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Replacement charger? 2005/8/24 06:52
Anyone know where I can get another charger for a Hello Kitty A267? My girlfriend keeps losing (and finding) the charger, but I'm afraid one day it will be gone for good so I want to buy a couple extras.

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help with A267 2005/9/1 18:28
I am haveing problems with uploding stuff from the phone to the computer. Ever time i try it just says connection not found. Can some one plz help me?
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Uploading stuff 2005/9/2 07:44
Hey Kassy, it took me a minute to figure this out as well. Connecting the phone to your computer with the USB is not enough for the software to recognize your phone. You need to go to your phone's menu: press 4 (PDA), then 5 (PC Companion), then 1 (PC Connection). Then it should show "Linking"; that's when your phone is connected right, and can function properly with the software.

I hope this helps! I love this phone :-) I've written a full review on my blog: http://lisanotliza.blogspot.com It probably doesn't cover everything, so if you have any more questions, I'll be glad to help: lisanotliza@gmail.com
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Instructions Manual... 2005/9/7 14:19
Hullo..I got a 'Hello Kitty' OKWAP A267 for my birthday and was disappionted to discover that there was only a very small english version of the instructions manual. Although I have managed to figure most things out myself there are still many queiries I have about my little phone. If anyone could send me an english version of the full manual or simply tel me of a website that I can visit, that would be awesome!
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Is it worth the money? 2005/9/9 00:17
Is the Okwap i516 any good? Keep reading all these "horrible" things about it. Please answer me, I really need to know if i should buy it or not.

BTW, I'm from Norway.
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i need a pc cable and disc 2005/9/22 17:34
Hi everyone, i bought a hello kitty that everyone else has here, it didnt come with the pc cable or the cd rom, does anyone have one they want to sell?
please let me know
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i-sync on a apple 2005/9/28 00:13
I am having issues installing i-sync for my okwap a267. Confusing enough, my ibook has isync softwear that is to be used with your ipod and address book and seems to support your motorolas, et al!
I did a internet search for some pointers and the most relevent thing I learnt is that ipods and okwaps are made under the same roof!
Purplegrrl's manual MMS and WAP settings didn't work for me and I am with Optus also.

any help well appreciated!
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HK OKWAP A263 2005/9/28 05:29
Hello! I have an Hello Kitty OKWAP, and cd programs are in chinese.My computer can't read this code and i see only this character ???????.
Now i would to download some ringtones.I've find the key for do it but when it's finish, a window open an error.i don't understand why i can't download it...i have delete some ringtones too, for make space...Can you help me?I hope so!!!!
Thank you at all and i'm sorry for my english!!!
Regards from Rome!
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okwapa267 2005/10/1 10:54
hi, can someone help with setting up mms for okwap a267? i can't find how to put 'dot' for ip number.
pls help
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okwap a267 2005/10/1 12:08
actually i've done my connection, i guess, now when i send mms it shows: sending but after about 99%, it said: connection failed and the phone just switched off.... can someone help?thanks a lot
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mms 2005/10/7 04:28
any norwegians here who knows how to set up the MMS? I am with Telenor. thanks.
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Hi all, if anyone wants me to email them the FULL english user manual, please email me and i will be happy to send it to you, im so thrilled to finally have the manual!!! the full 7 pages LOL, want to share it all with you as i know how fustrating it is to actually get it!!
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TERRI 2005/10/24 07:47
so kind of you to offer your help to others
would love a copy of the English manual for my daughter - how do we exchange email addresses ??

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mms 2005/10/26 16:07
Hello,I just got the OKWAP A267 and it works actually well but I can't send MMS and if I go into the settings then I can't enter the Homepage(1) because it says"Setting Error"!I really don't know what to do or what I have to set up that it finally works,I'm with Optus prepaid by the way.I'd be very happy if someone could help me!!!!!!!Thanks a lot~
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help!! 2005/12/1 06:21
can anyone help???

my a263 has gone into a coma or something! its always been a bit troublesome for switching itself off now and again but in the last couple of days its been doing it repeatedly. also the screen has been freezing and it hasn't been recognizing my sim sometimes when i switch it on.

basically its been (occasionally) working for the first 5 minutes after I switch it on then one way or another it seems to pass out!!

any suggestions would be appreciated!
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MMS Settings 2006/1/12 00:29
Even though I did manage to work out the WAP settings manually I still couldn't send MMS - I could receive them tho!! So tonight I worked on it and finally sent an MMS. Phew!! I am in Australia with Optus (postpaid). Ok - from the main menu go to 2Msg. Then 4 Message Setting. 2 MMS setting. 1 Basic Setting. Click OK. Here I made a NEW setting (using the blank setting space for Setting 2) Click "Set". 1 WAP Setting: Click OK. Then u see Homepage: put in htp://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002 press down to IP Address and put in then click "Back". Click on 2 GPRS Link Setting. For APN just put MMS. You don't put anything for user name or password. Just press "Back" and then "Back" again and again until your phone says "Saved". Then if you want u can change the name of Setting 2 to MMS and make sure the tick is in that box. That's it!! It worked for me so I hope it helps

Also while googling for help with these settings I came across a website that shows how to set up WAP/MMS for UK people. http://www.katzwhiskas.co.uk/contentitempage~ContentID~35525.aspx

Good luck - post back if you get MMS working!!
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correction!! 2006/1/12 00:31
aaaarggh!! sorry - that HOMEPAGE address I gave above should be: http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002
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purplegrrl 2006/1/28 22:55

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where to buy plz 2006/1/31 07:46
hey guys ne body kno where to buy a cheap okwap a236. i tried e-bay buht sum r too expensive n my rents dont trust the whole aution thing. if n e wun knos where i can buy cheap let me kno plz
thanks alot
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Photo Frames gone!? 2006/2/1 23:06
I just bought my hello kitty a263. I was scrolling through the functions and saw photo frames under the camera function. I didn't click into it at that time when I was busy playing with other functions. When I went back to it later, I just realised the whole function was gone! The photo frames were not there anymore....I don't know what happened and why.....Does anyone came across to this weird happenings? Does anyone know how to restore them?
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