Morioka () is the capital city of Iwate Prefecture, approximately 2.5 hours by the Tohoku Shinkansen north of Tokyo. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and blessed with multiple rivers, Morioka is an attractive city and a convenient transportation hub.

During the feudal ages, the region around Morioka, including the eastern part of today's Aomori Prefecture, was governed by the Nambu clan from Morioka Castle. Their family name became synonymous with the domain, and some traditional goods from the region still contain the name Nambu. The most famous example is Nambu Tekki, handmade ironware.

The city is also well known for its various styles of noodles. While central Morioka may lack major sightseeing spots, there are a handful of minor sites of interest across the city. Furthermore, the Koiwai Farm, one of Japan's oldest and most famous dairy farms, is located 15 kilometers west of the city.

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