Several new attractions have opened on the island of Kyushu over the past few years and during the coronavirus pandemic. Below is a selection of some new openings in Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kumamoto and Nagasaki that may be of interest to prospective visitors:

Zenrin Museum

Based in the city of Kitakyushu, Zenrin is Japan's leading map publisher. The Zenrin Museum was opened in June 2020 on the top floor of an office building, a 15 minute walk from Kokura Station and just a few steps from Kokura Castle. On display is an interesting selection of maps of Japan from various historical periods alongside temporary exhibitions. There is also a cafe.

Kitakyushu Peace Museum

Also located just a short walk from Kokura Castle stands the Kitakyushu Peace Museum, which opened in April 2022. Kokura City, which merged into today's city of Kitakyushu in 1963, was the initial target of the atomic bomb that was eventually dropped over Nagasaki due to bad visibility over Kokura on August 8, 1945. Although it escaped nuclear destruction, the city, which was home to a large army arsenal, was severely damaged by firebombings in preceding months. The relatively small but well done museum explains this dark chapter of the city's history with various objects, photographs and documents on display. English explanations can be attained with a smartphone through QR codes.

The Outlets Kitakyushu

On the former grounds of the Space World amusement park, which closed five years ago, an outlet mall, The Outlets Kitakyushu, was opened in April 2022 next door to a large Aeon Mall. The outlet mall is one of three "The Outlets"-branded malls that have opened so far in Japan under the Aeon Group. Part of the overall complex is the Space Labo, a modern science museum which offers lots of hands-on experiments that are enjoyable for both kids and adults.

LaLaport Fukuoka

LaLaport Fukuoka is a shopping mall that opened in April 2022, a ten minute walk or short shuttle bus ride from Takeshita Station, one station south of Hakata. An attractive, modern shopping mall, LaLaport Fukuoka is noteworthy for featuring a large Gundam statue in front of its entrance alongside other Gundam-related facilities as well as Japan's third location of Kidzania, a popular theme park for children. The other two are found in LaLaport Toyosu in Tokyo and LaLaport Koshien between Osaka and Kobe.

TeamLab Forest Fukuoka

TeamLab keeps opening new exhibitions of digital art across the country. In July 2020, they opened a permanent exhibition in Fukuoka, called TeamLab Forest. Located in an entertainment complex just next to Fukuoka Dome, it is another Instagram-friendly experience for the senses like their other exhibitions.

Fukuoka subway extension

On March 27, 2023, the Nanakuma Subway Line was extended from its previous terminal at Tenjin-Minami to Hakata Station. One station, Kushida Shrine Station, is located between Tenjin-Minami and Hakata, improving access to the area around Canal City Hakata.

Nishikyushu Shinkansen to Nagasaki opens

In September 2022, the Nishikyushu Shinkansen ("West Kyushu Shinkansen"), a new bullet train line, started running to Nagasaki, reducing travel time to the city by 30 minutes. However, the line is initially not connected to the rest of the high-speed train network, making a transfer of trains necessary along the way, albeit a very easy one.

In the city of Nagasaki, the new Nagasaki Station building opened in spring 2020, but construction on the surrounding complex is still underway. Housing shops, offices, a parking garage and a Marriott hotel, the complex is scheduled to open in autumn 2023.

Kumamoto Castle

Badly damaged by the 2016 earthquakes, Kumamoto Castle is slowly recovering thanks to repair and reconstruction works that are expected to continue deep into the 2030s. In June 2021, however, the interior of the castle's keep was finally reopened. The interesting explanations and exhibits inside the castle are unfortunately in Japanese only, although an app (Android/Apple) with translations is available for download.

Sakura Machi Kumamoto

Sakura Machi Kumamoto is a large commercial complex in the center of Kumamoto, which opened in 2019. It includes a shopping mall, various restaurants, a cinema complex, a hotel and a bus terminal with local and intercity bus connections across Kumamoto and Kyushu. It is only a short walk from Kumamoto Castle.