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July 25, 2017 - Furano, Biei and around

Our summer vacation brought us to Hokkaido and its blessed weather. It still gets quite warm (for my personal feeling) around midday but it is such a nice experience to sleep again with a blanket and no air conditioning.

So the first two days we spent in a nice Airbnb just outside Furano. Yesterday we went to see the flower fields and Panorama Road outside of Biei.

Simply because it was the first flower garden on our route we went first to Saika no sato (�ʍ��̗�) which turned out to be a good choice.

Saika no sato lavender and flower fields

Simply because it was much less crowded than the Tomita Farm, which makes much more publicity but in the end is very similar. We went there as well, and got kind of overwhelmed by all the shopping and snack bars around it. It's however interesting to see the big melon shop. With melons in all price classes and shipping as far as Hong Kong.

From Tomita Farm we drove on to the Panorama Road, which as this guide (/e/e6828.html) describes isn't so much as one Road but rather an area.

The region is really nice, with small hills and a lot of farming. Some of the hills have flower fields (like Shinei-no-oka) and others are just in the middle of this countryside with a magnificent view over the valley and on to the mountains circling the valley.

Sunflowers on Shinei-no-oka

Definitely the highlight of the day was this area around Biei. We also saw quite a lot of people riding around on bikes. Mostly mamacharis but with electrical support. It seemed fun, but yesterday was still slightly too hot for me to engage in outdoor sports. (27C).

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2017/07/25 - Furano, Biei and around