worse quality then a sword made by the same smith who toke 4 weeks to make it.

Also I have purched a few Paul Chen Blades strickly because of the price.
Its kinda hard for a college student to come up with $3,000 for anything, muchless a sword.

I find Finest one I purched was the PaulChen Bushido Katana,
I have practiced Tamashigiri with it on a few ocasions and had no problems,
on the otherhand, my sensei detestes the blade and I have since been forbidden to use it in the dojo :-/.

but, it is a great sword of someone on a budget who would like a sword to mess around with.
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WW2 blade 2005/4/11 06:01
i have a WW2 blade with matching sheath num#. i read that all num. blades are stamped . how did this work as if you hold the blade an look down the flat side what looked as a straight line in fact is not you can see hammer markes only then also it does not rust. no its not s..steel. but after lookin close it is not a pressed steel blade. or as some say just stamped .is there any info on them an there mfg
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Return it! 2005/4/11 08:08
I have a WW2 blade

It is probably stolen war loot. You should return it to the legal owner.
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ww2 sword 2005/4/29 23:55
henry i have given some hard think time to your stolin war loot. an will tell you in a nice way it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth to prove it .stamped blades were made to keep historical blades safe at home . my grandfathed killed this owner right after his best friend cut in two (beheaded) an he was shot by said owner.it was a war rember. an if your so worried maybe you can give back the land your gr.grandfather stole from the rightful owner Thank You
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? 2005/5/16 22:46
Hi there! I've read through the whole topic but didn't get the exact answer to a question: "Do I have to get a police permit even for zinc replicas if I buy them as souvenirs?"
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Paul Chen 2005/6/6 01:19
The problem with Paul Chens Blades is that the tsuka isnt completely wrapped with ray skin as they tend to be traditionally. This leaves the handle weakened by fierce blows causing the wood to split. So i wouldnt exactly call Paul Chens katanas functional.
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Paul Chen 2005/6/6 01:30
Actually the blades on Chens Katanas are quite strong. I was able to cut straight thru fresh pork bone with one of his blades. Of course the tsuka broke, but thats to be expected from a blade that isnt properly wrapped with ray skin. The swords would be great if Paul Chen would only properly wrap those handles instead of just planks.
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Bladez 2005/6/8 15:33
What really interists me is, if the japanese had so many wars long time ago, where are the swords from all those wars and why are ancient swords so rare and hard to find. They should be places they are preserved.
Also if anyone is looking for a good quality iaito try token mino they allow you to customize your sword and their blades are beautiful and hand made. I want to get one made for me for like $900 but not sharp just to run my finger along its blade and smile at its beauty.mines is gonna bea black leather handle with white ray skin and a bright red saya. Sword construction is a copy of the ancient Mino Koshirae, can't wait to get it.
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why so few. 2005/6/8 19:21
There is a couple of reason why they are scarce and the wars I think are misunderstood.

Mathematically there are more people alive than have ever died. I know this sounds ridiculous but take a piece of paper and look at typical life span and number of children per couple. You will find as you progress and people die off that there is alway more alive than have ever died. This being true there are not enough antiques to go around.

Next, Japan was not involved in that many forign wars. The key ones were with the Mongolians twice, the Sino Japanese war, and WW2. There were others but much smaller in scope and importance.

Much Japanese warfare was Japanese against Japanese and if memory serves me correctly the Yari, other polearms, and bow were the primary weapons.

Many old relics were pressed into service during the more modern wars and lost at the conclution of WW2. There was not enough new production so there was a mix of old and new in the 30s and 40s in service. Many used personal swords from the family.

More people want them that exist. And those who have them and are not willing to part with them makes the supply avilable very small.
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I forgot late 1800-1907 2005/6/8 19:58
there was another major action dealing with Korea in the late 1800s to 1907
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sword prices 2005/6/11 03:19
Well, as I read through all these responses, I saw one particular that stood out, the one that swords dont go higher than 10,000 USD. This statement is completely wrong, as real modern japanese swords can go as much and perhaps over 50,000 dollars. Real fine old swords however, can be found in the six figure range. If you did not have the privilege to see a real fine sword and or meet one of the heisei era swordsmiths, try to do so, you will learn a lot.

Best regards
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Not really hard.. 2005/9/28 09:18
If you want a really good katana try finding one made of carbon steel PaulChen makes alot of really sharp usable katanas, I bought one this week, it's fully functional and razor sharp tempered and custume made by Pual Chen a Hanwei Katana. ^^ Stainless steel brakes easily, and so does duraliminum, look for tempered carbon steel blades make sure when your looking for your katana that the blade is straight, and solid all the way from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle, also make sure to never touch the blade with your hands, the oils and salts from our bodies rust and doul the blades. Also make sure it's well balanced, and the right weight for you. ^_- For sharpening, get it one off of lazer sharpend. Pual chen is my best bet for you.
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I beg to differ on paul chen 2005/9/28 09:42
most of puals tiger katanas have wooden haldels yes, but his hanwei katanas are fully functional, I doulbe check my blades, and their wrapped fully. It just really depends on the owner of the sword, if you take excelent care of your sword, then nothing will go wrong with it. Pual chens blades aren't made out of rail road railing. -_- where did you hear that anyway, mataku.. anata akate wani jou.. "As long as you maintain the well being of your sword, it will be perfectly functional."
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About the ray skin 2005/9/28 10:00
This much is true hower the ray skin only goes on the back and front of his handle. But there are places you can get your katanas re wrapped in rayskin so like I said it depends on how you maintain the care of your sword. If you actually plan on using it get it re-wrapped. it's not that hard. ^^ there are people that do that for you. ^^ But it beats me why anyone would use a nice katana to cut through pork bone anyway. ... "The sowrd is only s good as it's owner."
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ofcourse... 2005/9/28 10:52
Ofcourse most of tadays usable katanas, only use pannels of rayskin,noone really hows why though. I guess because they find it better that way. But like I was saying, as long as you maintain the care of your sword it will never have anything wrong with it.
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KATANA 2006/4/5 06:20
Go to www.karatedepot.com(english only) and they have real sharp katanas that do not break without serious abuse from about $50.00 - $150.00 and they work just fine.
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