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Diecast Military and Commercial planes 2009/4/11 22:07
Hi will be in Tokyo this end of May. Any tips where I can find die-cast militay and commercial planes? Thanks.
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toy store blog 2009/7/17 10:59

This is a blog i'm writing about toy stores in Tokyo that sell re-ment, but they also sell other toys
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gundam model kits in yokohama 2009/7/27 11:12
hello, is there an Akihabara store in yokohama? are gundam model kits sold there?
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Articles on Toy shopping in Tokyo 2009/10/13 22:37
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Tokyo Toy Shops 2010/3/10 18:05
You can check out http://www.chazrt.net/category/tokyo-toy-shops/ . There's a comprehensive writeup and pics of toy stores in Tokyo
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tokyo next month 2010/6/24 02:20
i will be in Tokyo next month. Can anyone help me find a store where i can i buy vintage MACROSS Valkyries from "Do You Remember Love" animation?
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does it still exist? 2010/6/24 20:56
"Yes, I believe I know the "Transformer Store" It is the little messy shop near the end of the main road. The Youtube video is definitely talking about this shop, and they definitely have all that stuff.

I could see how a Transformer centric person could call this store that. It has many other things, but mostly Hasbro gear.

It is very easy to find. Exit the "Electric Town Exit" from JR station and go to Chuo Dori Ave. This is the main road. Do not cross the street take a right.

Myojin Dori Ave is the "end" of Akihabara shopping. If you reach the McDonald on Myojin Dori you've gone too far. This is where the bank is. The shop will be 3-4 large buildings before Myojin Dori. The only markings I remember said "toy hobby" and it was very ghetto. If you find the messiest toy shop in Akihabara, thats it. "

soooo...headed there in a few weeks. does this place still exist??
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Toy Story Collectables 2010/8/17 11:34

I will be in Tokyo and Osaka in early 2011 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any toy/hobby/collectable stores which sold the following items:

- Medicom Toy Story figures (particularly Andy, Sid and Scud as well as others like Rocky and Janie Doll) (initially released around 2003);

- Japanese Exclusive Replica Toy Story figures/dolls (particularly ''The Prospector/Stinky Pete'' figure which is a replica of the toy/character featured in ''Toy Story 2'') (initially released around 2003);

- Thinkway's current Toy Story ''Collection'' figures/dolls (released in 2010); and

- Revoltech's new Toy Story figures (Woody and Buzz).

I also plan to visit Disneyland in Tokyo, but I was wondering what Disney Store in Tokyo (or Osaka) has the widest range of merchandise (particularly Toy Story merchandise).

Thank you for any help.
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