Kakegawa Bird Park (|Ԓ, Kakegawa Kachōen) is a large aviary and flower park in Kakegawa, home to a wide selection of birds that visitors can see up close and in many cases feed. The varieties of birds include owls, penguins and tropical species like toucans and parrots to name but a few. Many of the birds are able to fly freely within the various halls.

The park consists of multiple air-conditioned indoor zones and outdoor areas, each with different types of birds inhabiting them. Included in the admission is also a bird show that takes place a few times per day and involves various types of birds performing tricks and exhibiting special skills.

Bird feed can be obtained for a small fee from machines dotted throughout the park, and visitors are free to have their picture taken with the birds. It is worth bearing in mind that the birds tend to flock around and on those with food in their hand.

In the outdoor penguin pool, visitors can see, feed and even hold penguins for a picture, whilst at the emu pen, visitors are free to enter and feed the birds as they gather around. The complex also features a small souvenir shop and a buffet restaurant in a picturesque setting under a canopy of flowers.

Getting there and around

Kakegawa Bird Park is located around 15 minutes on foot south of Kakegawa Station. Alternatively, the park can be reached by taxi in about five minutes and for around 500 yen.

How to get to and around Kakegawa

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