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Where can I find the photo frames? 2006/2/3 19:45
Does anyone know how to access to the photo frames? I have the same problem with that girl too! I was told they are hard to find in the phone....I also couldn't find them! Can anyone teach me step by step?
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a236 not a263 2006/2/5 16:56
Sorry guys, I forgot to tell u my phone model is a236, not a263. I think is the same one as Mau Yee's. Did u also mix up the model no, Mau Yee?
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Yes, I mixed up the model number!!! 2006/2/5 16:58
You are correct, Joanne. My phone is also a236, I just got mixed up with a263....Thank you. Does anyone know how to find the missing photo frames still?
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HK A236 Voice Mail Indicator? 2006/3/1 02:03
Does the HK A236 have a voice mail indicator? It never tells me when I have voice mail...
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Voice Mail 2006/3/2 05:30
I can't figure out either how to get my Hello Killy A 236 to tell me I have a voice mail. When I do get a voice mail I get a new SMS message that is blank. It is really wierd. Any suggestions.?? If anyone has an english user manel that would also help. I got a small one, when I purchased the phone, but it doesn't go into detail about all the things the phone can do.
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A236 Voice Mail Indicator solution 2006/3/4 07:43
Ok, I did two things. First, I called my provider and gave them the phone's IMEI number which is in the 0 Settings 6 Phone Data 1 Phone Info Menu. Then, I went to 2 Msg 4 Message Setting 1 SMS Setting and changed it to Location SIM. I now get an indication when I have a voicemail. I'll get a funny SMS message with some random text. I can't go directly to voice mail with this indicator, but at least I know when I've got a voice mail! Hope this helps!
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i516 batteries 2006/3/6 09:57
Does anyone have any idea where to find replacement batteries for the OKWAP i516? I have the hello kitty version and the batteries aren't holding a charge anymore. I'll take just the normal non-HK replacement batteries (though pink would be preferable) but I can't find them for sale online anywhere.
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Message troubles! please help! :) 2006/3/23 17:08
Hey guys! would anyone happen to know why whenever i recieve an sms over two messages long on my A267 i only get the first 160 characters and not the whole message? Is there a setting i need to change? or does the phone only allow one message to come through? This is sooooo annoying! could anyone please help!? thanx luv katie
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MMS setting for OKWAP A236 Hello Kitty 2006/4/26 19:19
I'm from Singapore. I've tried calling the M1 operator on the settings but it seems like its not working at all. Anyone can help me on the MMS setting?
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Do you own Okwap a236 Hello Kitty 2006/5/2 18:36
Hi there, is anyone able to help me as where can i find the english version of the manual for hello kitty okwap a236? Tks!
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HELP ME TERRI 2006/5/6 08:29
Hey Terri,
I just purchased an okwap 236 hello kitty phone but i need an english manual... could you send that to me? My email is sweetchunsa52@hotmail.com
thanks so much
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Pls. Help Me 2006/5/19 14:01
I got this okwap A236 phone for my b-day I love the phone but the only problem that I am having is that although iI change the language to English Version there is still chinese or japanese words that I cannot quite read it like for example under melodies (ring tones) and wallpapers I cannot seems to read it becauseit is in chinese or japanese language. Also, under voice recognition I tried to record my own voice but when it do the repeat it is in chinese or something is there any way that these could be change to english? And if any body have or know where I can get the english version of the okwap A236 manual book pls. let me know? Thank You

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To Molly 2006/5/21 23:29
hey. u mean u need to change u phone's language to eng? no prob. here's how to do it. first of all. go to the menu (the middle button). thn, (if u cant read chinese) press number '0' in ur keypad. tht will lead u to settings. thn press '1' to go to phone setting. after tht, press '1' to go to language/time. thn, press '1' again to go to language. TADA!! hmm...i hope it is not confusing. sry yea? u can mail me to ask again.

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help.. 2006/5/22 01:07
anyone here owns OKWAP Hello Kitty A236? i'm havin probs with da software and the USB thingy. My phone seem to ...cant connect to the oc. think smth is wrong with my USB. HELP!!! it took me hours just to link my phone to the comp, but it nvr worked. how do u guys do it? reply pls. thnxs!!
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too short sms on Hello Kitty Okwap a236 2006/5/28 20:45
Please help me! I bought a brand new Hello Kitty Okwap a236. I transfered Sms from my Sim-Card to Cell Phone and when Sms had more than 210 signs the rest was deleted. And I also only can write Sms with only 210 signs!!!Thats so pity. Because normally I can write about 300 signs (for the same price of the message!)
Anybody know if I can change it into more signs??? Please help me!
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***Ringtones!!!*** 2006/6/12 15:57
Hey iv just brought this fone but have no idea where i can get ringtones for it help would be greatly appreciated thanx
***jess*** P.s This fone is soooo cute
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answerphone okwap a236 2006/6/20 23:47
hi everyone!! when somebody call me and let me a message in the answerphone, the answer phone doesn't tell me it has a message ( and i have not an icon on my phone).
i have to call my answering and i eard it

if somebody can help me or send me anglish or french version of the user instructions it will be greaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!
thanks a lot in advance
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Voice Mail 2006/6/22 10:48
One more thing.. How do you check your voice mail? I usually press and hold 1 on my old phone, but you can't do that with this one.
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A267 Master Reset Phone Code 2006/6/26 06:01
Does anyone know the Master Reset Phone Code for Okwap A267? I need to perform a master reset but can't as I don't have the pre-set code and I didn't get an English instruction manual with it!
Also, if there are any British people on Orange who need help setting up MMS I know how to do this so email me for info!
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& phone code 2006/7/5 16:37
I went to go use my phone the other day and my screen read ... Phone Code and a blank to enter a code into ... I DONT KNOW OR HAVE A CODE ... then there is a help tab so I click into that and it reads ... Serial Number PR1QNC ( the serial number is different each time) and underneath thatit says SUPERCODE and I dontknow that either please can someone help me I bought this phone for 600 and I dont want to just throw it away
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