This time of the year is usually one of the busiest for the japan-guide.com staff, as we are all travelling around the country reporting on the state of the cherry blossoms in many different locations. For the first time since spring 2009, we decided to cancel our sakura reporting trips due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Like many foreign and Japanese tourists, this makes us sad, however the blossoms will bloom again next year, and in the meantime we will be staying indoors to flatten the curve.

In order to get a nice dose of beautiful cherry blossoms for this year, we decided to compile a 20 minute video showing some of our cherry blossom footage from previous years shot around the country. We hope this montage can help you travel directly from your home.

For more information about cherry blossoms, you can check out our previous videos on some of the best spots to see the pink petals in Japan and when is the best time to view them.