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"Narita Air & Bus!" is a service that provides direct bus connections between the airport and some of Japan's well-loved tourist destinations without having to go through Tokyo. It is a convenient and hassle-free mode of transport as there is no need to maneuver your luggage, navigate the oftentimes confusing rail network, or having to transfer in the city. Simply buy your tickets at the ticket counter at the airport or in advance online, and you are good to go.

There are six bus routes at present, taking visitors to cultural heritage sites like Nikko and Mount Fuji, as well as to popular destinations further away like Kyoto, Osaka and the Universal Studios Japan®, Kanazawa and Toyama, and Niigata. From July 2017, the Tokyo Disney Resort® route is offered at a discount and provides frequent connections between Narita Airport, Tokyo Disney Resort®, the Disney hotel and official hotels.

Inside the bus - some buses offer free WIFI and USB charging points

Utilizing the Narita Air & Bus! service allows one to head directly to your destination of choice immediately after arrival. It is also especially advantageous for those who may prefer to bypass Tokyo, like repeat visitors to Japan or those who have a limited time in the country and only want to visit these spots. The bus terminus at each destination are well-appointed with luggage storage options and local transportation facilities, nearby accommodation options, and some even have concierge desks to aid with reservations.

Not only are the direct services handy when you are arriving to Japan through Narita Airport, they are also useful when you are departing the country as the buses also provide access back to the airport. The bus fares are also more economical compared to express train fares, and if well-calculated, the "Narita Air & Bus!" service can also be an asset if you are planning on getting one of the rail passes offered by train companies.

Long route bus services stop at expressway rest stops, known as service areas, along the way. Service areas can be an attraction on their own right - almost like mini malls - as they offer hot meals including local delicacies and regional souvenirs in addition to toilets and smoking areas. They are also only accessible if you drive or travel by highway bus, making for a different experience compared to rail travel.

Dangozaka Service Area on the way to Mount Fuji

With these in mind, check out the following in-depth itineraries which utilize the "Narita Air & Bus!" service to the Fuji Five Lakes at the base of Mount Fuji and Nikko.

Happy holidays and safe travels!