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The Kids Ninja Village (チビッ子忍者村, Chibiko Ninja Mura) is a small theme park with ninja related attractions located at Mount Togakushi in Nagano City, the legendary home of the Togakure Ninja School. The village is set within a forest, featuring many obstacle courses and jungle gyms for visitors to pretend undergoing ninja training.

Despite its name, the Kids Ninja Village has several attractions which also appeal to some adults, although grown up tourists will generally find the nearby Togakure Ninpo Museum of higher interest. Many of the village's popular attractions require a separate fee, including blow dart and throwing star shooting and two ninja mansions with labyrinths, trapdoors and contraptions. In one of the mansions there is also a room which uses optical illusion to trick the mind into seeing the extraordinary.

Blow dart range
Going through an obstacle course


Take bus number 70 or 71 from Nagano Station in direction of Togakushi. Alight at Togakushi-Chusha bus stop (戸隠中社, 60 minutes, 1250 yen one way, 1 bus/hour), from where it is a 15 minute walk to the ninja village. A round trip ticket is available for 2250 yen.

In addition, the Togakushi Kogen Free Kippu travel ticket is available for 2600 yen and includes a) a round trip between central Nagano and the Togakushi area, b) free use of buses within Togakushi, and c) one additional bus ride between Nagano Station and Zenkoji. The Togakushi Kogen Free Kippu can be used over a period of up to five consecutive calendar days.

How to get to and around Nagano

Hours & Fees


9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)


Late November to late April, Thursdays (except during summer holidays)


500 yen (entry only)
300 yen per paid attraction
1850 yen (entry + six paid attractions)
800 yen (ninja costume rental)
Page last updated: August 19, 2016