How to get to Kotohira

From Takamatsu (how to get to Takamatsu)

Two companies, JR and Kotoden Railway, operate direct trains between Takamatsu and Kotohira:

Kotoden trains depart from Takamatsu-Chikko Station, located a short walk from JR Takamatsu Station and next to Takamatsu Castle, and travel to Kotoden Kotohira Station every 30 minutes. The one way trip takes about an hour, costs 620 yen and is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

Alternatively, JR local trains connect Takamatsu and Kotohira once per hour. The one way trip takes about an hour and costs 850 yen. Infrequent JR Shimanto limited express trains do the one way trip in around 35 minutes and for about 2000 yen. The JR trains are fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

From Takamatsu Airport

Direct buses operate between Takamatsu Airport and JR Kotohira and Kotoden Kotohira Stations. The one way trip takes about 50 minutes and costs 1500 yen per person. Takamatsu Airport offers direct flights to Tokyo, Okinawa and several nearby international Asian destinations.

From Okayama (how to get to Okayama)

Hourly JR Nanpu limited express trains run directly between Okayama and Kotohira. The one way trip takes around one hour and costs about 3000 yen. Alternatively, the trip by local train takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, costs 1330 yen one way and may involve a transfer of trains along the way. Either approach is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

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JR Kotohira and Kotoden Kotohira Stations are located a few steps away from each other in the center of town and within walking distance of Kotohira's attractions. The steps to Kompirasan Shrine begin about a ten minute walk southwest of the train stations. Kanamaruza Theater is located about 200 meters off the approach to Kompirasan.

Alternatively, buses depart hourly from both railway stations for Kompirasan Shrine. Buses go as far as the main gate of the shrine about halfway up to Kompirasan's main hall. The one way fare is 510 yen per person, and reservations must be made in advance (0877-73-2221).