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straightening 2008/3/1 20:42
Hi! Well I live on a military base and had it done at the salon on base.....
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other name 2008/3/1 20:44
Oops it used my other name. The previous post is mine to Elaine.
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confused 2008/3/12 08:07
i have CURLY hair so i want to get my hair done like that.but im scared the top of my head will be curly and the bottom strait. help!!
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how does it work 2008/3/19 12:12
im mixed with spanishlack and my hair is curly/nappy and im scared that all my hair will fall out .will it or will it not? and how long will it take is it really worth it can u wash your hair after?
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how long it lasts- worth it? 2008/4/19 09:36
Just had mine done today and I LOVE it! I've had mine done 4x- all with very mixed results. I had it done twice in Korea (on the same day).

I have very unmanageable hair- and no matter how much I warn these stylists- they end up surprised about the power my curls have over these chemicals- doesn't help that it's long and thick too... So in korea they needed to do it twice in one day to get the result they wanted (at least they only charged for once.. but was literally there for 8hrs). I loved it then- but it looked obviouslly straightened.. and it was hard to wear my hear up because it was so spikey.

Third time was in NY at SHIN- and despite my effort in telling how bad my hair was- they convinced me that it'll be fine- didn't leave the chemicals long enough and was gone in one wash - i knew they messed up becase they needed to use a straightening iron at the end AFTER the straight perm...thats a bad sign.

Finally today at Hayato NY- it was best result ever!! He kept on saying that it'll end up looking natural- which scared me with my experience at SHIN.. but in the end- they didn't flat iron it at the end- the ends looked natural and doens't look like flat and limp.

Hayato is great because you need to consult them before you do it. They tell you what they're going to do- if it's too damaged they'll do it in a shorter span of time- if the hair is really strong- they'll make sure it gets straight. I was annoyed at first for having to go for the consult- but in the end- that's how careful they are- trust me- they don't do it just to get u in there- they really analayzed my hair and took careful looks- highly recommended. Thanks to Yuichi^^ and i have super long hair - up to my waist- difficult hair- and was only $260 at the end- so happy tipped $60 to my stylist and $20 to two of my helpers^^ A good price to pay for what they gave.

He even told me that usually with my length of hair it'll last about 6 months- he wanted to keep it long so the weight will stretch the roots and keep it looking natural. - the shorter you make ur hair the more u'll notice the roots.

hope this helped
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Japanese Perm Question 2008/5/30 09:59
My hair is pretty straight, but very thick and sometimes hard to handle. Would a Perm be like permanently straightening my hair, and will I see results if my hair is already pretty straight?
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Concern 2008/5/30 12:14
I've been thinking about trying this way of straightening hair and i have the same concerns as Jessica. My hair is more like afro though since I'm black. Will my hair fall out? I've read some of the stories about people who got this done and their hair fell out. Dose anyone know how curly their hair was?Any help would be great thanks.
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afro hair and straighter hair for j-perm 2008/5/31 06:20
afro hair types aren't ideal for the j-perm but its do-able. the thing is, when you get new growth the hair will be super fragile at the point where the curly new growth meets the j-permed straight part. at the point it can break off really easily.

if you have really long think hair then the weight of the hair can help keep the new growth less curly and less prone to breaking off where it meets the straightened hair.

if you already hair straight or wavy hair you can get the j-perm no problem. slightly straight to wavy hair types are the best candidates for it anyway.

i posted the following before but not everyone takes the time to read through previous posts. you should really take the advice to heart, especially if you have coarse curly afro hair.

this is what i posted previously:
so i posted awhile ago a couple of links about the j-perm. i was gonna get the bio-ionic brand of the j-perm done, but after talking to a very extremely knowledgeable stylist, i decided against it. i am african-american and regularly use a relaxer to straighten my hair. I was told by this stylist that i shouldn't get the j-perm b/c 1. its not great for african hair types 2. you can't put it over already processed hair (but color-treeated hair is ok).
whatever questions you have you HAVE to go to this website : http://www.verticalsinhair.com/intro.shtml

there is so much detailed info that is extremely helpful on that site. the stylist Steve is the one who warned me about getting the j-perm with my type of hair. there is a forum on the site and you can register to go on there and ask him questions. he always answers and fairly quickly...within 24hrs.
so, go to that site and take the time to go to every page and really get good info about the j-perm and also go to the forums and ask Steve questions...he saved my hair from possibly falling out! its good info for anyone but if you are african american and want the j-perm, ask for Steve's opinion before doing it!! some african hair types are ok, esp if you are mixed, but there are other concerns that he can inform you about...many stylists esp in the US don't know everything he knows about straightening hair...he's an expert.

