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mine went well 2007/9/6 18:01

i had my perm done in a local hairdresser in kyoto. i actually have afro like hair so you can imagine that they were not so happy when i went in and asked for a perm! they even tried to talk me out of it but went ahead with it anyways.

i must say that after 4 hours i got a perfect result and the stuff they used to put in my hair to straighten it did not feel burny at all. it just felt a little bit cold and wet. after more than 2 months it is still very straight and can get it as wet as i want to witheout losing it. actually my hair that has been treatened will never grow back to curls again but the new parts that are growing are of course curls...eventually it will look a bit weird i guess...curls and straight but i had a great effect and am happy with the result....if you ever happen to be in kyoto....go to the hairdresser near nijo station
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Best thing EVER 2007/9/15 11:58
I can't believe the price you guts are paying for this! I live in Korea, and it cost me 40,000 won (about $40 US). I have naturally thick, and curly hair and would fight it with blowdrying and straighteners. The perm was the best thing I have done! I've had it 3 times now and each time I can wash my hair then let it dry naturally - poker straight. Considering my hairdresser inthe UK told me I'd never have straight hair, I do consider this a miracle!!!!!
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I've had 4 of them 2007/10/3 09:25
I've had 4 straight perms. They last about 9 months and they are fantastic. I used to skip workouts so that my hair wouldn't get frizzy and I didn't have to straighten it with my flat iron all the time. Now I don't even blow dry my hair. I leave for work in the mornign with wet hair and let it dry naturally to its beautiful non-frizzy sleeknees. The high price is well worth the amount of hours you save slaving away with hair products and tools! Not to mention, my hair has never looked better. My first time I wanted to play it safe and went to a European salon and ended up paying $440 dollars. Then I found Kim Sun Young salon in LA online www.kimsunyoung.com and decided to go there. There was only one lady who spoke English, but they were very friendly...all I had to say was "staright perm please" and they took care of me with excellent results. I paid $300. After 9 months I went back and the same lady helped me...this time she only charged me $200! I moved to Chicago an just had it done a few weeks ago at the Chicago Kim Sun Young salon (they have them in a lot of major cities). The results were great again, but I paid $300. I told the lady that I only paid $200 in LA the last time and she said that when I come back again I can get a discount too. Every time (now 3) I've been to their salons there's like at least 2 other girls getting the same thing done at the same time, so I know they do a ton of these every day and are very experienced.
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it dosent do much ,dont get it. 2007/11/1 20:32
it dosent do much dont get it
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Completely Worth It!!! 2007/11/7 16:58
I've had my straight perm for over a month now, and I am loving every day of it.

I went to Toni&Guy's in Harajuku, where the stylists are great and really friendly. It helps to know some Japanese but Shinsuke, who did my hair, speaks English pretty well! I highly recommend him. Altogether my total came to around 290000JPY (about $250), but that includes a $50-60 hair cut and $40 in styling products. The whole process took about three hours. I opted for the water perm, where they use steam first to break down the bonds in your hair. It added a bit to the cost, but the end result has been fabulous.

I'm Filipino with thick, black hair that goes to the middle of my back. It used to be a not-straight-not-curly but half wavy mess that frizzed and poofed up at the first sign of sweat, mist, or rain. In fact, the summer humidity in Japan had me straightening my hair on a daily basis, which was doing it some serious damage. Now that I have a straight perm, I only have to do some light touching up with the iron (usually from my hair getting mussed on one side in my sleep), and everyone always compliments me on how great my hair looks.

This was the first time I ever chemically treated my hair, so I was a bit nervous, but it's definitely worth it! I'm going back in eight months for another one~
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Any place in Sendai? 2007/11/7 21:36
I am living in sendai right now and really want to get my hair straightened. My hair is naturaly really curly and frizzy so I want to be sure it will work well even if i have to pay extra money. Any ideas for places? or good prices for good quality?
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Reasonabe Priced English Salon in Tokyo? 2007/11/8 10:10
My hair has always been an unmanagable wavey frizzy mess my entire life. It is incredibly thick and very fine.

The sky has to just look like it might rain and the frizz starts.

It couldn't even be tamed for my wedding day!

So I am determined to get this perm done while in Tokyo.

Can someone recommend a salon I can contact that will speak english? That is somewhere in Tokyo?

I am excited about having frizz free hair!
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Of course 2007/11/11 21:39
I am an exchange student in high school in Japan and have always wanted straight hair, but couldn't have done it. I got to Japan and just wanted the regular hair cut, when the hairdresser asked me if I wanted a straqightening, which I accepted just out of curiosity.

