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idk 2007/4/30 03:26
i am not sure if i want to get a japanese perm. i have shoulder length blonde hair, and its pretty wavy/frizzy. i do want to get a japanese perm, but when i looked for how much they costed i found one that said 60 dollars, and one that said 800. can someone help with the around cost?!
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cost 2007/5/31 09:44
i got mine done a few days ago in new york city, queens at hair village wich is known for being reasonable cheap. mine cost 180 and varries around 30 dollors depending on length and thickness. however my friend also recently got it done but not at the same place and hers was somewhere around 450. it all depends on where you go
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Some warnings 2007/5/31 18:09
I have had a straight perm done 7 or 8 times in the last 5 years. Before my first time my hair was very curly and I used to tie it back while it was drying so I could have at least some control over it. I have had a couple of bad perms (not severely bad) so just wanted to warn you girls not to skimp on the cost. A surprising variety of lotions are used at different salons (around Tokyo anyway) and you can really tell the difference. Some things to look out for - Don't expect a decent result for less than 15000. During the ironing process, two stylists should be attending to your hair. One missed kink and your entire hairstyle can look weird. The whole process should not take less than 3 hours however short or fine your hair as careful ironing is the absolute key to getting an amazing perm. Dont be afraid to point out the tinyiest wave after theyve finished ironing because that tiny wave will be permanent once the setting lotion is applied. One final warning is that some salons do not have experience straightening gaikokujin hair and some lotions are absolutely unsuitable for anything other than Japanese hair which is generally far thicker and stronger than caucasion hair. Anyway my recommendation is Visee international and they have a shop in Ginza. www.visee.co.jp they do a couple of set courses from around 25000 which includes some crazy protein strengthening treatments, hand and head massage and really nice cut and blowdry - worth every yen. ;p
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... 2007/6/1 05:07
Do you know if it works also for half-African/Caucasian hair?
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? 2007/6/1 14:59
Does anyone by chance know any affordable salons in San Francisco??
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hi -
i dye my hair bright red every month. it is highly saturated with colour.
it is slightly damaged.
1. would a straight-perm still be OK for very-coloured hair?

2. Could anyone share their experiences with the damage that was caused from the straight-perm? (if there was any at all)
I am trying to grow my hair long and do not want to constantly have to trim off dead-ends.

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Bio Ionic testemonials? 2007/6/3 15:05
So I checked out the site mentioned earlier and it says that it can in fact be used on African American hair. So, has anybody on here got it done and can vouch for it?
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just wondering 2007/6/7 11:47
Of the people who have had their hair straightened at "Watanabe" in harajuku, how long did you guys wait til you washed your hair or well..got it wet? I forgot to ask Aki before i left if it was ok for me to wash, or if I had to stay away from water for a certain amount of time...Thanks!
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Suggestion plsssss 2007/6/11 09:07
I went thor' all suggestions and questions. I hav been thinking abt this hair straightening, a lot, lately. Wen i browsed, it did scared a little abt its afftereffects. i haven't done anything to my hair until now. Since i hav curly hair and unmanagebale at times, i want to do this badlu. Need ur suggestion n this. Which saloon shud i opt ( at tokyo, where they can speak english), what treatment shud i opt, how long will it last and most important of all, will it really damage my hair??
Thnx in advance
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NOT NEW AT ALL 2007/6/12 09:03
from what i've read and checked on other websites. this is not really a new product at all. we african americans have been straightening our hairs for years using this product(or the same idea and process expressed by this product). the only difference is the fact that its seems to last longer. otherwise my advice to black women out there is to try it out. it will probably last longer, but really why not just get the cheaper deal?
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japanese hair straight 2007/6/27 06:51
there is a great place in lake ronkonkoma new york long island .the place is great .there is no assembly line atmosphere . they do one person at a time and only one person works on you. it is awsome he did a great job the name of the salon is hair force one
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about the japanese perm 2007/7/2 13:25
Hello...I have black hair...and I was wondering...After waiting three days,..is it okay to go swimming in a pool or at the beach with the J-perm? Will your hair still look the way it did when you got it done?. Also, I have relaxed short hair.. (kind of like the Halle Berry hair cut) so do you have to have long hair to get a Japanese perm? Also, If I have to wait for my relaxer to grow out...it will take fooooreeeever.

BTW- Does anyone know if you can go swimming with braids, micro-braids ect.???

Thanks and God bless:-)
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japanese perm 2007/7/2 13:39
Hello again....What is the name of the place in Ronkonkama? I have a friend who is a hair stylist out on Long Island?

BTW- Is there anyone with african-american hair who has had the japanese perm done? If so, did u experience any breaking? How long have you been doing it?

Let me know:-)

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Salon in Sydney 2007/7/2 14:05
To the person in Sydney, I highly recommend Katie at Imagine Hair Design in Chatswood Chase shopping centre. I get my TR done every 6-9 months and she is the most thorough and careful I've ever found. I had it done in the US last year and they made a heap of my hair burn off and fall out - awful!!! Costs about $650 AUS though (i have very thick, long, very coarse, curly hair). I still have to blowdry, but it takes 15mins rather than 1.5hrs! Also can confirm it's fine in a chlorine pool. You can't wet it/put it up/behind the ears etc for 3 days after it's done, but after that you can do whatever you like!

Best invention ever!!!
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can i straighten my hair? 2007/7/6 23:56
hey i just got the LISCIO hair straightening system applied to my hair at a salon yesterday. they said not to use clips in it or wash it until sunday. i went to sleep last night and this morning i woke up with a few bent sections of hair. can i straighten them even though i am not supposed to do anything until sunday??
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question 2007/7/7 10:08
I have thick, curly and wavy hair. Would a straight perm make my hair thin and silky or just all thick and waxy??
Also, isn't it damaging to your hair or does it hurt when you get it done?
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There is the cheap version, in Chinatown for $100-150 (Joy's). I know people that swear by it. No frills, no thrills, but it gets the job done. Then there's a moderately price place in Japantown, my favorite salon. $280 or thereabout for the Magic Perm which is supposed to last 9mos (dont wash for 1-2 days). The cheaper version only lasts 3 months and you dont wash for 3 days.

Joys Hair Salon
894 Washington Street

Japan Center Beauty Clinic
1730 Geary Boulevard
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Any addresses? 2007/7/18 16:30
I have been reading all your posts and i really want to try this straight perm thing, i do have bleached hair though which i need touched up. Can you do these two processes in one day? Can anyone give me the name of a salon that understands english (i know little japanese) in Osaka where i can get either or both of these done?
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toronto 2007/8/14 07:43
does any one know a really good place in toronto to get a japanese straight perm?
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what about thin hair? 2007/8/28 03:41
I have thin hair, but it's wavy and gets very frizzy when it's humid out. I was wondering if this straightening process would work for me. It sounds as though everyone here has thick curly hair. Thanks!
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