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Good Choice? 2006/8/27 11:52
I really want to buy the A236 hk phone, and it comes w/ a 1 yr warranty and everything. but is it sufficent? how would i be able to get it fixed b/c i live in the US and thats alot of money to spend, and then break right off the bat. please help!
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where to purchase a 236 2006/9/3 19:07
people please help i am from singapore.. may i know where can i purchase e okwap a236 hello kitty phone.. i love it a lot.. may i know those users of this phone whether isit user friendly a not? thx a lot..
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a236 hello kitty english manual 2006/9/13 07:55
can someone please, please email me an english version manual for the okwap a236 hello kitty...
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Oops left out my email address 2006/9/13 07:57
it's sharongirl3@yahoo.com
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hello kitty a263 not a236 2006/9/17 23:12
where can i buy the hello kitty a263 phone? no one sells it anymore
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hello kitty a263 2006/10/9 18:15
hi ive had the phone for atleast 3 years but it doesnt work. one day it locked up on me so i hd to take the battery out now it turns on and wont load up, it says somthing about the memory. so ive been told the software needs re-writing on it to wipe it for it to work again, but its a forgein phone and no one will touch it here or can get the software for it to do it.
does anyone have any suggestions? thanks
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update from last post 2006/10/11 18:15
when i turn the phone on it says reading data, as soon as it loads it shuts the phone off, but... i can ring out and accept calls in the time its reading the data and while the phone is ringing i can go to my menu only through that, but none of them let me go on them when i click them, but if i try to press enter the menu normally or press any other buttons it just says reading data.
then it will switch off.
anyone have any suggestions?
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Voicemail? 2006/10/20 00:26
Hi I have the HK A236 and I need to know how to get to my voicemail. I live in the US and have T-mobile. Does anyone know how to get to voicemail?? It used to just take me there on it's own. Please email tanukiface@gmail.com. Thanks!!
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pc connection issues 2006/10/20 20:05
Hi everyone

Im also having issues connecting my phone to pc. Even when i go into pc connection in the phone menu,it gets stuck on "linking" for way too long!!Very frustrasted. All in all though i LOVE my phone,only had it for 2 days, very hard to use sms so far!
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A236 Hello Kitty English Manual Needed 2006/10/22 19:12
Could anybody pls email me the A236 Hello Kitty English Manual? Plsssssssss...

Terri, you mentioned that you have total 7 pages, could you pls help?

Thank you very much!

My email address: sansan.lai@gmail.com
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Okwap A236 SOO CUTE!! 2006/11/7 15:47
Hi everyone!!
I just brought my A236 Hello Kitty phone off ebay last week for AU$150, cant believe i got it so cheap. I love it, it sooo cute.
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Phone Code Problem Solve!!! 2006/11/18 13:20
I have figure out how to turn off the phone code. 1st go to Menu-0 Setting, 4 Security, 1 Phone Code, go down to Edit Phone Code-enter old phone code is 1234, New Code (then enter any number you want) then confirm the number again. Finish!!
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HK OKWAP A267 (?) 2006/11/21 06:15
HELP! it says I can't find a network, and then i called cingular and ofc ourse they were a-holes when i said i didnt have a cingular branded phone. Now, the only problem I have with this phone is it not being able to find a service ( for more than a second) and my SIM card works with virtually any other phone sim compatible. so.... if anyone has the answer ( or knows how I can find it) I would love you long time! or.... if anyone wants to take a chance and just buy this from me for $350, what i paid on ebay, be my guest. I'll give you free shipping, and everything included. as for the radio, you need the okwap radio insert, its cheap, just search for it, it's there I promise ;)..... babyoilwahine@aol.com
oh yea, also theres an english PDF file for the manual too. but it wasn't mac computer compatible... either is the frikin cd-rom the phone comes with. so you might have to change the settings if you buy this phone off me.
Thanks and cheers. ashley.
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pen 2006/11/23 12:03
Does anyone know where can I find the pen in Hong Kong? cos I lost mine.

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Vodaphone AU for Hello Kitty A236 2006/12/1 14:08
I've found that the web setting (WAP) for a Nokia 7200 will save if you get them sent to your phone, and for MMS (PXT) you need to use the Nokia 7250 model to get them sent to your phone.

The WAP for MMS is


IP address:

and the MMS GPRS setting is

APN: live.vodafone.com

username and password remain blank.

for the WAP settings

select GPRS: and set the

WAP setting to:

IP address:

GPRS Link setting:
APN live.vodafone.com

or simply download the settings yourself from the website of your provider using the phone models I listed.. Nokia 7200 for wap borwser.. and 7250 for the MMS! Mystery solved ^^

Now someone please send me an english manual haha ^^

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A236 Text Input 2006/12/2 01:30
Do you have to use the stylus to input text?

If not how do I get predictive text on it?

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Photo Frames 2007/1/4 15:56
I also have problems with the photo frames, can anyone tell me how to get them out, i happen to saw it few days ago but someone went bac to search n the frames are gone, anyone can help??
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Okwap A236 Instructions in English 2007/1/12 14:48
I just purchased this phone and I need the instructions on how to use it in English.

Do you know where I can get a manuel for this phone in English.

Thank You
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help with other companies? 2007/3/13 08:17
I was wondering if the okwap a263 was compatible with some american phone companies? Because it would really suck getting one only to find out that I can't use it :(
I tried looking around on sites like verizon and search engines but didn't have much luck :(
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question 2007/3/26 03:09
does anyone know where i can find USB drivers for the okwap a236 cell phone?? my computer is not recognizing my phone please help
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