Day 1-6 Tokyo

Stay six nights in the city of Tokyo and go to Nikko, Kamakura and Yokohama on three day trips.

Side trip - Nikko

Visit Nikko, home to Toshogu, Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Side trip - Kamakura

Kamakura used to be the political center of Japan in the 1200s. There are numerous temples, shrines and historical monuments to see all year, as well as sand beaches to go to in the summer.

Side trip - Yokohama

Yokohama is about 30 minutes away from Tokyo, and is also Japan's second largest city. The port area is very lively with many malls, an amusement park, museums and one of the world's largest Chinatowns located nearby.

The above itinerary is somewhat fast-paced. Tourists preferring a slow pace of travel should consider spending more time at some of the destinations along the way.