oh yeah, he's based in toronto. i hope everyone checks out his site, its great! and you'll find it super helpful!
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salon near yokohama and shibuya area 2008/7/22 01:29
please let me know some good straightening salon near yokohama and shibuya area at affordable price (12000-15000 yen).
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Hayato Aoyama 2008/7/22 11:23
There is Hayato salon (as mentioned by a previous poster) in Aoyama, a few minutes walk from Omotesando. I highy recommend them and their price is reasonable, I paid JPY15000.

If you want to find a salon and speak englih, check our Metropolitan magazine for advertising, they often run promotional rates and you will find them in here.

Good luck.
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Hayato salon 2008/7/22 16:17
Thanks. Just wanna ask what is the length of ur hair?
and how is the result of straightening?
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ikno and i need help 2008/9/15 06:44
i got my hair chemically striaghted and the guy its better then the japenese stuff and well..

my hair turned into an afro completely dry i spent 200 dollars trying to repair it but the products did nothing to repair my hair....
i had to shave my head..

i found 2 japanese salons..i might wanna get it done again at a JAPANESE salon


will my hair be shiny and smooth?

and not dead fried and thick?
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Straight after 50+ years of Curly Hair 2008/10/14 19:09
Whilst on holiday in Tokyo a week ago I decided to get the Japanese straightening method done to my thick bushy unmanageable hair. I called in first to get them to check if my hair was suitable and YES it was, so I made an appointment and came out 7 hours later with silky straight hair!! The salon is called Watanabe and Aki the owner treated me like a princess. I am now back in Australia and when I had to wash it the first time I was scared at how it would be. I was astounded at how silky it was and it dried straight!! I can't believe I put up with curly hair for all these years and to think that all my jackets have hoods on them, I have umbrellas everywhere and hated the rain.
I will be saving to go back to Tokyo every 6 months now and get the regrowth done. Thanks to Aki at Watanabe Salon in Harjuku. He speaks perfect English and his staff are fantastic. I am one happy woman.
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i use shukumo AND relaxer 2008/10/29 11:25
i'm mixed european & african, and the best description of my hair texture is that it's like candyfloss (cotton candy). extremely thin and weak but very curly and fluffy. i have been using a regular kid's relaxer for about 10 years, which kind of makes it straight, but you know, its stuck together..then i moved to japan, tried out shukumokyousei and now my hair moves freely, like european hair. in my opinion, the shukumokyousei doesn't make it straight at all, but it kind of glazes each hair. so i relax it first, then after 2weeks i do the shukumo. both from a box. i had it done at a salon once but the guy melted my hair, and i've never been inside a salon since.. trust the box and your own timing! i use Venezel, there's another brand Proqualite but that doesn't work at all.
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look here 2008/11/13 17:17

before-first,secod pic

after-about center place pic

He is Red Clothes
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nagoya 2009/4/25 11:55
i'm going to nagoya in june, does anyone know a good place to get my hair straightened? and about how much it would cost?
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Curly hair??! 2009/8/28 08:11
well, my hair is naturally very wavy/curly and I HATE straightening it!!! i would love to just get out of the shower with straight hair. does this cause any damage to your hair and would you recommend it??
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Saloon J-Hair straightening-vancouver? 2009/9/26 01:33

I'm looking for J-hair straightening saloon in vancouver. I found AOI hair saloon. Do you know any other saloon in vancouver or any where in lower mainland?
Much appreciated.
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difference? 2010/1/26 15:08
Is there a difference between ストレートパーマ (Straight Perm) and 縮毛矯正(Shukumou Kyosei)? I'm in Tokyo right now trying to find a place to get my hair straightened and i see both of these terms being used.
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What about for guys? 2010/3/4 11:01
Does anyone know if this treatment works on guys with short-mid length guy hair?

My hair is naturally wavy and horrible (sits like a bids nest on my head) to style so I usually use a straightening iron.

Watanabe sounds accessible as i live in tokyo also.

Any help appreciated.

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