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-_-# 2008/1/28 00:54
first off, I think we've established that finding Transformer Toys in Japan is about as simple as walking into any toy store.

secondly, the facts that LAOX has these aforementioned Transformers, AND that there are a plethora of LAOX stores in Akihabara, seems to be documented enough now.

It would appear that the only question left now is, where is this legendary "Transformers Store"?
There are clues all over the internet, if you go looking for them, but the closest one I've been able to find thus far is this video,
at about 2:30, he pulls out a map and points to a vague area on it (quality in the video is so poor that nothing can really be made out), claiming "Here is where the Transformers Store is."

Has ANYONE been there before, who can give CONCISE instructions on how to find the place?

PS. That Tripod link in the comment above doesn't work.
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toys 2008/1/28 07:23
please try
then check the link on Japan. it took me quite a lot of time to find that site..
the mythical transformer store may be just that! someone once went to Japan, found a store then couldn't remember where it was or mixed up what someone else told him.
it took me 3 trips to Kyoto to find a no-name temple I had seen a picture of in a magazine years ago and then it is only by a fluke and a stroke of good luck that I was allowed in. You can't space travel by Internet. You have to go to Akihabara then PATIENTLY go from street to street and store to store. Consider this as your quest to reach the holy grail etc. etc.
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Not there 2008/2/9 19:39
There is no such store is the most likely answer. It may have existed, but Akihabara changes so often. Many small specialty shops have closed up over the last 4 years as chain stores replace them.

There is one shop near the end of the main road near McDonalds that has alot of Hasbro toys. They had GiJoe remakes and lots of Transformers. Its very messy and far more expensive than many other shops.

Thats said, I spent several weeks in Akihabara over the last 3 years and have never seen this store. Its not that big of a place, I can't imagine I missed it.
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that is it 2008/2/9 19:54
Yes, I believe I know the "Transformer Store" It is the little messy shop near the end of the main road. The Youtube video is definitely talking about this shop, and they definitely have all that stuff.

I could see how a Transformer centric person could call this store that. It has many other things, but mostly Hasbro gear.

It is very easy to find. Exit the "Electric Town Exit" from JR station and go to Chuo Dori Ave. This is the main road. Do not cross the street take a right.

Myojin Dori Ave is the "end" of Akihabara shopping. If you reach the McDonald on Myojin Dori you've gone too far. This is where the bank is. The shop will be 3-4 large buildings before Myojin Dori. The only markings I remember said "toy hobby" and it was very ghetto. If you find the messiest toy shop in Akihabara, thats it.
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mythical transformer store 2008/3/10 23:23
I watched the video that was posted above and went there last Friday. I knew the bank and ampm he was talking about. It is definitely before the retro-game store and the Eva themed pachinko place. Its actually just a five story toystore and the bottom floor is nothing but transformers. They had everything from G1s in sealed boxes to kissplayers to beastformers, and all the reissues that takara put out. i forget the name of the building but the transformer store is the bottom level. There is also a floor for PVC figures, a floor for Gundam, and a floor for more western toys. It is there on chou-dori.
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Hobby figure 2008/3/11 18:32
I think the store you're talking about is called Hobby Figure, or at least thats what the large sign on the side of the building says in Katakana.

The sign is green with white lettering if that is any help.
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Reasonable Priced Sentai Toys & Chogokin 2008/6/23 00:31
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get reasonably priced sentai and chogokin toys at Akihabara? I will be going Tokyo for a holidays and would like to take the opportunity to do some back collection of some of the toys i have missed out. especially Gaoranger, Gekiranger series and GX-13R if possible. Thank You
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request 2008/9/14 16:47
Hi there!
I'm also looking for a toy store in Tokyo, and especially one where I could find Montreuil plush owls, As shown in 'Lost in Translation'. Any tips??
Thanks a lot!
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toy store in akihabara 2008/9/15 09:11
the best ones would have to be in akihabara. as mentioned earlier, the main street has a great shop with a robot out front and 4 floors of vintage and new transformers etc.
also,be sure to check out the shop called hobby figure, this also has 4 levels. its located in the passageways on the left hand side of elctric town exit
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Bandai Space Warp 2008/10/10 06:05
I'm going to be in Tokyo at the end of the month and absolutely MUST come home with a Bandai Space Warp set (5000, 10000, doesn't matter). Where might I go looking for one of these?


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Collectable Toys in Japan 2008/10/12 12:32
If your looking for collectable toys, check the stores near the Nakano station. Look for the Broadway Mall. See this site for more info. http://secretzone81.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/nakano-broadway/


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:P 2008/10/12 19:16
Hey konachan, thats my blog!
^_^ glad you like it and post it here!
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Nakano - Broadway 2008/10/13 12:20
Nakano/Broadway is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in Tokyo. I found the area about 5 years ago. I have been giving your blog site to my friend who want to find the stores there.

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Power Ranger Megazords 2008/12/12 10:17
My son is looking for me to come back to the US with several Power Ranger Megazords. I am staying near Shinjuku train station, anyone know where to go? Thanks in advance.
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Toy Shops in Fukuoka 2008/12/18 13:04
Hi guys

I'll be in Fukuoka from 24th Dec to 26th Dec.

Need to check if Mandarake will be open. Also are there other decent toy shops around the same area.

Thanks in advance and much appreciated
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bandai aoshima fewture cm's yamato 2009/1/8 08:42
i eill be in tokyo from the first to the 18th of march 2009.i'm looking for super robots from chogokin bandai aoshima fewture cm's yamato....
can someone help me where to find? i will be in a hotel close to ueno station,please help me.ciao
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another question 2009/1/9 06:36
now i know that Tokyo have a Square Enix store...but where can i find Final Fantasy toys games drinks cards and whatever is related to final fantasy? any help will be great thanks in advance
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monchhichi toys 2009/1/9 08:51
Who remembers the 80's doll Monchhichi? I been trying to find this doll for awhile. Could anyone tell me what toy store(s) in Japan that I could purchase the dolls. I'm currently stationed in Yokosuka. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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toys 2009/1/30 22:58
yep go to Kiddyland, it is 5 stories high and even has an entire floor dedicated to snoopy haha, just 2 days ago I bought a really cool mowgwai and u can unzip him and he turns into a gremlin, way cool
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Monchichi 2009/1/31 02:19
For the person looking for the Monchichi I'm sure I saw them at Kiddyland in Harajuku, you can try there :-)
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