How travel between Uchiko and Matsuyama

See how to get to Matsuyama

By train

The one way journey by limited express train takes 25 minutes and costs 1280 yen for an unreserved seat or around 2030 yen for a reserved seat. By local train, the one way journey takes about one hour, but costs only 760 yen. Both, local and limited express trains are covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

By bus

Iyotetsu buses from Matsuyama-shi Station to Misaki and Yawatahama Ports stop in Uchiko along the way. The one way journey takes one hour and costs 720 yen. There are three round trips per day.


Uchiko is a small town, which can be entirely explored on foot. JR Uchiko Station stands at the outskirts of the town, and it is about a 10 minute walk from the station to Uchiko-za, a further 5 minutes to the south end of Yokaichi Old Town and another 10 minutes to the north end. There are also rental bicycles available at the station (300 yen for the initial two hours; 200 yen for each additional hour).

On weekends and national holidays, the Chagamaru Retro Bus is another option that operates about once per hour from JR Uchiko Station to the north end of the Yokaichi Old Town, passing by all of Uchiko's attractions along the way. The cost is 360 yen per ride. The bus does not run on regular weekdays.

Page last updated: July 24, 2015