Oh my God, this thing is amazing. I got it 4 weeks agoand it is exactly the same. All I paid was 5,000 yen, which is around 40-45 dls. for a 3 hour process. They said I got a huge deal there. I love it, now I can do that crazy Japanese hairstyles that I love.

Now, I cannot imagine myself without it, I do not know when I will go next. The roots are starting to grow curly agian, though, not much though.

A miracle, and a great price, I think it is one of the things that I would pay more for. A bargain and something amazing.

Anybody who lives in Aichi pref., just go to Motojuku station in Okazaki city and look out for Paris Hairsaloon.
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answers to your questions 2007/12/3 14:26
African American hair can get the J-straightening done. Wouldn't recommend it being done to bleached hair. Once you get a J-straightening done you'll never go back to curly it leaves your hair silky and straight.I also have male clients that has it done and they love it.Your hair will remain straight,new growth done every 4-6 months.
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Why travel to Japan? 2007/12/3 16:16
You don't need to go to Japan for the Japanese Straightening. Get it done here in Santa Barbara by a professional hair stylist that's certified in Japanese Hair Straightening.
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Results of 3 x japanese straightening 2007/12/10 04:16
I have had japanese straightening 3 times now - once a year for 3 years...Although it has been a god send and made my life easier in many ways I know want my curly hair back!! I miss it :-( Can I put curly perm on top of the straigtened hair, will it break off? or do I have to loose the length and cut down to the roots?
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I want my hair curly again too! 2007/12/29 02:41
I've been getting this done for about a year and half or more. I'm very happy about the results, but my touch-ups take 5-6 hours, and sometimes I just don't have the time. I was thinking about getting a regular perm now, has anyone done this?
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saga? 2008/1/1 05:07
hey does anyone know of a good salon in the SAGA Prefecture in taeko city?
i really want it dont my hair is meadium tigh curls but i hate straightening my hair every other day!!!
i goong to saga in august for a semseter so i need to know soon!!!
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important info on j-perm 2008/1/4 07:17
so i posted awhile ago a couple of links about the j-perm. i was gonna get the bio-ionic brand of the j-perm done, but after talking to a very extremely knowledgeable stylist, i decided against it. i am african-american and regularly use a relaxer to straighten my hair. I was told by this stylist that i shouldn't get the j-perm b/c 1. its not great for african hair types 2. you can't put it over already processed hair (but color-treeated hair is ok).
whatever questions you have you HAVE to go to this website : http://www.verticalsinhair.com/intro.shtml

there is so much detailed info that is extremely helpful on that site. the stylist Steve is the one who warned me about getting the j-perm with my type of hair. there is a forum on the site and you can register to go on there and ask him questions. he always answers and fairly quickly...within 24hrs.
so, go to that site and take the time to go to every page and really get good info about the j-perm and also go to the forums and ask Steve questions...he saved my hair from possibly falling out! its good info for anyone but if you are african american and want the j-perm, ask for Steve's opinion before doing it!! some african hair types are ok, esp if you are mixed, but there are other concerns that he can inform you about...many stylists esp in the US don't know everything he knows about straightening hair...he's an expert.

oh yeah, he's based in toronto. i hope everyone checks out his site, its great! and you'll find it super helpful!
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Im mixed... 2008/2/23 05:11
Does it work if your mixed? Cause like my dad is white and my mom is from africa.So would it work on my type of hair????Cause I'm soooo sick of always having to go to the ahirsalon and getting a perm that barely lasts its a waste of money!!!Also are there any good places in Maryland???Oh and also Im going back to New York[used to live on border of NJ] during spring break so are there any places I could go there??????????????
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Cleveland?? 2008/2/29 10:37
I have curly hair and swim a lot. i was interested in getting a straightening perm. i live in cleveland, do you know any salons that will straighten it? money is not an issue but i would love to have my hair straight!! thanks
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expansion 2008/2/29 10:39
and im white.
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Salon locations 2008/2/29 13:30
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got one finally 2008/2/29 13:49
I had mine done for the first time here in Japan about 2 weeks ago. It's SO GREAT! I absolutely love it. I paid $75 for it. You can see the results on my blog at


It's really worth it!
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... 2008/2/29 15:09
hi there! looked at your pix from the blog and i think your hair looks great! i'd like to ask where you had it done? thanks!
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